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  1. Read on a blog somewhere that Kroger uses the same provider as BGE and Royal Oak lump (maybe Royal Oak does BGE and Kroger). Not sure how legit the statement is, but I just bought a bag of Kroger and RO, and i'll be sure to compare the two after opening.
  2. Thanks, I'll wait a couple hours. I don't want to open it too much, but I"m paranoid its going to overcook.
  3. This is my first cook on the Akorn and with charcoal grilling. Picked one up at Kroger a couple days ago. Did a practice run the other night and the akorn held steady at 215 for an hour, then I moved it up to 350 to season the cast iron with some crisco. Both temperatures held incredibly steady. First cook started this morning with a 5lb Boston Butt. I accidentally snuffed out the fire a couple times but eventually got the hang of it. Temperature settled at 230, but after 30 min my brand new Maverick ET 732 food probe went dead, and then an hour later the grill probe went dead. When I pulled the probes out of the transmitters, both connections tips appear broken (these things were cheaply made.) Customer service from Maverick is sending me some new ones. Right now the butt is cooking blind. Im just using the dome thermometer which has been holding steady right at 200 for 4 hours, I think its about 30 degrees off. I opened the grill for the first time and the meat read 160 with an analog probe. Any suggestions on how often I should open the dome and check the meat temp? 6 hours in. Still at 160 (2 hour stall). BTW that's rosemary (not larvae), didn't have the powder stuff. Dome temp holding steady at 200.
  4. Live in the ATL too, and have noticed the same thing. I'm thinking they haven't gone on clearance here because there is a much higher demand here for these style cookers in GA, with Green Egg and Kamado Joe's HQs in the ATL. Additionally, warmer weathers mean there is longer grilling season. I've seen a couple Akorns on sale for 249 (not bad at all), but I've been keeping my eye out for the Vision too. I'll definitely let you know if I see anything.
  5. Bought one, already got it. Looks exactly like the 732. The description on the box is also the exact same wording as the description for the 732 on amazon. Great find. Thanks
  6. Krogers here in GA have patio furniture 50% off but the kamado grill is just on sale for 249. Where are you located?
  7. Still 249 at all the Krogers around me. I'll keep watchin as I'm hoping to pull the trigger soon.
  8. What Kroger in GA is it 199 at? I living in Cumming, GA. Its at 249 at all around here. Could use the 20 off to make it 229, but thinking I'll wait to see if it goes on clearance like it did last year.
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