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  1. I've owned an Akorn for 3 years, buy found a used large BGE for $400 last fall. I immediately rolled the Akorn off to the side and cooked on the BGE only. Made a table for it and everything. Well i couldn't stand neglecting it any longer. I had to give it a place at the dinner table. Last week I was in the middle of smoking a butt when my wife brought home some ribeyes for me to cook. I immediately knew that I would remain a 2 grill family.
  2. They are showing at $399 on the Sams Club website with free shipping.
  3. I just bought a used Large egg off Craigslist. Owner said excellent condition but it was more like Good. Came with nest, side tables, plate setter, ash tool. Bag of coal and starter cubes. I paid their asking price of $400. Fire bowl had a crack. Had to put on new felt. Gave it a good cleaning and built a $100 table for it this weekend. Photo from Craigslist add After 12 hours of ownership
  4. I pinched the top gasket and got it flexible again and tightened the bolt on the top vent. Worked fine on some pork chops last weekend.
  5. The vent moves easy today, too easy. It's a little loose. The good news is, I just fired it back up and got a good smoke going then closed everything off. Not much more smoke escaping than normal. Maybe there isn't too much damage after all.
  6. Cooked some ribs and hamburgers yesterday. When taking the hamburgers inside, I opened the vents to burn off the grate. Once I got inside I forgot what was going on outside and watched too much TV. Then it clicked. I ran outside and the dome gauge was bottomed out at 700 degrees. I shut everything down. The top vent was very hard to close like it was melted. The lid gasket is crispy. What else should I check and what needs replacing?
  7. I bought mine from lowes. Got home with it and the rivnuts were completely missing on the base for the hinges. Guess it was made on a Friday. Called Lowes and they had one assembled and ready for me by 9am. Dept manager couldn't believe it when he saw it.
  8. bbb

    Very Bad News

    Hopefully the lid was not hot when they did this. They were getting ready to show it to a potential buyer. Needless to say, the guy didn't buy it.
  9. bbb

    Very Bad News

    My buddy's Primo did the same thing last week except he and his son were able to catch the lid before it hit the ground. He said it looked like the band had rust and deterioration on it.
  10. Just plain old pressure treated 4x4's, 2x4's and deck boards. I already had some of the lumber from another project but you should be able to get it for $75 or less I would think. I was just wondering cause I've always heard to keep pressure treated lumber away from your food. And I notice most carts are made from cedar or oak boards.
  11. About how much do you have in the lumber alone? What type of lumber did you use?
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