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  1. Woodman

    Bringing grill home

    When I moved, I took my Classic out of the stand, removed all internal components, and transported the grill in the front seat of my Toyota Tacoma. No problems.
  2. Woodman

    Turkey warm up

    The color looks amazing but I’m sure it tastes even better than that! Let us know how you like the hickory smoke flavor.
  3. Woodman

    Turkey test run

    I’ll be doing the turkey again this year—which means it was AWESOME!!! My personal goal this year is to learn to carve a turkey and give a better presentation rather than just shred the meat off the bone.
  4. Woodman

    Turkey test run

    Last year my 15 pound turkey on the Joetisserie took 1 1/2 hours at 350 degrees. Internal temp was 180 in the breast. I couldn’t believe it was done so fast. I would check your internal temp after an hour and a half or so to see where you are.
  5. If you need to reheat, I’ve had great luck using a crock pot with a little apple juice.
  6. Woodman

    Electrician in the house?

    I'm not an electrician, but the same thing happened to me in my garage. Flip the switch, nothing. All I did was replace the switch and all was good. An electrician friend of mine said that switches do wear out. Hope this helps.....
  7. Woodman

    Kansas City BBQ restaurant suggestions?

    This is probably too late but if you are still in KC you should try Joe's KC BBQ or Q39. You won't be disappointed with either of these restaurants.
  8. Woodman

    Smoked Mac & cheese w/brisket

    Nice! That looks amazing!
  9. Woodman

    So easy and good—every time

    The cheese is on the bottom side of the burger--it's hard to see in the picture. You eat your greens--it'll keep you regular!
  10. Woodman

    My wood fired pizza oven

    Nice oven! Let’s see some pie from the fire! Great job!
  11. Woodman

    So easy and good—every time

    Hy-Vee house brand. These are cheap and I really need to up my game on buns. Cut your potatoes into the wedges, coat with extra virgin olive oil, garlic powder, and Parmesan cheese. Cook in a cast iron skillet, turning every five minutes for thirty minutes. I cook at 350-400 degrees.
  12. Smashburgers on my Classic Joe and wedge fries on my Joe Jr. The potatoes, lettuce and onion are from my garden.
  13. Grilled these wings and fries on my Classic and Joe Jr. in time to watch our Chiefs. Very tasty!