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  1. I have a 2013 Classic Joe and my dome doesnt have much resistance anymore. Has anyone replaced the springs with new ones from their local hardware store or Home Depot, etc? I don’t want to go through the hassle of a new hinge assembly and would rather just go buy new springs at the store rather than go through the online process with KJ. Just wondering if anyone has replaced springs with success.
  2. I’m sorry I don’t have any pics but everyone has seen a cooked turkey before. I wanted to share my Joetisserie experience yesterday for my family’s Thanksgiving. I had plans for spinning a perfectly cooked turkey. I watched John’s video on YouTube and had my turkey rinsed and dried overnight in the fridge. Grill was up to temp and ready to go until things went downhill from there. After watching John’s video on trussing the bird, I followed his instructions and placed the bird in the heat. First problem was my charcoal divider didn’t allow my bird to spin. Out comes the divider. After 20 minutes, I thought I better check and see how the spinning is going and the wing is catching on the side of the firebox, thus reversing the rotation of the Joetisserie. It would spin halfway, reverse, and spin the other way for half of a rotation and then reverse again. I move the bird over. After 20 more minutes I check progress and the bird has come loose from the forks and is touching the fire. I remove the bird from Joetisserie and reconfigure my cooking setup. I feared I didn’t have enough fuel so I had added more lump, put in the heat deflector, and now I’ve lost my stable temp that I spent an hour obtaining. Clock is still ticking as guests are coming in two hours. Get out the flameboss boss so I can have a fan blowing on the fire, open the top vent all the way, and temp recovers quickly. After 2 hours, I remove the bird at 165 and it is awesome. I have been cooking on my Classic for five years and have never felt like such a rookie. Guests never knew the crap I went through but it was all my fault. The point here is: be sure to tie your bird down more than you think you’ll ever need. Truss your bird, then tie it to your forks too. The bird changes shape and composition as it cooks more than you think, and gravity is always fighting you. The Kamado style cookers produce great food. It’s just sometimes things don’t go as planned and it’s all about how you react. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  3. Thanks for the replies. I’m just trying to avoid having the bird finished way early and having to foil/wrap in a towel, then place in a cooler. Also don’t want to delay eating because we are waiting for the bird to finish cooking. With that said, I think I will allow 3 hrs and see how it goes. I’ll post results Sat.
  4. Hello all, If you have guests coming at 4:00 to eat. for Thanksgiving, what time would you place your 16lb turkey on the Joetisserie? I’m going to cook at 375 degrees and am trying to time my cook. What would you guys do? thanks for your input
  5. When I moved, I took my Classic out of the stand, removed all internal components, and transported the grill in the front seat of my Toyota Tacoma. No problems.
  6. The color looks amazing but I’m sure it tastes even better than that! Let us know how you like the hickory smoke flavor.
  7. I’ll be doing the turkey again this year—which means it was AWESOME!!! My personal goal this year is to learn to carve a turkey and give a better presentation rather than just shred the meat off the bone.
  8. Last year my 15 pound turkey on the Joetisserie took 1 1/2 hours at 350 degrees. Internal temp was 180 in the breast. I couldn’t believe it was done so fast. I would check your internal temp after an hour and a half or so to see where you are.
  9. If you need to reheat, I’ve had great luck using a crock pot with a little apple juice.
  10. I'm not an electrician, but the same thing happened to me in my garage. Flip the switch, nothing. All I did was replace the switch and all was good. An electrician friend of mine said that switches do wear out. Hope this helps.....
  11. This is probably too late but if you are still in KC you should try Joe's KC BBQ or Q39. You won't be disappointed with either of these restaurants.
  12. The cheese is on the bottom side of the burger--it's hard to see in the picture. You eat your greens--it'll keep you regular!
  13. Nice oven! Let’s see some pie from the fire! Great job!
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