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  1. So my ever changing landscape is changing further. I have a 2013 Vision Kamado, I love it but I have to admit, I don't use it a lot. The firebox has the standard crack in it but has been fine for almost 4 years now. Included is a new Veranda cover, Kick Ash basket, spider defuser unit and two kiln shelf defusers, an adapter for a BBQguru unit, BBQ guru ATC not included. I can post pics when I get time. Asking $325 because of the upgrades Please email me @ jboldt73 at yahoo or at gmail
  2. LightningBoldtz

    Lose 34 lbs the year I turn 34

    Good luck with your goal, I am 43 years old and in Oct I went on a very restrictive 40 diet and lost about 30 lbs, I have gained a little back since but I am in much better shape than I was back then. On Oct 17 I was 247.5 and now I am 223
  3. Yeah, not sure I would have posted this(I know I would not have done this), getting a good deal where deception is at play is not something to show the world. Sorry JonF but this is not a proud moment.
  4. LightningBoldtz

    Vision Kick Ash Basket

    I am glad I read this thread, I have considered the KAB for a couple of months now. I am going to hold off until one is made for the vision. I have e-mailed Chad to express my interest.
  5. LightningBoldtz

    May be late, but check Lowes if you like CoShell

    I have used this, I like it a lot, I don't agree with Nakedwhiz's review of this.
  6. LightningBoldtz

    Thermapen sale......

    These are excellent at finding cold spots in the house.
  7. LightningBoldtz

    I have to confess

    Thanks for that write up, I suppose for me it is a matter of mastering the two zone action. I am not going to defend one over the other, I like a lot of tools in the toolbox, right now I own 2 gas grills, 1 vision Kamado, a couple of 22" Master-touch kettles and 18" weber and a home made mini Weber smoker. I love to use all of them every once in a while and rotate the fun. I am really starting to use the Kamado as a go to for roasting and smoking. Maybe someday I will move to grilling.
  8. LightningBoldtz

    I have to confess

    When I say one was smoked and one not, Yes, the first one smoked was about 250 to 275 with loads of applewood. Second one had no wood chunks at all, I ran this about 300 to 325. I like the smoked one but when I made gravy out of the drippings it was smokey as well and not so desirable. With just plain lump I still got smokey accents but not smoked in the standard sense.
  9. LightningBoldtz

    I have to confess

    I have owned a vision classic C since last July (2013) when I got it on clearance @ Costco. I do not grill on it, I am a huge fan of Weber grills and if I have something to grill I go for that. However, my Kamado is my roaster, Pizza maker and baker bar none. On Thanksgiving and just recently I have make Turkey on the Kamado and I couldn't be more impressed. On a side note, I smoked the one on Thanksgiving and while it was good, the one that I did on Saturday with just cooked over lump was a LOT better.
  10. LightningBoldtz

    Double Smashburgers on the CampChef

    Looks amazing, nicely done.
  11. LightningBoldtz

    My Kamado cooked Bird

    I have a Weber Kettle with a rotissorie or a Kamdo, I opted for the Kamado this year. Couldnt be happier. Smoked with Apple and Cherry. Here are the pics. Loaded up Turkey on, no brine, just injected with butter, Done
  12. LightningBoldtz

    Just installed my new Nomex Gasket on Classic

    ordered my gasket last week, excited to get the new one installed.