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  1. Look delicious, how long was the smoke time?
  2. Ok thanks. Just worried that deflectors would be to close to the coals. will push forward and enjoy a new level of cooking.
  3. Thanks for the reply, begining to wonder if i had the plague or something. just concerned that the deflector plates would be to close to the coals. Didnt know if d/c system would work in original classic, looks like im good to go. thanks for the pic and info.
  4. I have a classic joe, bought in 2013, just purchased the D/C rack KJ brand, only purchased the rack, because I wanted to do a test fit before buying the other pieces. Didn't really know if it would fit the original classic. With the D/C rack the deflector plate sits about 1.5 to 2 inches lower in the fire box( have old style fire box) than the rack system that came with my joe. With my old system the deflector plate sits even with the top of the fire ring, now with the D/C rack, the deflector plates are about 1.5-2 inches lower in the fire bowl. Also have a kick ash basket, Concerned that the deflector plates will be to low to coals, and i wont be able to put as much lump in. Dont know if the classic joe is the same as a classic 1. Hoping to make this work out, really want to up my cooking options with the D/C system.. Thanks everybody. Watched Johns video on the D/C system but could really tell if it was sitting lower or even with the fire box ring.
  5. I have a original classic, without the D/C system,been using drip pan on heat defector without any problems. Of course i dont really have any other option.
  6. Was it the felt or mesh gasket, can you shoot me a link on the one you bought?
  7. Hello all, I’ve had a kamado joe classic since 2013, couple of questions. Its time to replace the gaskets, got several bare spots showing, although no smoke leaks with last slow cook. Confused about which gasket is best or which one will work on my model. Tried to call kamado joe, but unfortunately, their call center is closed due to covid. Did a search and just got more confused. According to some of what I read, I will have to replace the hinge if I go with the new style gasket, and or adjust the dome. I’m OK with going back with a felt gasket if needed. Second question, due to family issues, I have not been grilling much the last 2-3 years, other than burgers and brots. Would like to get back into some more adventurous stuff. Looking at the Divide and conquer system but this doesn’t seem to be available right now, did see some off brands of same thing, wondering if these would be worth it. Much less cost which is good, but also wondering if its one of the those “you get what you pay for” things. Saw a set on amazon for $110, “looked” identical for the kamado joe version. Thats about $100 cheaper than I can piece together with KJ products. Any and all help is appreciated. Just want to get the biggest bang for my buck. Thanks John.
  8. Thanks everybody, looking forward to some good ribs tis weekend!
  9. I'll try the non foil method, As far as temps go, I'm not very good yet at keep it at a settemp yet, I'm fully expecting to be running a range of temps, but I;'ll try to keep it under 275. Is there a preferred mnehtod of building a fire for a low and slow cook?
  10. not to show my ignorance but what is the bend method? I will probably skip the foil and try a three hour cook. thanks for the suggestions. I'm new at this so I need all the help that I can get.
  11. I plan on doing a low and slow cook this weekend. I'm going to grill some babyback ribs. I will be using the rub from man cave meals and I was going to use his 321 method, but then I read that babybacks need less cooking time and now I'm not sure how long to cook them. If anybody has some suggestions I sure would appreciate them. This is my first time doing ribs. I'm just cooking one slab approximately 2 lbs. thanks
  12. I was hoping that would be the answer on the cherry. i didnt know if the bagged stuff i bought had something special done to it. thanks everyone. Roasted a chicken yesterday that turned out very good.
  13. Thanks for all the advice. the nakedwhiz site really has alot of info. One more question, I bought some cherry wood chunks, then had a duh moment, I cut down a cherry tree last year, is this wood suitable for smoking?
  14. Thanks for everybodys patience while I'm learning about this great grill. Question 1: when I picked up my grill I got a bag of Primo lump charcoal, Iv'e noticed that lowes, menards etc. have lump charcoal for around $15 per 20lb bag. Is there a big quality difference? Should I pay the extra $5-7 per bag and stick with primo or bge for my lump? My KJ dealer is changing to a Primo dealer, thats why I got the primo lump. Question # 2: I saw some thermometers at Lowes for around $25-30, both the folding instant read kind and the kind that has a base unit, are these adequate, or is the higher $ thermometers that much better? Please keep in mind that while I'm not cheap, I'm not like the GEICO guy that is made of money. Once again thanks for a great forum. Had my second cook today grilled some boneless pork ribs, turned out mostly great. I have only cooked on gas grills, so this is a major learning process for me. Not used to my grilled meat being moist!
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