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  1. I just bought an old New Stock, it has the wheel cast iron top/black felt seal/etc. and picked it up for $800 out the door. Now comes the question, how do I break it in? Any suggestions other than just cook on it?
  2. Why would they put felt inside? Secondly, has no one heard of them moving manufacturing plants for the 3rd time?
  3. Yep. it's a KJ reseller in a major NFL city.
  4. Mac S

    XL Hinge

    I would love to know that also, as I'm looking at KJ, BGE or a Primo - XL Models of each and the thing that bother's me with BGE, is the hinge. Look at KJ hinge and it's easier to lift and not the side to side wiggle. Opinions folks?
  5. Folks - I have been around here for a few years and started out with a large Costco Vision. This is the year, I have told myself to upgrade to a XL version of something. I went to look at Vision, Primo, Big Joes, XL BGE, and and interesting conversation started when I was discussing the BJ. The sales person, at an authorized KJ reseller, made some statements that would like your feedback on: 1. KJ, since they started in 2009, have changed the manufacturing plants 3 times in 6 years, thus having struggles each time a plant is changed. Who's this impact the quality of the product? 2. They ship felt to install under the firebox to make the fire box level in the bottom. Wouldn't this melt/burn and since it's made of petro product, potentially cause a "taint" to the food? 3. Lastly, the heat deflector sits into the fire ring, (clearance around 3/8") that there are times that the charcoal will be smothered out since there is very limit air flowing upwards to the meet and out the top. ( I would like opinions on this and how many times with the new D&C system do you have to reload charcoal on a slow cook? -- I never did on my vision and that was after 16+hrs cooks) Thanks and appreciate your feedback before I make a decision. Right now it's KJ, BGE or a Primo.
  6. http://youtu.be/mUlRRSxxpOc is the You tube video I got that pic from. I wish I could find something like that. Notice he has cast iron grates and an additional fire ring to elevate the cast iron grates. Interesting uh?
  7. Is this a top vent from Vision or is it a KJ top vent on a Vision Kamado? Any opinions as I'm looking to replace the stainless. (to hard to keep clean and it sticks!)
  8. Just dont add wood, as they stated it absords, the lump is enough for flavor. I know as I did once and felt I was eating a piece of hickory with chicken flavor.
  9. Love mine. Wouldn't cook without it.
  10. Had to rotate the pic.
  11. Though if no better way except to start the year with salmon on cedar planks and pork chops stuff with blue cheese and apple Did a little apple wood to add flavor. The salmon was with butter, little garlic, fresh dill, and lemon. The pork chops were with Blue cheese inside two thin sliced chops and black pepper with a half of apple on top. Both were great. What did you cook today?
  12. no problem.. that's why i got a costco vision. Food is just as good as anyother ones I bet.
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