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  1. Around here, the Government does legislate quite a bit when it comes to backyard BBQ. At the end of the day, if they want to, they can use the fire code (no flammable products within X radius of a grill) or laws that govern noise, smoke and light emissions. 


    I agree that Franklin seems to be a victim of his own success. Seems like he'll be forced out of there at some point. 


    What about shipping your frozen neighbour, Canada.


    The shipping is a flat $8.80 to Canadian customers for gasket sets. This includes our regular felt gasket and our Nomex gasket.



    So, I would recommend you do like me and order more than one! Since you're already paying that for shipping, might as well get a 2nd or 3rd kit as well.

  3. Bosco: Perhaps I'm looking at this the wrong way but the difference between $6K and $8K CDN, while significant on an absolute basis, is not all that crazy when keeping in mind that you are spending that kind of coin on a cooking vessel. No matter how you want to look at it, it's a purchase that is hard to explain with a straight face to your significant other, no matter which grill is selected... except if you bring up the cost of the engagement ring you got for her or the cost of a wedding. 


    I know it's quite a bit of money but, as a guy in my early 30s, I figure I can get a good 40 years of use from that grill without undergoing significant or constant repairs / tweaks. While the one-time cost of buying a quality item like this hurts, the relatively low overhead thereafter makes it OK from my perspective. 

  4. As some of you may know, I was in the market for a Big Joe to complement my Vision Classic but, just before putting my order in, I started adding the numbers up and, since I knew that I'd eventually go for a KK, I thought why not wait a bit longer and get what I really want instead?


    After using the Vision for almost two years, I know I love kamado cooking and that I want a larger cooking surface for when I have guests over or when I decide to smoke a lot of fish or do a large batch of bacon. Now, I'm trying to decide between saving for a 32 BB  or a 23 Ultimate. I guess my thought process is that if I"m going to spend that much on a grill, might as well be as future proof as possible!


    I believe the 23 would probably be fine for 99% of my cooks whereas the 32 would be fine for all of them. I'm trying to convince myself I'd be just as happy with a 23, so can you list possible disadvantages of the 32 vs the 23 for daily use? I imagine there must be a reason or two to justify the purchase of a smaller KK one you have a 32. 


    I can think of: extra weight, uses more deck space, uses a bit more fuel, takes longer to warm up and more expensive. Can some owners chip in with their 2 cents? I know I'll need to use all of my brownie points to uncrate one of these beauties, so I want to make sure I'll be making the right choice and that I'm saving at the appropriate rate to allow me to get the grill home next year.



  5. I know I'll talk to Dennis in the next 12 months but I know that in the week following that call, I'll get a massive charge on my credit card (or will wire some funds to Indonesia!). I'm set on getting a KK (why spend $2K on a Big Joe - current price in Canada - if I'll get a KK later on anyways) and will definitely get in touch with some members to help me with my reflection! At this stage, I know the BB is most likely overkill... but if there are no drawbacks at having it as your main grill and the extra space might come in handy at some point in the future, it could be worth the extra (same reasoning as KK vs Big Joe)! 


    Thanks for the replies, I by no means want to hijack this thread so please show us some pictures and impressions of Beauty whenever she arrives!

  6. I'm very interested in hearing more about your experience with the two grills in terms of versatility and fuel usage.


    I guess I'm in the same boat as some others where I had my mind set on a Big Joe, then I found out they were not in stock and that got me thinking... Trying to decide between a 32 BB or a 23 Ultimate for 2016. 

  7. Looking at pulling the trigger on a Big Joe soon, I'll make a few calls tomorrow to see if I can get one at 2014 prices (you never know!). I agree with the suggestion that the pricing is likely a reflection of the value of the Canadian dollar than anything else. When you're looking at your options, as a Canadian, it isn't really cheaper to drive across the border, get the Big Joe in USD and pay taxes & import duties when crossing the border again. If anything, it was mis-priced in 2014!

  8. I'm sure more seasoned grillers will be able to chip in with their experience and perhaps some science. In the meantime, I have found that if I let the fire get too big, it's really hard to control for a low and slow, especially when I'm opening the lid. That's why people recommend lighting it up with a portion of a lighter cube, a cotton ball soaked in alcohol or a torch. I had a fire like that at some point and the only thing I could do to keep the temps down was to shut all vents and reopen them once the temperature got a bit below where I wanted. 


    Now, for charcoal. BGE, as I understand, uses the same lump as Royal Oak. Cowboy seems to have a reputation for scrapwood, metal and rocks in their bags as well as a lot of smaller pieces, where others swear by it. I don't have any firsthand experience with that brand, so I can't comment. When you're looking for lump, I don't think there's a guarantee of quality in terms of piece size, dust & all. There is lump made from different trees however and that can impart a different flavour profile to your food. For example, I cook mainly with Nature's Own Lump from Basques Charcoal (made out of maple). I've also tried Duraflame lump charcoal (that's what my in-laws gave me to go with my kamado) and I found a ton of small pieces, so I won't be buying it again. 


    Basically, there's no assurance for quality. Look for what kind of wood it's made of and, if you don't mind looking a bit weird, feel your bags before you bring them home.

  9. I remember every detail of that morning. Absolutely tragic event and words can't express how I felt about all these lost lives. At the time, I thought it might trigger a reflexion in America about its military operations overseas but, as we've seen with Afghanistan (that was justifiable) and Iraq (I still don't understand why America wanted to go there and open that can of worms), there wasn't a whole lot of thinking on "why do they hate us so much". As an outsider, I was shocked to see that people didn't really understand why some people were mad at the US for some previous actions.


    12 years later, I still feel the same about all these victims of 9/11. Absolutely tragic event and I wish that the US would have rallied everyone around it instead of projecting their military power, funding wars that it can't afford to finance and lose and compromising their future in doing so. A good read on the subject is "The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers" by Paul Kennedy. 12 years ago, I think we all felt American, the US had all our sympathies. You might remember rallies from Montreal to Paris, Cairo and even Iraq. On the other hand, I have a really hard time with nationalism and how a nation perceives itself to be so much superior to the others. We're all humans and we just have to learn to live together. Military force alone won't solve any issues, it just builds resentment that will one day end up in revenge. Like it or not, we're all in this together and we better find a way to make it work.


    I also want to point out I have the utmost respect for everybody in the armed forces. They're doing a great job and are trying hard to make things right. It's not their fault that their leaders couldn't grasp the long term implications of their actions. I'd much prefer if they were safe and sheltered from suicide bombers and IEDs. 


    Not trying to start a debate, I just wanted to comment on the "greatest nation in the world" affirmation and to express how I felt about that tragic morning.


    I just purchased some bones so I can have roasted bone marrow tomorrow. Was quite shocked to see the price of these things but the taste is so good that I don't care.

    Osso Buco, yummy


    Oh yeah! Funny thing is I'm the only one in my family that likes bone marrow. Might be a coincidence that I love cooking osso bucco when everyone's over! Nothing like a "Would you want me to "clean" your osso bucco so you don't have the marrow on your plate" and having all that goodness for you!


    Unfortunately, the price of beer in my current province is prohibitive (how can someone justify $50 for a 24 is beyond me for cheap daily beers). 



    I always thought Quebec was cheaper than Ontario for beer, doesn't costco have 30 packs for like $40? 

    also american beer, just isn't beer, its more like drinking water. brown water.



    True for Québec. In New Brunswick, it's as expensive as in Ontario (crazy). 


    For those who are lucky enough to get some Duck Rabbit (SC and NC), please enjoy one for me. One of my favourite stouts (the imperial stout). I only get to taste it at the American Craft Beer Festival in Boston or when I drive down in these parts. 

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