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  1. Hey, I'd like to praise your work too. Send some my way! hehe
  2. Oh that just sucks- poor baby Hahahahaha! I think I'll get a nice fish for my lunch on Saturday. That thread just inspired me!
  3. Cayenne. I put that sh*t on everything.
  4. I would need a crane to put that on my deck. The 32 is already a beast, I can't even imagine how gigantic a 48 would be. The grilling grates would weigh in a what, 80 # each?
  5. I love how they have a "patent pending" but can't explain what's special about their grill compared to the others. Another red flag is how they can't spell recipes (they spelled recepies) on their website. If you're expecting your customers to come out and fork that much money for a grill, you better make an experience out of it. Too many things look fishy for me to be comfortable with them.
  6. Zukatah


    I always thought Quebec was cheaper than Ontario for beer, doesn't costco have 30 packs for like $40? also american beer, just isn't beer, its more like drinking water. brown water. True for Québec. In New Brunswick, it's as expensive as in Ontario (crazy). For those who are lucky enough to get some Duck Rabbit (SC and NC), please enjoy one for me. One of my favourite stouts (the imperial stout). I only get to taste it at the American Craft Beer Festival in Boston or when I drive down in these parts.
  7. I got the same one as OP. No issues so far controlling it. When cooking at around 225, it shows between 1 and 2 sets of holes, so I don't even open it up to "1". Works like a champ and I can snuff the fire fairly quickly, leaving me to believe that air leaks aren't a big issue with mine.
  8. Bienvenue! Mes parents demeurent dans la région de Québec et j'ai bien hâte de voir les résultats de tes exploits!
  9. I love the AR setup but it's crazy expensive to get that shipped to Canada for some reason. I might just get a PO Box in the States and spend a weekend there.
  10. Bienvenue! Bonne chance avec l'achat de ton Big Joe, tu nous tiendras au courant! (Welcome!, Good luck with the purchase of your Big Joe, keep us posted!)
  11. I checked that. Would have loved a quick and free cigar. haha
  12. Welcome to the forum Dahsen and don't be shy to stop by the "introduce yourself" thread! Je suis certain que tu sauras t'y plaire ici et j'ai bien hâte de voir le résultat de tes aventures culinaires!
  13. Picked up a bottle of Teachers after seeing it here a couple of times. Nice flavour, very, very, very smooth. I like something with a bit more punch but this is a fine weekday sipper! It's priced very similarly to Johnnie Walker Red here. I think I like Johnnie better but it's nowhere near as smooth (you have to go for the Black which is significantly costlier to get close).
  14. I got 140 pounds of lump right now. Should be enough to last me through spring where I'll restock at Costco. I buy Nature's Own lump there.
  15. Zukatah


    I had renamed "private browsing" to "porn mode" on the school's computers when I was much younger. Still very fitting.
  16. Did that to go along with some pulled pork and later used for ribs. Everybody loved it. Kept the original proportions and my girlfriend, who's not a whiskey lover by any account, loved it along with the rest of the family (served some to 15 people on the weekend).
  17. I like to have frank's red hot mixed in with butter, a touch of finely minced garlic and a bit of maple syrup. Nice, simple, easy and it works all the time. For wood, I wouldn't use hickory or anything that could overwhelm the delicate taste of chicken and your rub.
  18. The prizes are amazing for that contest but I simply don't have enough time at home to go through this. I really respect the entry where the guy cooked everything on the stovetop (it has tons of bacon in it) but I don't think that would be a winning entry if I were to do something similar.
  19. I'm getting home at roughly 6pm on Friday, so I'll fire up the grill to try my GrillGrates with a nice ribeye. On Saturday morning, I'm putting a boston butt on, so I can have some pulled pork meat for the evening. When it's done (should be at around 4-5pm), I'll put it a cooler, wrapped with foil & towels and move on to some ABTs. My guests should arrive at around that time, so they'll have a little something to munch on. I'm making Amazing Ribs' whiskey and the South Carolina sauces to go along with the pork. Meanwhile, my girlfriend will be making a batch of homemade marshmallows and prepare some fruits. Depending on who wins, I'll either cook a spatchcock chicken or chicken wings afterwards. My girlfriend is also making a batch of fresh rolls so we have everything that's homemade for these folks. So, from a guest perspective, it looks like this: ABTs Pulled Pork with homemade sauce (for those who dare masking that flavour with sauce) on homemade rolls Chicken wings or quartered chicken For desert, I'll cut some fresh fruits and we'll then be heading over to the Kamado where I'll let 'er rip. Enjoy some grilled homemade marshmallows on the hot coals with some fruits to go along with that. There will be plenty of drinks to go with that, so everybody stays "hydrated"! Next morning, we'll be driving to my sister in law's cottage where we'll bring the lefttovers to feed her family and enjoy a day at the lake. For Monday, I might do some quick grilled chops for lunch but I was asked to make my lobster pasta for dinner before I catch a flight back to my working place. Very much looking forward to this weekend.
  20. Convince her that you NEED the 32" KK. You'll have a man card for the rest of your life.
  21. Imagine the pain: you've ordered your KK, you go through the waiting process and finally get that picture before it's shipped. You refresh the shipping details every 2 minutes and wonder what the hell it's doing in Memphis when you live nowhere near. Eventually, you see the status as "out for delivery" and take the day off. You get home, open the crate and it's been damaged. Not saying that this is what happened, he could be happily cooking away but, if it happened, I'd be in such a shock that I don't think I'd have the desire to go on a forum and explain what happened. I hope everything is A1 and you're enjoying your grill.
  22. Sorry about what happened and, I'm sure you were quite aware of what could happen from the original post. Your options are as follow: A VG lava stone, a Kiln stone or the KJ heat deflector. The cheapest of the 3 is the kiln one. The one that you won't have any issues with is the VG lava stone. The one that will give you some more options (because of the way the support rack is made) is the KJ. I've gone the KJ route and I'm quite happy with it. You have to know that it will raise your grates and they'll be resting on the little "posts" from the rack, so they can more quite a bit in that direction. Unfortunately there's no "ideal" solution. It has a lot to do with your budget and what you're looking to do with it. For low & slows, I'd go for the VG or the kiln. For pizzas or a bit more versatility, the KJ, as long as you're aware its shortfalls when used with a Vision grill. That's just my 2 cents but I'm sure you'll receive some good advice from other posters.
  23. Such a shame we don't get that up here. All we get is different types of chops (I can see where they cut it, it's like they cut your steak in half). Amazingly tender and delicious though when you have just the right rub and get to that perfect tenderness.
  24. I don't use the VG stone but the KJ deflector and it requires me to open my vents quite a bit more in order to get to the same temperatures. I'm guessing it has to do with how my deflector restricts the airflow but I'm no thermodynamics engineer. Look at the size of your VG stone and your pizza stone and that could be a start. Then, we can start talking about mass of the two and how they can hold some heat. Thirdly, we can talk about how your fire was built and how it could have an effect on your end result
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