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  1. It'll be over a month before I get to do some ribs on the Vision again but I'm interested in your findings if you happen to be closer to your grill than me! Next weekend, I have steaks on Friday, then a pork butt, ABTs and a spatchcock chicken on Saturday (then we're bringing some of the leftovers to the cottage to share with friends and family, right before I fly back to my workplace).
  2. BACON and jalapenos on a desert. Pure genius! How does it taste? Is it smokey, savoury, spicy?
  3. When I did 3-2-1 on my Vision with some side ribs, I thought they were way too tender (I lost a bunch of bones between the 2 and the 1 part!). Next time, I'll do it without the wrap as a kamado keeps them fairly moist anyways. I might just cut half an hour off my cook too (will go with the bend test and sauce them right before they're ready).
  4. So, if the article is BS, can you please educate us on the different types of oils and how they should be used? I'm by no means an expert on cooking oils and what I know is from the internet and some cooking books. What I've learned is oils shouldn't be taken past their smoking point, at which temperature they start losing their attributes and can be toxic. The smoking points for different oils will vary for different types of oil but there are some general guidelines that some oils can be used for deep frying and some other that are more delicate and should only be used in certain applications. If the article is misleading and I'm misinformed, I would appreciate learning more on this topic.
  5. Gotta love the Grill Grates, right? Trying mine on Friday!
  6. If I'm in a real rush, I'd fire my gasser. Otherwise, I'll eat some great food that will take a bit of time. I light it up in 3-4 different places (split 2 cubes or just split one with a full one) and have the vents wide open. When it gets going real well, I close the lid and pour myself a glass of wine. When it's done, I go back to the grill, armed with my ash tool and I make sure to spread the lit lump fairly equally along the grill. I close the top again and watch it rise fairly quickly while I enjoy that 2nd glass and prepare my steaks (or whatever I'll be grilling). When the temps reach 450+, I just go and grill whatever I want to grill, while being conscious that I need to burp the grill if I want to keep the hair on my arms. My gas grill takes about 10 minutes to get to grilling temp. My Vision probably takes more like 20. The truth is I use my gasser to make vegetables while meat goes on the Vision.
  7. I've read the same thing a couple of times. But, between you and I, for the amount of EVOO that's left on a steak before it hits the grill, I'm not too worried. If we're talking veggies, you can grill them first before doing a quick sprinkling of kosher salt and EVOO instead of the other way around.
  8. The Grateful Griller had received a unit a while back. The comments can be found here: http://www.gratefulgriller.com/tag/the-black-olive/
  9. I'd say to keep it very simple. The Primo looks nice http://www.amazon.com/Primo-335-V-Racks-Large-Roast/dp/B0036G2VKC/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1377436160 and it's pretty much the same as this 50% cheaper version: http://www.amazon.com/Green-Primo-Kamado-Ceramic-Grills/dp/B001EF1SHY I can't find the one I bought (perhaps it's no longer made) but you get the idea. I want versatility (have the ability to use it as a roast holder), something that won't be a pain to clean and one where the openings are big enough so I don't have to squeeze my ribs in / out for them to fit.
  10. Impressive stuff. It baffles me that someone would buy a grill like that and treat it like a piece of junk when it comes time to replace the gasket. Kudos on wearing appropriate safety gear while doing that work by the way!
  11. Welcome to the forum and don't forget to share your experiences and techniques! I'm sure you'll find this a pleasant forum to be a part of
  12. Welcome to the forum! You paid less than half of what I paid for mine, it's a real steal! Geez, if you get a decent price for your propane BBQ, you could almost get paid to cook on that Kamado!
  13. Well, I wish you the best of luck with your Akorn. I hear it's a very capable cooker and it's probably better suited to your needs if you require something that's lighter. Enjoy your kamado and keep on posting on how everything is going!
  14. If I get the recipe for these delicious biscuits from Red Lobster, me and my family will probably shave a good 10 years of life expectancy. How did it go? Happy with the results? Any lessons learned?
  15. Just a simple and innocent question... did you contact Vision on instruction on how to fix the problem? It could have been fixed by just tightening some bolts and you wouldn't have had to haul that thing around.
  16. I received mine about 2 weeks ago but haven't been home since. I plan to cook a steak or something similar on the grill next weekend and will report my findings too!
  17. By the way, damn you and your post about DE razors. I spent the entire day researching this and I placed an order for a couple of things. I still have about 20 Fusion Proglide cartridges to go through before I buy a proper razor but I'm getting slowly equipped in the meantime. Whenever I can purchase something and say that I won't have to buy another thing like that in my life, I'm a happy guy. I tend to buy lots of "expensive" stuff that just happens to last a very long time. I change my cars when the warranty is over because... anyone who drives a German car that's not on warranty anymore can tell you why. I know I could get from point A to point B with less money than what I'm spending right now. However, I spend quite a bit of time in my car and I love driving. It's a hobby, just like grilling, cooking, watching sports and enjoying a fine glass of whatever. As Marty said, it's all about balance. The reason I save money is to have enough money set aside so I can be truly and completely independent. When you don't need a job or a salary, you can do whatever you feel like and not what you have to do. I don't do this to be "rich", to buy additional things or to show my friends (after all, you don't show your investment statements to your friends... so it's really not the right way to go when you want to keep up with the Joneses). That's just my philosophy on life. My girlfriend on the other hand is someone that likes instant gratification and buying what I consider to be useless things. One doesn't need 30 handbags, 20 pairs of shoes, 2 wardrobes full of clothes and other things like that to be happy. Just like some of my colleagues who go to shop just to relieve stress or to feel better about themselves. I've however learned that I won't understand her point of view and that I should just give up on that fight. I have turned to measures to force her to save (higher mortgage payments, a participating whole life policy (you can use the cash value in retirement), automatic savings in a tax-sheltered account, etc.).
  18. Thanks Zukatah....is the grilling grate pretty stable resting on the KJ bracket? I am also exploring my options and it seems I am narrowing in on the KJ Heat Deflector. Yes, it's very stable. The only thing to keep in mind is it "moves" a bit from front to back as the "pins" from the heat deflector are what's supporting your main grate. Worst thing that happened to me so far is the grate was sitting a bit further back and I couldn't close my lid properly. Just got my thongs, repositioned the grate and voilà, back to where it should be! I'm extremely satisfied with this setup so far and have no regrets whatsoever apart from taking a picture of that white heat deflector so I could remember what it looked like (it's much closer to black now).
  19. Finished product looks like what's on page 12 of that PDF! http://www.weberbbq.com.au/ProductAssets/PDFs/k6531024.pdf
  20. It was in the recipe book from my Weber Genesis from over 10 years go. It's always a hit, very easy to make and superb results every time! RACK OF LAMB Direct/Medium then Indirect 2 racks of lamb, 450g to 680g each 1 cup fresh bread crumbs 1/4 cup snipped parsley 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard 2 tablespoons melted butter 1 clove garlic, crushed In a small bowl combine the bread crumbs,parsley, salt and pepper. Cook lamb racks, fat side down, over Direct/Medium heat for 5 minutes. Remove from grill. Spread 1 tablespoon of the mustard over each lamb rack. Sprinkle the bread crumb mixture evenly over the lamb racks. Combine melted butter and garlic and drizzle on top. Continue cooking using the Indirect setting for about 25 minutes for medium rare or until cooked to your liking. The key thing to remember is to foil the bones so you you don't end up with a not-so-nice presentation. Apart from that, it's idiot-proof! Cook to your liking. I like my meat rare to medium rare, so just shoot for that. I like wrapping in foil after cooking to let it rest for about 15 minutes. One last thing: lamb is a bit fatty, so don't be shy if you want to trim your racks before you put them on the grill. It'd be a wise idea to use a drip pan to avoid a messy firebox.
  21. Well, provided I could use my KJ deflector with it, I'd be willing to jump in. Only issue would be shipping to Canada....
  22. Here's what I've done (I'm in Canada, so a bunch of things in the US don't apply). 1) Cut the home phone line. I have a very discounted cell phone plan through work and it allowed me to save about $40 a month 2) Buy a modest house. The house we live in is priced at 1 time our annual salary. Sure, we could go out and spend $800K on a piece of land and call our McMansion home but we wouldn't be much happier. We're in a special situation where we are earning some fairly significant income but don't go for a house that's worth more than 2.5X your annual income. This is a place to live and sleep, you shouldn't be a slave to it 3) I have always bought used cars. Don't ever buy a car that is priced at more than a third of your annual salary. If you make 60K, you can realistically afford a 20K car. I buy used (2 yr old) cars that have been certified pre-owned, where they'll extend the warranty for another 2 years. So, I get to drive a $35K car for $20K and it has the same warranty... pretty sweet deal 4) If you need to fly, book at least 21 days in advance. Due to the nature of my work, I have to fly more than 50 times in a year. Saving on this is critical to my financial well-being. Watch sales and book a bunch of flights when they're available at the right price 5) Have some wiggle room. I've been in tight situations before where you can't take advantage of a great opportunity because of limited savings / credit. Don't let that happen to you. Pay your credit cards in full and have some emergency funds available, should anything happen. This should be between 3 and 6 months worth of spending in a safe account. If you get laid off, then you'll at least have some time to find the right job instead of any job that could help you pay the bills 6) This isn't a money-saving tip per say but it's great on the other side of the balance. Don't let yourself be short-changed. Research what comparable positions are paying and make sure you negotiate your salary when you're getting a job. At this point, they're committed to you (when they've made an offer) and they've established you're the right fit. Be prepared to negotiate with some numbers and you'll be surprised at how much more you can get get (this only works for positions that require very qualified people unfortunately... as some managers view workers as disposable and treat them as such). 7) In investments, fees matter. The difference between paying 1% annual fee and 2% annual fees might not seem much at first, but compound that over 60 years (after all, you start heavily investing at around 30 and we expect you to live until 90) and that makes a huge difference on the amount at the end. Don't be too greedy but don't short-change yourself either. The last tip is one I discovered lately. I've spent years trying to squeeze what I'd get out of a dollar and it was getting more and more infuriating to some people around me. Don't forget to enjoy life. Everything isn't about money. If you have good friends and family, be generous with them. Enjoy the quality time and don't forget to splurge once in a while on stuff you like. When you're on your deathbed, you won't regret not squeezing another dollar out of the grocery bill, you'll regret not spending enough time with those you love. Don't forget what's important, so tell your significant other you love them, grab a drink and watch that blue smoke from your kamado cooker and appreciate what you've got so far. You'll be far happier and be of much better company.
  23. Bacon is amazing.
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