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  1. That would be 2 Weber 7440 charcoal grates together.
  2. Ahh. You're from Kentucky. Welcome to the forum! At first, I assumed you used this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K-Y_Jelly
  3. Being French, I guess that's part of the stuff I cook during winter but I never thought about grilling the individual components before throwing them in the stew. Very interesting and I'll most likely give it a shot this winter! I'll report back in about 5 months when I really crave a good boeuf bourguignon!
  4. I recently received a Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or (it's matured in Sauternes casks). It is absolutely superb! Well balanced, a hint of sweetness, gorgeous colour. I tend to prefer Islay malts but I'm always open to try something new!
  5. Ohh yeah, I usually have a Laphroaig quarter cask that's there too. When I come to think of it, it's nuts that my booze inventory is worth more than my electronics. I've never tried Teacher's. What's the flavour profile on it?
  6. Hi folks, My late night beverage is usually a tumbler of one of these fine distilled products. I like to try new stuff, hence why I think we can share our preferences and experiences! At almost any given time, you'll find: Bowmore 12, Lagavulin 16, Talisker 10, Makers Mark and possibly a bottle of Johnnie Walker. I like to include some special / limited editions in there and at least a new product to try. What do you like? Anything you believe people should absolutely try?
  7. I use the "I paid for it, you pay to replace it if something happens to it while you're responsible" policy. I was recently told that this would come out of the joint account anyways and my girlfriend has been using it. I just hope it doesn't fail on me before an important cook
  8. Yup. Look for "Skirt steak". It's a cut between the brisket and the flank 9900 is correct. Skirt and hanger are different. I'll lecture the "butcher" at the grocery store next time! Thanks and I stand corrected. Impossible to find as such anywhere I've been to in Canada then.
  9. Yup. Look for "Skirt steak". It's a cut between the brisket and the flank
  10. Cotton ball for low and slow. Starter cubes for anything over 350. I got ruthland and weber cubes at home, I get a box or two whenever I see them on sale!
  11. Well, I hope your wife has understood all the implications (better sleep, more productive time and a happier husband) of that request!
  12. Awesome! Thanks for the recipe and don't be shy to share some more. I love Cuban food!
  13. Come on, pictures, stories, laughs and memories!!!!!
  14. You, sir, are making me slightly hungry. You mentioned bacon and showed it in a picture. Amazing.
  15. I'll go for my ET-732 right now. Allows me to watch TV and my cook at the same time.
  16. I own a Vision but part of me wishes I was in the 0.51% that owns the KK. I love my Vision grill but it's a rational compromise compared to the absolute wonder that is a KK.
  17. RO is a reliable choice when you're outside of Canada. I guess the issue with lump is you never really know what you'll get.
  18. Piri Piri is a style of peppers that emerged from Africa. It's also commonly used in Portugal. It gives fantastic flavour to foods although it's extremely spicy. You need to be extra cautious with how much of these dried peppers / sauce you apply as it's almost as spicy as habaneros in my opinion.
  19. This is a killer deal! Too bad there's no way I'll be able to bring another grill on our deck for at least a year.
  20. Congrats on your purchase and I'm looking forward to your cooking stories!
  21. Atomic Buffalo Turds I believe. Not the prettiest name, especially when mentioned in front of your girlfriend or kids...
  22. Awesome video! If I put my safety hat on, I wonder about cooking so close to bushes though... When I looked at the searing part with the flames coming out of the grill, I felt a bit uneasy! I'd love a steak like that right now. What a bad boy that was!
  23. Stupid question: how could there be leftovers ABTs?
  24. A half diffuser could work, provided there's still enough airflow to get your charcoal plenty hot for that nice sear.
  25. Thanks a ton for the experiment. Glad it turned out to be successful!
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