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  1. I only have the KJ and it's working extremely well. The only thing is that it gets your main grilling grate about an inch - 1.5 in higher because of the way the bracket is made. I guess I could notch my fire bowl to allow it to rest properly but I can live with the raised grate for the time being. I hear really good things about using the KJ heat deflector (slightly bigger) with the Vision spider.
  2. I use the ash tool and remove the fire bowl every couple of cooks for a thorough cleaning. My girlfriend is extremely scared of ashes (they could re-ignite at any time... a story that is widely believed in her family), so I'll have to use the shop-vac in absolute secrecy.
  3. I vividly remember my habaneros dicing and washroom incident. THE most painful thing I've even been through. That includes multiple broken bones, torn ligaments, etc. I cried like a baby for about 10 minutes on my couch with my girlfriend laughing at me. I now buy boxes of gloves at Costco that I use for hot peppers, rub application, any of these things. The only stupid thing is I worked as a steelworker when I was a student. I now associate "gloves" with "heat resistant". When my grill was warm, I put my meat on and then thought I'd like to rearrange the grill a bit. Nitrile glove + hot grill = a couple of French swear words.
  4. Congrats and I'm sure it'll make the parents extremely happy!
  5. Do NOT walk away from your Kamado if the lid is open. Even for a couple of minutes. You don't want to have that thing go nuclear on you.
  6. I'm interested in learning as well. I must say that, right now, I tend to make mental associations between "cold smoking" and "bacteria galore" but I'd be really open if someone could show me how safe it is.
  7. Good idea. When it starts rusting out, you'll easily be able to justify spending a bit more to get a bigger ceramic grill! I can't see why someone would taste food on a kamado and then go back to something else.
  8. Welcome! It's nice to chat to you on the designated chat as well!
  9. You could get a great back or a bag of dust with some rusted nails in it. Who knows... I'd open it, you don't have much to lose if it doesn't satisfy you!
  10. It's much easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to get the permission ahead of time sometimes. I started by looking at KKs and ended up with a vision from Costco, that she bought me for my birthday. See how things work well! Edit: Your mileage may vary. For the thermometer, I started out by looking at the Pro BBQ kit from Thermoworks and she happily covered half of the ET-732 that I purchased, promising me that Santa should be nice this year. She's great and she's not for sale / trade. Just thought I'd clarify that! haha
  11. I thought you said no lighter fluid in the 2nd video! So, I'm looking at this thing and it looks mighty nice. I can see that becoming a cool conversation starter with friends at home and it's priced attractively at $269. Is there any way you can control the temps on that thing? If the intake is put in place permanently and I'm not seeing exhaust vents, how could that work? Could someone use that as a smoker? In a UDS setup, one could smoke food for hours at a time at a fairly low temperature. If you don't want the hassle of building your UDS, the WSM does the job quite well at $399 for the 22.5" version. You can grill stuff on your kamado or cheap Weber kettle without having to reach in the drum all the time and risk getting burned. I know it's probably a tough question to answer but if it isn't particularly good at smoking and it's not particularly good at grilling, where does that product fit in? With your chicken cook, it's obvious that you can put a ton of meat on there but are there any other advantages to that setup besides capacity and looking good from a male perspective?
  12. That stone's got "experience"! Looking good buddy! Did you use any kind of heat deflector apart from the stone itself? I assume you cooked it on your main grate and not on the extender?
  13. Those sound good and look good. Please do post the recipe. Always looking to add to that resource! How was the skin? Crispy? But can you post it in the recipe section? The skin is fantastic with that fire at 350-375F. It's bite-through, crispy and it has that hint of sweet and salt before the sauce kicks in. If I had someone do a blind test (so they couldn't see the "bark" on the wings), they could almost think they were deep-fried to perfection. I don't use any wood (just lump) as I don't want the smoke to overpower the wings. My idea behind cooking them at a higher temp is after reading the stories of successful spatchcock chicken on this site. It appears that if you want a good, crunchy skin (which is what you want on your wings), you have a choice of "searing" your wings at direct heat for a while or just cooking at a higher temp (in that 350-375 range), indirect. If that means I can eat a bit earlier, I'm all for the higher temps! I can't wait to try your thai wings recipe, they look amazing!
  14. If you have a Costco nearby, look for it there! I think I pay $12 per bag, which isn't bad when compared to my local BBQ store who is charging over $20.
  15. Sure! Rub goes like this: 60 ml (1/4 cup) Brown sugar 
60 ml (1/4 cup) Paprika 
45 ml (3 tablespoon) Black pepper 
45 ml (3 tablespoon) Coarse Salt 
15 ml (1 tablespoon) Hickory Salt (just use a bit more salt if you don't have it) 
10 ml (2 tablespoon) Garlic powder 
10 ml (2 tablespoon) Onion powder 
10 ml (2 tablespoons) Celery seeds 
5 ml (1 tablespoon) Cayenne pepper I put my KJ heat deflector on at the lowest position and get the grill to between 350 and 375F. The wings will have been coated from the moment I start my fire until I put them on the grill (usually about 40 minutes as I like to bring my temp up slowly). I cook them for about 40 minutes, turning them after 25-30 minutes so they have a nice and even colour. With that kind of heat, the brown sugar will start caramelizing on your wings, so you'll get a deep brown, almost black colour. For the novice, it might not look that appealing, so I might have to work on my temps for this. During the last 20 minutes of the cook, I put a quick sauce together. It's a base of Franks Red Hot, some dried piri-piri peppers (they're damn hot and you have to be careful with it), some finely minced garlic along with a chunk of butter. Get everything heated up to a nice thick and saucy body. If kids are around, I'll forgo the peppers and put in a healthy dose of real maple sirup to balance the heat and make everyone happy. After the wings are done, I'm putting them in a big stainless steel bowl, then I'm adding some sauce to coat the wings as desired. Using thongs, I plate them with whatever token vegetable I have on hand (I like using baby carrots and celery as it's just as ridiculous as what's given to you in a restaurant). For the people that have a hard time with heat, I whip up a quick sauce that has half mayo, half sour cream. Add a dash of lime juice and some chopped chives, it should be able to mellow everything out while giving you a good profile. If you try it, please give me your comments so I can improve on my cook!
  16. What ckreef said. Don't worry if yyou don't get smoke on there for the entire cook. What really matters is the first 2-3 hours!
  17. My wife thinks I look like an idiot at Costco when I'm trying to figure what I'm buying. The other customers (that probably haven't ever heard about a charcoal grill but their old hibashi started with lighter fuel) give me an even weirder look. I guess I'm very comfortable in my own BBQ geekiness.
  18. Good looking wings! I've cooked mine indirect at 350-375 and had great success so far. I think I need to try your recipe and see how it goes.
  19. Agreed. It's fun and informative at the same time. Next time, I'll try to join it a bit earlier before I had too much scotch to drink. But I rest my case: pork belly is friggin awesome.
  20. I'm younger than some of your kids. I guess I'll have a couple of kids that I can influence one day (maybe next year?)
  21. Welcome to the group, dear Kiwi! How much is it over there? Perhaps it can make me feel a tiny bit better about the prices in Canada, who knows!
  22. After doing wings on the Kamado, that's all my wife wants to hear about. She told me she didn't want anything to do with a charcoal BBQ and the next thing I know, she's asking me on how to replicate these fantastic wings. I had to walk her through the entire thing through Facetime as I'm about 13 hrs away from her at this point but she was pleased with the results nonetheless. Anyways, I can talk about ribs, brisket, boston butt, spatchcock chicken, she doesn't care. All she wants is a batch of chicken wings.
  23. Cool story CILO! Welcome to the forum, looks like the initiation part is over... you can always go in the "introduction" part of the forum and formally introduce yourself (you'll otherwise be known as the hairless right arm guy).
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