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  1. If you can't use them all, smoke them, then grind them for your homemade chipotle peppers. Geez, I wish I had that issue! Although my wife doesn't have anything to say against ABTs.... so we're even I guess!
  2. Wow. That looks tasty! My wife isn't a big fan of smoke flavour, so I should try something like that!
  3. 1. Depends on how you like it. I see between 190 and 205. 2. I'd wait a couple of minutes to give the juices some time to settle before I rip in that thing.
  4. Very nice purchase! My wife is the one who always takes pictures and videos, let us know how you like it and she might get one for xmas!
  5. I'll go for something like this: http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&field-keywords=diversitech%20grill%20pad
  6. Before I drop that kind of coin on a kamado, I'd like to know I'm getting some support from a reputable company if anything goes wrong AND that I'll be able to find cooking accessories that will match my grill in the future. I'm curious but I'm not $700 curious about them.
  7. To use in moderation. It imparts a very peculiar flavour and I'd mix it with other woods if I were planning on using some. It's used (along with oak and maple) to smoke herring but I haven't seen it being used elsewhere.
  8. Welcome aboard! Looking forward to your comparison between the BGE and the Vision P!
  9. Yeah, do yourself a favour and ditch your old router. Mine was driving me nuts (Linksys) with its need of constant resets, then I'd have IP conflicts (just had about 8 devices connected on it, so it shouldn't be a big deal) and it was getting frustrating. Got myself an Airport Express around xmas and I haven't had to do anything to it, it just works! I'm tempted by a time capsule but I'll see if I can find another alternative as that storage is expensive! I got a home server that I use as a media server and to backup my computers but it doesn't work with the newest version of OSX.
  10. Exactly! However, I get strange looks from the neighbors on those 6am cooks when I crack open a cold one! They just need to get used to it, that's all!
  11. I agree it's part of the charm. I drive standard because I feel like I want to control the car more than what an automatic transmission would do. It's not as fast as a dual clutch, not as fuel efficient but I love being in control of every aspect of that car. Same goes for the kamado. Although it has its quirks and randomness. On my first longer cook, I kept looking at the Maverick and trying to tweak it. I remembered all the posts that basically said: just leave the darn thing alone and let it do its thing. I needed to be in control, I felt like I needed to go ahead and chase the temp I was looking for. All that meant was one adjustment after another where I'd undershoot, then overshoot what I was trying to achieve. Next time by, I'l just leave it there and start worrying if it deviates by more than 30 or 40F. There's something almost mystical about it too. Everything's been rock solid for an hour, you're enjoying one of your favorite beers as you keep an eye on your temps. All of a sudden, temps start climbing fairly rapidly. You just don't want to open the dome to find out what's happening as you know better, so you start speculating on what that could be... lighting more lump, hitting a piece of wood that burns hotter than lump, etc. Then, there's the other side. You see the temperature dropping by a couple of F. No big deal, this is normal. All of a sudden, you find yourself 20-25F under where you'd l like to be and start wondering if, perhaps, you've put the fire out. Next thing you know, you're on all fours and giving oxygen to your BBQ like it's life support. From an outside perspective, I think I'm absolutely nuts. Then again, this is why I enjoy it so much as well. Trying to understand something that isn't quite rational. I've given up on trying to understand what goes inside my wife's head, so I think the Kamado is a suitable replacement.
  12. I absolutely love your posts. They're informative, there are some key take aways and the pictures are gorgeous. Keep up the good work!
  13. Frankly, this thing is too small to smoke anything for a long period of time and if I want portability, I'll go for a smallish Weber kettle that will allow me to cook steaks / burgers / hot dogs or anything I'd eat when camping. That's just my take on it though but if I want good meat that's been cooked low and slow when I'm camping, I'll just bring a couple of leftovers from home, put that in the cooler and thaw / reheat when needed. I really don't see what the point is for such a small grill as there are alternatives that are cheaper, more portable and more practical.
  14. AppleTV is the perfect complement to the entertainment suite from Apple! Only thing I wish it could do is the ability to install new apps. You'll find that sometimes, when playing a video from your iPhone / Macbook, you won't have any sound. A quick fix is to disconnect from your network (just turn wireless off from your laptop / phone) and then turn it back on. Works wonders for me. Apart from that, I haven't had any issues
  15. I can't wait to cook my first brisket! That looks tasty man
  16. I believe OP mentioned he's using apple chips. May I suggest something like hickory or mesquite next time by? Apple is fairly subtle in nature... Try it and see if it overpowers the pork flavour.
  17. Looks good, easy on the eyes, even at night (I hate when it's all white, I have to bring the brightness way down)!
  18. Placed my order for a 13" version of that very model this afternoon. Hoping to get my wifi speed upgraded at he house this week, too. You just can't go wrong. I haven't used a CD / DVD drive on a laptop for more than 5 years and I couldn't see myself want one anytime soon. If there's anything I need, I still have my old laptop and a USB key, so I'll mirror everything on the key and be good to go. I've used mine since I got it (around June 20th I think) and I seriously have nothing bad to say about it. Performs well, battery life is amazing, screen looks good (okay, it's not a retina but what did I expect from that size factor and price), keyboard is awesome and all. Only thing that took me a bit longer to get used to is the different functionalities of the trackpad. I have a tendency of being a bit lazy with my fingers and will have one on the trackpad for no reason, which will then bring me a list of my open windows when I wanted to scroll down. You get used to it though! Congrats on your purchase!
  19. I have a brand new MacBook Air (well, the latest version with the Haswell chip). Got it with 8gb of ram and 256gb of HDD. Extremely satisfied with it. It's light, quick, responsive and can travel anywhere with me!
  20. My holes on the Classic B are quite low as well. Manual says to fill up to 1" above the holes to adequately control the temp. The only issue I've had with controlling temp is on a very windy day like what I had on Sunday where the wind keeps on changing directions & speed. One moment, everything is A1, the next, the air is blowing right in and fuelling the fire. I was looking at the temps on my Maverick and kept wondering if I should adjust anything or let it do its thing. At first I was a bit nervous but I remembered the wise words about people chasing temps. I'm now OK as log as I can keep it within about 40F of my target temp, that is unless a storm is brewing or anything that would be temporary in nature. I lit my charcoal with a starter cube for my wings and a cotton ball soaked in alcohol for my ribs (target temp was at 225F but it varied from 210 to 265 when the wind picked up) I cooked some fantastic wings on Friday night (375F, indirect, for 45 minutes) and really good ribs, although they were a bit overdone (3 hours, then 1:40 in foil with apple juice, then 1hr on the grill (sauced at 60 and 30 minutes to go). I shut 'er down and was happily enjoying my meal with a sweet potato when the wife mentioned that it'd be so cool to have a firepit so we could have marshmallows like at the cottage. Went outside, removed the grill & the platesetter and lit a cotton ball soaked with 99% isopropyl alcohol, had the bottom vent completely open and, within minutes, we were outside with a bag of marshmallows in our backyard, just like it would have been at a cottage. Then brought the temps down, put in my platesetter (turned it around so the drippings from the rings would be facing the fire) and my cooking grate before I let the grill go to 600F. I was intimidated at first by controlling temps with charcoal (this is my first non-gasser!!!) but I'm surprised at how easy and responsive it is. I think the biggest thing was how much hotter wood can burn (I had 4 or 5 big chunks of cherry wood in there) and how incredibly sensitive it is to wind. So far, no regrets whatsoever. Went to see some KJ, Primos and BGEs on the weekend and we (wife and I) agreed that there's nothing we've seen so far that justifies (for us) the price difference for another grill, except a KK when we have a nicer backyard and I can justify spending a couple of thousand dollars on building an outside kitchen. Honestly, I'm with all the others there. Get a couple bags of lump, go outside and play with it. Do a couple of dry runs if you have the luxury of time and see how it reacts and if you have any leaks. If not, give it the best you can but don't try to look for some universal truth as they're all different. Err on the side of caution by not lighting too much lump when doing a low and slow, put a couple of your favorite beers in the fridge and enjoy the "learning curve"! It's not that steep but you don't have to tell your wife!
  21. Costco is heavily discounting them ahead of winter
  22. I found my manual this morning and was browsing through it fairly quickly. If someone is following their guidelines on vent openings & temps, they must think they're crazy. I think they say that, to maintain a 250 temperature, you need the top vent to be at 2 and the bottom vent halfway open. That gives me more like 400-450! I'll keep it for a good laugh one of these days when I want to play a practical joke on a kamado newbie.
  23. Chat could be really nice to have as long as people start using it! The biggest advantage though would be live Q&A with some industry folks, making the event more dynamic.
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