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  1. I was shocked at how long it took for mine to cool down too. Perfectly normal for that type of vessel!
  2. Awesome! Thanks for the suggestions guys. If you can think of anything else, don't hesitate!
  3. I'm torn between that one and the Thermoworks I've quoted. I think I'll order online anyways as the markup in store is quite prohibitive on such an item. Part of me would love to save $150 on that but my wife told me I could get it for xmas... Any issues with your ET-732? I've read about the probes that really need to be pushed hard in it and that you must be careful as you're washing it but that's basically it.
  4. Good evening! As I said in the introduction section, I'm new to ceramic grills with my wife who has bought me a Vision Classic from Costco (I might have talked about it and did a couple of detours to show her exactly what I wanted before my birthday... but that's a different story!). The excruciating part is that I'm based of out Moncton, NB up until December before I come back home permanently (located around Ottawa). So, I got this nice looking vessel along with my Weber Genesis LPG sitting on my deck while I'm cooking on a stovetop here. Anyways, I come back home every 2nd weekend or so and I want to make the most out of my next few visits. I'm trying to get a list of must-have or, very nice to have accessories for my Vision grill. In the meantime, it's just pure torture to constantly think about something I can't use for another couple of weeks. So far, here's what my list looks like. KJ heat deflector Thermapen (still not sure about the backlit vs non-backlit debate as I like to cook at night but I wonder about battery life) Thermoworks Pro BBQ Kit (TW8060 with a bunch of probes, as seen on Amazing Ribs) Weber chimney (honestly, I'm attracted to this but I like the cool factor of using a MAPP torch. I see a lot of people here tend to use cotton balls soaked in alcohol, what do you recommend?) Mop Injector (not sure if it's worth it or not, I'd like your input) I already have: Great cooking gloves Good pizza stone Can you think of anything else you'd recommend for the backyard BBQ enthusiast? Anything I should buy instead of what I put there?
  5. We purchased this set from Sanelli a couple years ago, couldn't be happier! http://www.costco.ca//.product.10328905 ... nt=Default I agree with the comment that, for 90% of the time, you can get by with 2-3 knives. A good chef / Santoku with a good pairing knife is key. My parents just purchased a set of Global knives, they seem to like it so far but I haven't had a chance to cook with them for more than a couple of minutes..
  6. Long story short. My wife bought me a Vision Classic grill from Costco on June 15th and I got to use it once (I had researched the heck out of it and was planning to buy it on special at the end of the season or next spring) so far. Reason for only using it once is I'm currently working in Moncton, NB, so I get to see my grill on Facetime every night but can't use it. Only going to be back home for a weekend in early August, so it's probably one of the nastiest forms of torture one can think of to have that thing at home and being away from home until December. I've been grilling on Weber propane BBQs for over 15 years before that (still kept my Genesis as my wife is afraid of charcoal) and this is my first charcoal grill. I'm happily compiling a list of accessories to buy as soon as I get home. On the good side, I got the go-ahead to purchase a Komodo Kamado when we get our next house built (we'll have a dedicated spot for it).
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