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  1. Keeper, I watched it and had a similar reaction. Thank you for bringing this up.
  2. Jack., I've used my salt block in both the oven and on the Kamado Joe. I prefer to use it on the kamado, however. Like you, I preheat it in the oven, otherwise I'm waiting a long time getting it up to temp on the Joe. I've done salmon and veggies on it and they have always come out great. I'm sure scallops would, too. A word of caution, though-- make sure if you use a rub or spice mix to prep the scallops that there is no salt in it because they will get plenty from the salt block. Bon app├ętit, I look forward to seeing the pictures! Dave
  3. My doc told me to do more Mediterranean diet stuff, which includes a lot of vegetables, fish, shellfish, and chicken. Although I have always been a big red meat man, I love Mediterranean food anyway. So dialing back the red meat hasn't been too difficult, and the fact you can do it on the kamado means I have barely had to break step during the transition. Since November I've lost 27 lbs., my labs have improved a lot, I eat well, and I can still treat myself to "Traditional" barbecue occasionally. All without medications, but I've been exercising more and that has also been a big help. My kids got me a 12" x 8" x 2" Himalayan salt block that I find gives seafood a really nice crust. Keep up the good work my friend!
  4. Great job! I love fish on the grill, and what you did here is exactly what I had in mind when I bought a kamado as opposed to the many other kinds of smokers out there. Not that you couldn't cook like you did on other smokers, but the kamado makes it much easier IMO. Well done, and way to elevate it with the rub, the glaze, and the peppers.
  5. Husky, You are killing it, my friend! I love how you are able to take traditional Czech cuisine and adapt it to the Joe. I remember those rich brown gravies from my time in Czechia, looks like you nailed it. When I lived in Germany a few years back, none of my German friends had ever had American barbecue, and when they did, they went crazy over it. Do your Czech friends react the same way? Great job, and best of luck in your catering business. Looks like the Kamado Joe has made quite the contribution! dh14ster
  6. Jark, no I have not, but it is on my to-do list. Meathead has a recipe on Amazingribs for it, I'll check it out. It sounds great, and I love the relatively unknown regional specialties like Alabama White Sauce, Cornell Chicken, Spiedies, etc., so it's on the list. Thanks for the tip.
  7. That sounds like a lot of work for a great meal. One of the things I love about kamado cooking is getting an idea and figuring out how to make it work through experimentation, trial and error, and practice. You'll get it down and it will it will become a go to recipe and process. I need to get a wok.
  8. Looks good enough to eat! I'm a fan as well. Ever since I figured out how to do it, I've been dry-brining and spatchcocking yardbird. The last time we had whole chickens I pulled the whole 2 of them and finished with Alabama White Sauce. There was barely a crumb left, big hit!
  9. Those look great, John. Great creative touch, thanks for sharing.
  10. Hi hurdleguy (hahaha no pun intended), We're still finalizing the plans for the table, and will build the table over the spring. If you can wait a few of months, I will give you my brackets when we're done since I won't need them any longer. I'll let you know how the plan evolves. It's a long story, but two of us are building this from about 100 miles apart, so we get together and work on it when we can. v/r Dave H.
  11. Keeper, indeed, as much as I love cooking it at home, there is no substitute for a legit Greek restaurant. In Germany there were at least 3 good options in our city. Our favorite was Taverne Niko. Niko's food was great, and he would come check on all his customers, and have a drink with you along the way.
  12. Keeper, Thank you for the tip. I love Greek food too, and have visited Aki Petretzikis' Kitchen (https://akispetretzikis.com/en), but not Kalofagas. I will definitely check it out. Aki is a bit of a showman, but I have found the recipes I have tried to all be pretty manageable and tasty. There is nothing like fresh homemade Tzatziki... I remembered the Jerusalem book after you mentioned it last year and made a gift of it to myself for Christmas. It is absolutely an amazing resource. I believe I enjoy the recipes as much as the stories that go along with them. When I bought my first kamado in spring 2013 after a couple of decades cooking chicken, burgers, and dogs on propane, I just wanted to be able to make my own low and slow barbecue after repeatedly being disappointed by the local barbecue scene. Never did I imagine that we can cook these types of dishes in the kamado as well. Where I live there is not a really good Greek option, so it is fun to be able to have the tools, resources, and willingness to try it on my own. Cheers, Dave in the Blue Ridge
  13. Doc: At your age, you would benefit from a Mediterranean diet. Me: Mediterranean, eh? Greece is Aegean, Ionian, but technically Mediterranean. Okay, Doc, I got this, but will need some help. I enlisted my daughter to help. Upon my request, she made saffron rice, which was great, but not as great as her lemon rice pilaf, which kills it. Greek salad, of course, with the last of our garden tomatoes and peppers of the season. And on the Joe, Himalayan salt block lemon and Greek seasoned grilled swordfish. Complemented by a Sauvignon Blanc from Bordeaux. Definitely some of the best swordfish ever. Thanks, Nik!
  14. Oh yeah, corn bread, butter beans, country ribs, and an Ole Miss win! BOOM!
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