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  1. So I just got a bunch of chili pepper plants; supper chili, Hawaiian chili, habanero, and bhut jolokia( ghost peppers). One of the thing I want to do is make chili powder for my dry rubs, and I was thinking...what if I dry or roast them in the vision!!! Get a little smoke flavor in there and have an excuse to cook something after since it's already fired up. Any of you try this?
  2. ....Uruguay. Auto correct turns your name to Uruguay. Jrufus, I read the article and watched the video.....I think I like what I thought it was more......good luck though
  3. I cooked up some St. Louis style spares today...I wanted to try them a couple different ways. I used a little mustard for a binder ( I know I don't need to, but I've seen it a few times and wanted to give it a whirl), and a rub that I made a while back. I wish I could remember what I put in it, cause it's really good! On the vision holding at 220 So about 3 hours in, I wrap one of the racks with brown sugar, honey, and butter. Wrapped real tight and meat side down. Back on the vision still holding at 220 and spritz the other rack with some apple juice. Meanwhile my little trimmings ar
  4. Lol. I wouldn't let anyone leave until the truth came out!
  5. Cast iron pans work well, the handle is pretty easy to cut/grind off.
  6. What is it? First thing that comes to mind is fried up bits of BBQ scrap with potatos...that sounds awesome....one please
  7. Almost 3 hours in, I don't have the bark I was looking for, think my dome thermometer is reading hot. Foiled one rack with butter honey and brown sugar. The little tasters, holy smokes!!!! I almost didn't want to do anything to them, but gotta try everything...right? Spritzed with some apple juice on the no foil one. I can't wait to eat these Beans are on, beef is ground, the wife is starting the corn bread and brownies.....just two hours to go!
  8. Bummer on the probes!!! But that won't stop me. Going to try the ribs two ways, foil one rack with brown sugar, honey and butter. And let the other one go dry with my BBQ sauce to finish....or might just let it go dry all the way and have sauce on the side....
  9. Got my St. Louis style spare ribs on, have an awesome rub on them. I just wish I could remember what it was. I have to start writing things down! Only problem is my maverick 732. Keeps reading LLL on grill temp. It has been happening my last few cooks. Sometimes it works...most times not, very frustrating. Anyway. Here's the start!!!!
  10. Those look so good!!! I know what I am trying next!
  11. Welcome!!!! Everyone already said what I was going to say! I usually use one piece of the kj fire starter in a reverse volcano...build the lump on top and let the fun begin. K-vile had the timing for everything after that. Enjoy!!!
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