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  1. I got one at the $90 Lowe's clearance, but to tell the truth, if I had to replace it, I would have NO ISSUE paying full price if I had no other choice! I've made 6-8 pizzas on it almost every Friday night for the last 2.5 years, and it's always performed well! One of the best "cooking tool" investments I've ever made!
  2. Hey Jack...I cut my teeth at a very early age cooking on a hibachi cooker for the family. My Dad was not a grillmaster, and bought a hibachi for the family burgers, steaks, kielbasa etc., but wasn't the most proficient at cooking meat. When I was 10, he passed the grilling responsibilities onto me, and somehow, I learned to make the meat edible on the same type of device! You can do some amazing things with that cooker, and I appreciate your post bringing back some great memories for me! Good luck and enjoy!!!!!
  3. Again...congrats on seeing a Legend! I've had the good fortune to meet and get to know a number of celebrities (musicians etc.) through the course of my life; Buddy is as talented and gracious as anyone I've had the good fortune to spend time with! I am so happy to see that he is still going strong!
  4. I've kind of gotten away from exotic rubs and tend to use just salt, pepper and occasionally, garlic powder. The flavor profile is still great, and I don't notice that much of a dfference.
  5. That's a good looking margherita pizza!
  6. Heck, if you're nice to it, it may even tuck you in at night!
  7. I agree with this, but with one addition which may make it easier. As long as you can keep your temp somewhere between 275 and 350, and have an internal thermometer, pork butt is simple and delicious. I normally pull my butts when they reach 203 degrees internal, and have never been disappointed, even if I had some fluctuating temps. Good Luck!
  8. This right here^^^^^. I've been using Rob's method for quite awhile now (although I thought originally it was 275 degrees; I'm sure either one will work fine) with baby backs and it has produced outstanding results every time! Give it a shot; you won't be disappointed...
  9. Al, if you can even approach Louie Mueller status, you're the man! I know the popular choice is Franklin's, but I'll take LM's brisket any day! BTW...if you can replicate the sausage from City Market in Luling, I'll genuflect! That said, if you want their sauce recipe, I'll try to find it and pass it on.
  10. I bet I've seen Buddy play over 50 times...when I met my wife, she was living in downtown Chicago, and we went to Legends (Buddy's old club on Wabash) a lot! He's the real deal when it comes to Chicago blues. What I always loved about Buddy is how "real" he is! Whether he was playing guitar on stage, speaking with fans (I know I've had over an hour of personal conversation time with him) or cooking catfish in the kitchen, Buddy was always gracious and accommodating, he's the BEST! I'm so happy that he's still performing and that you got the opportunity to see him; it's not often you get to personally experience a LEGEND!
  11. t's one of the best cooking purchases I've made...we use it several times a week, along with the Blackstone pizza oven!
  12. Thanks CK...I buy those loins all of the time for a cheap way to feed 7 (4 teenagers!). Most of the time I end up making chops sous vide with a finishing sear, however, we love sandwiches! I'll be doing this soon, and making pressed sandwiches on the Blackstone griddle. Outstanding cook!
  13. I've used umbrellas in the past for the same reason...Good Luck! That said, I'm so sorry you still have snow on the ground; I coached 2 lacrosse games today and had to make sure I reapplied the sunscreen!
  14. Steak au Poivre is my favorite! Something about the brandy/peppercorn sauce...thanks for posting!
  15. Penn Station...a lot like Mr. Cue's fresh cut fries!
  16. Hey Keeper...I'm sure the wine and beer was simply used as a palate cleanser for a fair taste test!
  17. Congratulations, John...5 kids and 21 years later, I still consider it the best decision I ever made! Best of luck to you both!
  18. Hey Mr. Cue...congrats on opening night; sounds like it went pretty well to me! Please don't let your partner or yourself get hung up on the 2 clients that were dissatisfied. If you only ended up with 2 that were not happy from a total of 96, that's still around a 95% satisfaction rate. Coming from a person who owned a franchise dealing with the public, and who constantly was striving for a 100% satisfaction rate, there are always going to be people who aren't happy with your service. What I finally had to realize was that some people just DON"T WANT to be satisfied! Their personalities are such that you can never do enough to make them happy...it's just who they are. As long as you stay true to your standards and beliefs, and treat people the same way you would want yourself or your family to be treated, the business will be successful. Keep moving forward and learning as you go along...I wish you the best and hope your success goes beyond whatever your imagination holds right now! Good Luck!
  19. This^^^^The pressure cooker using oil was the difference maker...Chik-Fil-A was/is the same way; I don't know if they are using a different method these days or not.
  20. RIP Remoh...I always enjoyed his posts and love of college football, particularly Auburn. Godspeed and condolences to his family and friends
  21. It never would have garnered the 67 votes needed in the Senate to pass, regardless of the filibusters. Once again, the framework of checks and balances devised by the founding fathers proved too difficult for something to pass, which is representative to me of a proposal that wasn't worthy of being implemented.
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