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  1. Looks great and the potatoes do also. 300-325 is the temp I cook mine at now too, just didn't see any difference to warrant the lower temp for pork butts. Turns out just as good and far less time.
  2. I would not make any choices using reviews, yes read them if you want, but don't use that as a buying guide. The Vision Classic at Costco ( in store or online) is the most bang for your buck as Ross said, or the Acorn would be an excellent choice also. I am also like you in that sometimes I regret if I do not purchase what I really wanted, I will not be satisfied with what I did purchase. And most of the time I end up returning the item and purchasing what I wanted in the first place, or for some level of dissatisfaction in my head. So you know to buy what YOU really want, so go out and kick the tires on as many brands/ models as you can, as many times as you want, THEN make your decision not rushing in to anything!
  3. Lookin good, I'll take a slice or two about now, lunch time! Great job on the tenderloin!
  4. Man that is one great looking bird, nice job, picture perfect!
  5. Man those look fantastic, making me want some more pulled pork now! I'll have to start thawing the two in my freezer and squeeze them in before thanksgiving. Anyway, great looking cook, I bet they were mighty tasty!
  6. B&B lump from Academy Sports is good lump also, around $15 for 20 pound bag. KJ lump is also great, but is $22 for a 22 pound bag, can be ordered through Ace Hardware online, look for discount code to use at check out, shipped to store for free. I don't really care for Royal Oak, it's ok, prefer the others mentioned. Good luck with the new kamado!
  7. I don't think KJ would want that one for pic of the month, but perhaps as a safety / fire hazard warning indeed. I have never had this happen, but have always tried to be very careful to prevent it from happening. Quite a few times when I have opened my kamado, I have felt the potential that had I not opened it correctly, it would have fire balled. I always raise slowly in 2-3 inch increments, continuing in those increments when there is a presence of extreme heat and smoke. If you lift the lid in a smooth/ normal speed when that extreme heat and smoke is present....boo yah / fireball hazard/ danger! ALWAYS OPEN SLOWLY WHETHER YOU THINK THE POTENTIAL IS THERE OR NOT!
  8. Welcome to the site, and thank you for your service sir!
  9. If you are going to buy it from True Value, do a coupon code search and use the best one you find. I believe that model is the same price at all vendors. There is also the Vision Classic at Costco, which right now is only available online. But when carried in the Costco stores is heavily discounted around mid/end summer.
  10. Welcome and hope you enjoy your new Acorn!
  11. "We all need to watch what we eat,Mayor's included" And what we smoke for some politicians evidently! Man that all looks awesome, especially the shrimp! Nice
  12. I second this and thank YOU and everyone else that is or has served....THANK YOU ALL!
  13. Yummy in my tummy, looks great!
  14. Great looking bird you've cooked there, I can't wait to try one myself! Very nice color on the skin, excellent!
  15. Now that is a great looking pot of chili, all the right ingredients! And really like the cornbread skillet, the more crust the better!
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