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  1. Update - I bought some BGE gasket material yesterday and installed at the lid, ash pan, and lower vent. After a 24 hour cure, I will be doing the seasoning burn in tonight. I also got the Weber 22.5" Grill Grate, Weber Lighter Cubes, and made in USA Royal Oak Lump yesterday. I will be picking up a cheap pizza pan for a diffuser today. Hope to smoke turkey breast and a ham this weekend for my first cook on the new grill!!
  2. I just bought one at the Kroger in Columbus, OH for $195. After calling all of the area stores, the one I got was only one of two available in the metro area.
  3. Hello to everyone. I just came across the site while researching a potential purchase of a King Griller Akorn Kamado. Thanks to to all of the great reviews, tips, and other information found on this site, I pulled the trigger today on a Display model at the local Kroger for $195.00. I would have never thought to look there without this site. Next step is doing the leak seal mods and the purchase of a Weber grate and heat diffuser for my season and cook this weekend. I have been smoking on a Brinkmann COS and Brinkmann All-In One for about two years. I am excited to have a grill that can actually hold temp!!! I'll post pics after my first cook. Thanks John and everyone, Rob Keith
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