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  1. On my iPhone, I use an app called "Timely". It had 6 timers. Quite useful when you're trying to time the cooking of the steak with the potatoes and other items cooking simultaneously in the kitchen oven. I prefer to see all my timers is one place rather than use a combination of oven timer, microwave timer, handheld timer, etc. If I use my Android tablet, the app I use it "Kitchen Timer". It only has 3 timers, but it if often more than enough.
  2. Had to come back to give an update. After a month of cooking smokey goodness on the Keg, my wife is solidly sold. Our gasser was sold last weekend so there`s no turning back. This weekend, I did a bacon-weaved meatloaf and I had to stop the family horde from getting it all so I can save some leftovers for work. Right after dinner was done, my wife mentioned Thanksgiving and how I have to do the turkey on the keg. She also mentioned that I do not have a choice. I shed a tear of pure love and pride at that moment.
  3. Welcome from an ex-Bramptonite. You say you have a lot to learn and that's how I felt when I step foot in this strange new world a month ago. It's a hella fun, I tell ya!! If you didn't have a problem with neighbors hanging around, you will now. The aroma is irresistible.
  4. Gave the IQ120 another run tonight to cook a bacon-weaved meatloaf. Today was particularly windy with storm cells running around. On windy days, I typically have a hard time keeping proper temperature because of the extra and inconsistent rush of air in the oven. However, with properly applied foil tape to cover the gaps around the intake, the IQ120 performed remarkably well in the wind! I am quite happy with my purchase.
  5. When I'm not sure about the weather, I put my IQ120 in a large ziplok bag (upside down so the wires and hose come out of the bottom) and use one of those big black paper clips to grab the bag and the IQ120's rope, then hang it on the shelf of my Keg. The bottom of the bag is fully open so the air can flow in. Has worked really well so far. As for the electrical wire, I an outdoor junction box that I use for christmas lights. The outlets are well protected against the weather. It also acts as an extension cord to an outlet inside the house.
  6. I didn't have problems with the lid closing on the probe wire. I didn't tape that part at all. I hooked the probe under the grill I used for my ribs (clipped it from below) so the whole surface was available. However, I find your idea interesting. Do you clip the probe to anything or just leave it hanging in the oven? I'm guessing you just leave it dangling so there's no problems with opening the lid.
  7. So the first run was a resounding success. Aside from the spike I experienced earlier, it held the temperature between 225 and 230 all day. I learned that my top damper should be at 1. This is not just my first time with the IQ120, but also my first time with a temperature controller so I had a learning curve. I never owned the IQ110, but I appreciate that the IQ120 will actually display in plain english what is going on. I also really liked the bright display that I can see from inside the house. At all times, the temperature matched the analog thermometer on the Keg's lid and the end result ribs were a testament of that. There is logic programmed in that unit that is rather impressive and you can see it behave differently depending on the circumstances (heating up, lid open, high temperature, etc). For the slow cooking that I did, I lit up just a few charcoal and let the blower of the IQ120 do the rest to slowly bring the Keg up to temp over 30 mins. Maybe if I had used a chimney to light up a bucket of coals I would've had a worse experience. I did read some bad comments about the IQ110 and judging from my experience, I'd say that how to light up your fire has a great role to play. In all, it's a keeper. I'll use it again this weekend to cook something in the 350F, but it has worked remarkably well so far.
  8. By the way, the IQ120 shows a firmware version when booting up so for reference, my firmware is version 1.1.
  9. After 2 hours of stability, suddenly the temperature started to climb and at 240F, the IQ120 sounded an alert. I closed the top damper to 0.5 and the temperature started going down after a while. Now it's back at 225 and I reopened the top damper to 1. I'm using it without the meat probe, but it has alerts for meat doneness too. The alerts are configurable and the manual explains well how to set those up and turn them off permanently if you so choose. But in my case, I was happy to be alerted of the sudden increase in temperature.
  10. I'm using my IQ120 for the first time today with a rack of ribs cooked using the 3-2-1 method. My cooker is a Broil King Keg. I had to use foil tape to seal as many gaps as I could once the adapter was on. I also set my top damper to 3 just to get the air circulating while the keg was warming up. Set the temp to 225 and watch it go. Oh and I also set the air flow dial to 1 on the IQ120 since the Keg is so well insulated. I didn't want to flood it with air too quickly. I want to test the waters first. The IQ120 started blowing air at normal rate until the Keg reached about 205F and then it stopped only to give a short burst of air every 5 seconds or so. At that point I put the top damper at 1.5. As the Keg approached 225, the bursts became less frequent. Then 225F was reached and held solid. Opened up the lid to put the racks and the IQ detected that I did so it didn't start blowing when the temperature dropped as a consequence. Once the lid was closed and the temperature was going back up for a while, the IQ determined that I closed the lid and resume with short bursts of air until 225F was reached again. The ribs have been on for an hour so far and the IQ barely moved from 225F. The analog thermometer on the keg confirms that. It's all working as hoped. Now I'm confident I can go mow the lawn and not worry about the temperature.
  11. It's possible, but I'll have to do it a few more times to be sure. When I want to reach a low temperature, I usually use only one weber cube to light up a few lumps and let the heat progress from there. One its own, the Keg is slow to reach 225F, but it's much easier to slow it down and stop it dead at 225F. With the IQ120 and the air flowing on the lumps, it was going quite faster and when it stopped, the keg was still going up. I'll play with it some more tomorrow, but I know I'll get the hang of it.
  12. Where in New-Brunswick? I was born on Lameque island to the north-east. Now I'm in the west in Calgary, but that's a long story... :D Welcome!!
  13. Typically, if I'm going to cook a low temp (below 350F), I don't soak. If I go for high searing temps, then I'll soak so that the cooker can reach its temperature without the wood igniting first.
  14. I did skin off last weekend, but I let the plank heat up smooth side down first for about 10 mins. Then flipped it and put the salmon on it for cooking (I always cook with the salmon on the smooth side). With the plank hot, it resulted in a very evenly cooked fish and it was ohhhh so good!!
  15. Got my unit tonight. Took it for a test drive at 225F, but for a cooker like the Broil King Keg, I should've set it to 195F or something because it overshot the temperature by about 30 degrees. By the time the blower stopped, the keg was still well on its way. Also had to tone down the air flow dial to 1 (the lowest setting). Took a bit of practice, but now I think I got it. First set to 30 degrees below target temp. Once reached, then re-adjust to real target temp. A very nice unit. I don't own the 110 so I can't give a comparison, but I like that everything is displayed on the screen from speed of fan to temperature (both of pit and food) so I can read it from inside the house. Never owned a temperature controller before so I was impressed to read about how much internal testing and verification this unit goes through continuously. I going to use it to cook a rack ribs this weekend (haven't settled on St-Louis or Baby Back yet).
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