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  1. Multi, B complex, D, Magnesium and Potassium. It seems to work for me. I recently had some blood work ups and I was deficient in some areas. I'm basically a seafood-a-tarian with a little chicken. Sometimes a little red meat but I can tell it slows my system down. Recently I have gone back to dairy products/Organic to help my protein intake. I found a chocolate milk that has 19 grams of protein, boost and ensure have 14-16 grams of Protein. Fresh Veggies and fruits. I have also cut salt out of my diet as much as possible. I believe there is medical bias towards vitamins and supplements.
  2. All great info. I try to be brand loyal and Nikon is my brand. I was lugging around a Nikon DSLR for years. Got a Nikon Coolpix a few years ago and wondered why I did not breakdown and buy a pocket camera years ago. It does HD video with great stereo sound. I can Plug it into the Big TV the quality is amazing. I wanted a camera that was water proof because fishing is my other passion but I couldn't find a camera with optical zoom that was water proof. Lots of great choices out there. The quality of the pocket cameras are getting better everyday. This camera is with me wherever I go. I left it in the rain one night and it's still ticking. Good luck on your search.
  3. Hi Girl, I try to eat better nowadays but I'm still hanging on to my real butter.Cheese grits and real butter yummy REMOH...Glad you're back! I hope the world has been treating you well! That said...I really hope that by the time we meet on 11/14, the Dawgs have taken care of the Tide and Volunteers and we are playing for something good! BTW...I made panini rolls from this recipe on Sunday for killer chicken sandwiches. They were a big hit! Good to have you back... I've been in the hospital, fighting Vibrio Bacteria (skin eating Marine Bacteria) Nasty stuff I still have my tong arm they wanted to cut it off but I said no. I still may loose the arm but I'm getting better at using my left arm. We lost a young female tourist in Gulf Shores recently. This bacteria has a high mortality rate. My significant other made me go to the doctor. It just may have saved my life. Panini, NICE, SEC football is going to great this year can't wait. It time for the dawgs to go all the way this year.
  4. Hi Girl, I try to eat better nowadays but I'm still hanging on to my real butter. Cheese grits and real butter yummy
  5. thanks Mr G. Steam will make for a crustier outside. When your breaking bread it is the ultimate. This is a base recipe. Add your touch , cheese spices , etc. the sky is the limit.
  6. Very I use the same recipe on oyster crackers. I'll try that thanks.
  7. My sausage of choice. Check their website they may ship or give locations of availability
  8. Remoh

    Where's Andy?

    Kara is fine. She just moved over to another sight. People come and go. I think she still checks the forum send her a PM if you are inclined
  9. This was in the local paper this week. http://theadvocate.com/news/11517101-123/arthur-hardy-iberville-christened-plaquemines that was a cool article. Mr D'Iberville gets my vote
  10. Hot Sauces are on my radar. I have expanded the garden. That looks like a fantastic recipe.
  11. You do what ever you want to do. If you like the food then you did good. You can stand in the box or get out of the box.
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