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  1. Even though I have been crushed the last 2 years...I'm up for more punishment!
  2. Come on over to Appleton Andy! We have room over here and no bans that I am aware of...Im sure we could come up with something tasty to go on the Joes!
  3. Whoooo Hoooo!!! I've got a ONE GAME winning streak!!! My longest of the year!!!!! ....god, I suck at this!
  4. ...I hate you all.... (Just kidding) I've lost 4 in a row...my RB suck...Rodgers is having his worst year...IM GOING TO #1 PICK IN 2016!!!!!! Are we having some prize for LAST place??? I'm gonna end up giving Master Deflator a run for it!! ARGGGGG!!!!
  5. Atleast no one else lost by 0.20 points!!!!!!!!
  6. Great Ross! It also gives some of us opporunity for SWEET REVENGER for past leagues!!!
  7. If we can't find a tenth team why don't we just do a dummy team instead of an odd number of teams/bye week situation? This team does auto draft best available and plays best available based on The site ranks. It would take someone a couple minutes each week but at least it gives some sort of competition to everyone each week. We did this in one of my leagues last year and it worked...dummy team had 5 or 6 wins that year too! And if the dummy makes the playoff or wins the whole thing (unlikely to say the least) any prizes just drop down to the next players behind them.
  8. I paid this afternoon....ready for some FOOTBALL!!!!
  9. Just got my basket tonight along with a grate hook (which is such a simple design but makes taking the grate of alot easier). Haven't done a cook in it yet (that will be in the next few days), so I will see how it effects my start up and heat control then. I like the idea and concept of the basket...makes it MUCH easier to clean out my Big Joe for sure and will help with ensuring the smaller pieces can be used more efficiently (instead of plugging the holds of the bottom plate). Talking with Chad (who lives locally by me), the basket helps with air flow and clean up. Folks I talked to here in the area who have them and at a contest I was at a few weeks back love the basket. I'll let you all know how it effects the air flow goes later in the week
  10. I'm there with you all...watched it for the first time on a flight to Louisiana. Great film and made me HUNGRY!
  11. I'm a Michigan Wolverine fan....too bad they don't don't play football! LOL....its gonna be a REAL rough year for me....still gotta be optimistic though GO BLUE!. The Big 10 is NOT good! Ill be cheering for Wisconsin the rest of the year.....
  12. Yea....trading has been tough. For some reason no one wants to trade a RB for a kicker! What the heck!??!?!
  13. Go with the Big Joe...once you will fill the Classic faster than you think. I started out with a Classic and after a month my wife talked me into upgrading to a Big Joe. Plus with the divider you can cook smaller meals with less charcoal and starts easier. Keep you gasser until you know you arent going to use it - you can always get rid of it, and thats better than having to go buy one after you got rid of one. For me, I havent used a gasser since I bought my KJ....but everyone is different.
  14. Great looking first cook! Welcome to the the site and the new love of your life! LOL
  15. We a major VOLE problem (little different than moles)...I usually use the Shovel, but a riding lawnmower works well too....little bits of rare rodent all over! My wife says she was watching me cut the lawn last week and all of a sudden I was all over the place like I had too many Linie's...Chasing them on the mower kind of makes me feel like I could make it in NASCAR!
  16. Welcome from Northeastern Wisconsin! Its a great site here that you can learn a ton!
  17. Wow! Those are AMAZING pics! I agree with everyone else...Thank you so much for your service!!!!
  18. Dont care how much he hipsterizes it....he can do whatever he wants if he can make brisket as good as he does!!!! Best I have ever had!
  19. Seeing both a nice steak AND bacon on the same plate....well it brought a tear to my eye.... You have done well my friend!
  20. Welcome....your life will never be the same!!!LOL
  21. It was kind of a long summer this year wasn't it....almost 45 WHOLE DAYS!!!!! Some kind of Wisconsin record probably!
  22. Really Ryan??!!? You want to play with us again? if I remember correctly it didnt work out so well for you (or me) last year!!! You may want to try League 1 this time....may help ya!!!! LOL....LET THE SMACK TALK BEGIN!!!!!
  23. They call them ridiculous...I call them NECESSITIES! https://shopping.yahoo.com/photos/15-ridiculous-pieces-of-grilling-gear-1404250733-slideshow/ My favorite is the grill cover....wonder if it would fit over my Big Joe?????
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