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  1. Recently I replaced the gaskets - both at the lid seal and under the bands. I removed the lid......one man, no ties, no damage, no problem. With the lid up I undid the 4 bolts between the lid and the hinge and lifted her right out. Smartest way? Probably not.......but I'm a man dang it, doing things smart and with instruction manuals is for the weak. Once apart, with a towel in the bowl I turned the lid upside down in there and undid the band. Took it out and undid the bowl band. Anyways......in hind site if I had to it again I'd probably do it a little smarter - but my method worked OK.
  2. So I started replacing my gaskets and noted that the gaskets under the bands also seem in bad shape. Honestly - I either forgot or was not aware they were there. So should I replace them as well? Just remove the bands and remove/install the same way? has anyone else encountered this? Cheers.
  3. I won the November 2013 Joe, guess I just squeezed in on time. Glad to hear I didn't break it.
  4. Another vote for pickle bucket. Dropped by my local sub shop where I've gone for years, (Goodies, Burlington ON.) and the owner was too happy to give me an empty 5 gallon pale (pickles) - or as many as I needed. It was free, food grade and fits perfectly in my garage beer fridge. I've marked it with a permanent marker as DAD's pale - BRINE ONLY so the kids don't use it for washing the dog or something .
  5. Thanks guys.......it seems my problem is a simple matter of quantity. Next cook I will pile'er in there.
  6. Thanks to all for the replies. I always let the heavier white smoke clear and let it go light blue to almost invisible before the food goes on. What I've learned over the last few cooks is to let the initial start up fire burn a bit longer before closing the dome and starting to work the temp. Although I still get some heavier white smoke for a bit......it's better now.
  7. I basically piled the charcoal as per the KJ guide that came with the cooker. The coal was level with the holes. I know I could have got more in there but I was always under the impression you want to keep those holes unobstructed for the most part. So you're suggesting it's simply a matter of quantity. I will pack the fire bowl more next go around thanks.
  8. Good morning Did my first brisket yesterday (6 lbs.) on my Kamado Joe classic. First off it turned out great - very happy with it. It took just under 9 hours (to hit 190) with temps for the most part at 275 dome and 250 grate (via Maverick 732). I started with perhaps a handful or 2 of left over charcoal from the last cook and the rest all fresh BGE lump. By the end of the cook there was very little charcoal left. Now I hear guys getting 12, 14 hours on low and slow cooks on a single load of charcoal. Yesterday I would have never made it. Just wondering what times you guys are getting out of a load of charcoal. Have you any tips/advice/experience with how to get better burn times or why I might be seeing lesser cook times. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Dirk.....but I don't think it's the starter. Those have burnt off by the time the heavier smoke starts. It's once I close the dome and the fire snuffs out a bit. The charcoal at the lower temps just seems to smoke a lot until the temps get up a bit. Using good quality lump too. Oh well, no big deal. Just wondering if it's normal or something I do.
  10. So when I start my Kamado Joe, I use a few fire starters in the lump. I have bottom wide open and dome up. 10 mins later once fire has taken close dome and leave top vent 1/2 to full open. The flame inside settles and the initial smoke starts. To me it seems excessive...white and puffy. Now once cooker up to smoking temps the smoke is thin and very light. I smoked this weekend on a cold and damp morning and the smoke at start up was HEAVY. Is it just me? Does everyone have this issue? Or am I doing something wrong? Cheers.
  11. Greetings all. I just made my first jump into the world of kamodos with my new Kamodo Joe Classic. I've only done a shoulder and pizza night last night for the kids - so far very impressed.
  12. Hello all Just picked up a Kamodo Joe and this seems like a cool place to hang our and learn some stuff.
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