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  1. man that looks great. BTW, someone stole my small KJ Jr. set up one night. Since then, I have installed a fence. still upset about it!!
  2. HI guys, I have recently moved to a new house so wanted to share my new setup. It's nice to have a covered porch for rainy days
  3. I have received a replacement kontrol towel cap and im starting to see paint bubbling off in the same area as last time. I think I will just get it powder coated and be done with it.
  4. I would highly recommend going with Kreg pocket screw system which you can buy at home depot for cheap if you wants all of your fasteners hidden from inside of the table.
  5. Thanks Lydia for kind words. It definitely gives me a smile each and every time i get around to grill and admire the overall setup both the grills and tables. I'm thankful I work at a wood shop with an access to a lot of different machine and tools to make the work easier and more professional looking. Lawn in real lol. It's a bermuda turf
  6. Thank you. It's not really top heavy and rolling it across the deck i would just be more careful due to decking flooring.
  7. My covers finally came in after a 5 week wait from Grillwraps.com These are made out of Sunbrella fabric with a 10 year warranty on material + craftsmanship. LIttle pricey, but worth it for a custom fit.
  8. Such a great video and detailed explanation. Thanks John
  9. I have moved the small table outside yesterday and joined it with the big table. Notice, I have made the small cart 1" - 2" shorter. Custom Covers from grillwraps are coming next week, so far I have temp. blue tarps.
  10. thank you! I added casters yesterday. Can't really do much of anything outside as we have been getting hammered with rain each and every day for a week now.
  11. Thank you. I'm glad I can share it and hopefully help or give ideas to others with my project.
  12. dropped the Jr inside the table to see the fitment for the first time, and I don't think it could have been better. Diameter and height wise fits like a glove. Added some NOMEX heat tape around the cut out and added additional coat of stain. All I need is to add the casters and it's done.
  13. first coat of stain is done. Love the color tone variations of the top.
  14. You can build a small trellis overhang. 2 posts, with 2x8 beams running parallel and then same size material or smaller as a cross members. Homedepot or lowes sells sheets that are transparent that can be added on top for rain
  15. Table is at home. Just installed the top. Gonna stain it tomorrow and install the casters.
  16. Top is done. Radius is at 16" which should give me plenty of gap around but not too much. I'm taking it home today to finish the rest and staining it by tomorrow. In the cut you, you can see the dominos I used for the top. Pics of progress...
  17. Got the lower top installed and fastened to the frame. Tomorrow I will be installing the upper top and cutting out a hole. Shelf had to be split in 2 pcs to be able to fit it in the opening. once dried, it will be hard to tell it was jointed together. I used Kreg jig to make pocket holes on the inside of the rails for additional strength of the table. those are the only screws that are being used for this table. everything else is glue and dominos. Pics of the progress....
  18. I haven't shaken out any old ashes yet, but I believe u just grab it by those hooks. It's a very solid piece and pretty heavy too.
  19. Drove to Atlanta Grill Co and picked me up a Joetisserie and their new ash basket. Seasoned the bird with some garlic and herb seasoning and grilled it for 1 hr and 45 mins right around 350 degrees. Chicken came out great which I pair with some roasted sprouts with garlic. I love the design of the ring how it keeps the lid pretty sealed when closed. One thing that could be updated is some seal on the side of the grill where the rod goes thru to prevent leaks from it. I'm very happy with the purchase and AGC is a great place to deal with. Some pics....
  20. I've had issues with the base of the top vent moving when adjusting the airflow due to insufficient amount of original gasket on top of the dome, so I went and bought a extra 1/4" thick primo gasket and worked like a charm. It stays on very tight now, can move it at all with both hands. LINK TO AMAZON https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N1QKCR2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  21. They're definitely expensive and the only reason i'm using it is because our shop carries them for woodworking. It definitely makes the job easier as well as strong joints.
  22. I bought some Nomex sticky tape as a replacement gasket which im gonna use around the perimiter of the cut out for the grill. I only have 1/2" gap around my KJ as I didnt want the gap too big, but I will as well keep an eye on it. It is my first ceramic grill and didn;t know they get so hot on the outside.
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