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  1. On 7/2/2018 at 7:53 PM, Rick in Ontario said:

    So, is the paint peeling still a problem on the new Kontrol tower top vents?


    I have received a replacement kontrol towel cap and im starting to see paint bubbling off in the same area as last time. I think I will just get it powder coated and be done with it. 

  2. 4 hours ago, Lydia said:

    WOW! WOW! WOW!  So incredibly well designed and made ... and absolutely gorgeous finished products.  I wish we had such skills in my household!  LOL I'm very impressed with what you've built and you should be very, very proud.  All obviously made with a great amount of love and care.  Just beautiful.  You Sir, are the woodworking boss! :respect:

    PS: and you have a very beautiful lawn ... is that real turf? LOL

    Thanks Lydia for kind words. It definitely gives me a smile each and every time i get around to grill and admire the overall setup both the grills and tables. I'm thankful I work at a wood shop with an access to a lot of different machine and tools to make the work easier and more professional looking. 

    Lawn in real lol. It's a bermuda turf 

  3. 5 hours ago, squatchout said:

    Thinking of buying or maybe making some sort of grill canopy/gazebo to somewhat cover the grill and table it's in from rain so I can cook any time. What are you guys using for something along these lines?


    You can build a small trellis overhang. 2 posts, with 2x8 beams running parallel and then same size material or smaller as a cross members. Homedepot or lowes sells sheets that are transparent that can be added on top for rain 


  4. Got the lower top installed and fastened to the frame. Tomorrow I will be installing the upper top and cutting out a hole. Shelf had to be split in 2 pcs to be able to fit it in the opening. once dried, it will be hard to tell it was jointed together. I used Kreg jig to make pocket holes on the inside of the rails for additional strength of the table. those are the only screws that are being used for this table. everything else is glue and dominos.

    Pics of the progress....










  5. 33 minutes ago, Ron5850 said:

    I love chicken on the kamado. And even more on the joetisserie. Nice looking bird. Does that Joe basket come with something to lift the basket out of the Firebox to shake? I don't see any large handles on it to lift it out  with your hands. Or do you just use those little rings with your fingers to lift it up to shake?


     I haven't shaken out any old ashes yet, but I believe u just grab it by those hooks. It's a very solid piece and pretty heavy too. 

  6. Drove to Atlanta Grill Co and picked me up a Joetisserie and their new ash basket. Seasoned the bird with some garlic and herb seasoning and grilled it for 1 hr and 45 mins right around 350 degrees. 

    Chicken came out great which I pair with some roasted sprouts with garlic. I love the design of the ring how it keeps the lid pretty sealed when closed. One thing that could be updated is some seal on the side of the grill where the rod goes thru to prevent leaks from it. I'm very happy with the purchase and AGC is a great place to deal with. 


    Some pics.... 






  7. 6 minutes ago, Hungry Joe said:

    Liking the Festool.

    I never could justify one of those for the little bit of woodworking I do. 

    I've tried and have come close but never pulled the trigger and yet I somehow know I'm missing something.

    Keep the posts coming.


    They're definitely expensive and the only reason i'm using it is because our shop carries them for woodworking. It definitely makes the job easier as well as strong joints. 

  8. I bought some Nomex sticky tape as a replacement gasket which im gonna use around the perimiter of the cut out for the grill. I only have 1/2" gap around my KJ as I didnt want the gap too big, but I will as well keep an eye on it. It is my first ceramic grill and didn;t know they get so hot on the outside. 

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