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  1. I noticed the same thing on my first cook on KJ how the temp remained consistent for a long time. Wish I upgraded sooner.
  2. I'm using red western cedar for my projects. Here are all the pieces pre bored with festool domino machine. Today I will glue and assemble everything and clamp it down for a day. Received some goodies from amazon. Magnetic bottle opener as well as some hooks for utensils etc..
  3. Material has been prepped and cut to exact size. Gonna put everything together and tomorrow finish the rest.
  4. Here is a pic of the top being laminated. All of the materials are cut, and everything is being put together today.
  5. I am building additional cart table for a newly inquired KD Jr grill i purchased yesterday with an additional of a classic II I have. This will be a simple construction of same style as my other table. Overall dimensions of the table will be 25" x 25" x 31 1/2" Lower shelf is gonna have a 12" x 12" x 2" thick paver as a base. here is a sketch up drawing . I will be posting pictures of the build this week. Thanks,
  6. Hi guys, Been a long time member on here and recently upgrade to a KJ grill. Been cooking on akorn for over 4 years which is still holding up pretty well. I wanted to upgrade and was debating between bge or KJ and glad i chose KJ after research and bang for the money. I have just finished my table last weekend , here is a link to my table built in the do-it-yourself. I ended up buying a KJ Jr. and will also add one mini cart for it sometimes this week. Couple of pics from yesterday's first cook on the grill....
  7. Grill table is finished. Came out better than expected. Yes, I had to buy another one. KJ Jr. Mini table is already in the worx
  8. wow that's looking good.
  9. Dropbox link to Custom table diagram Grill Table Plan (Sketch up) https://www.dropbox.com/s/1v6nfb1bfjgs8aj/Kamado grill table Plan dimensions JS.pdf?dl=0 Grill Table Plan (PDF Version) https://www.dropbox.com/s/bvz4fhlzod6tcop/Kamado grill table Plan dimensions JS.skp?dl=0 KJ CLASSIC II Cutout: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mlv5juvl9fl47nt/KJ CLASSIC II Cutout.skp?dl=0
  10. Table is stained. Brought it home from the shop this morning, finished sanding everything down to 120 grit and did 3x coats of TWP stain in (cedar tone) Table is almost done, I am gonna add a slider metal rack shelf below the grill in the middle, as well as some hooks, and accessories. Some pics of progress....
  11. I installed the bottom shelves yesterday. I had to split them in half in order to fit them inside. Tops are all glued and screwed used Kreg pocket jig. I am working on the top and cut out today.
  12. Another progress made. Lower bottom shelves are pre-cut and pre-fitted. Middle section is plenty strong. I had my uncle stand on top of it which is roughly half of the grill weight lol. All there is to do, is to finish the top section, cut out the hole opening for the grill and sand everything down.
  13. Table frame has been fully put together with glue and clamped. All is left, is to add table tops, wheels and coat everything in the stain. Some pictures of progress from today.
  14. Couple of updates. Table frame is being fully assembled today. I have laminated upper and lower tops.
  15. I have decided to run the middle 4x4 legs all the way down for additional support of the heavy grill. Here are some pictures of slight progress from yesterday. I am using mortise and tenon joinery instead of screws.
  16. One more picture from the drawing table.
  17. I work for at a cedar manufacture so i'm taking advantage of wholesale pricing on lumber, but Cedar has skyrocket in pricing since last year. a linear foot of a 2x4 (s4s) is $1.47 and 4x4 (s4s) is 3.87 I am using rough cedar and running it to my specific dimensions.
  18. Nice! post some pictures when you do.
  19. Here is a semi finished sketch up of the grill table.
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