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  1. Hi Guys, Few years back I posted my build on a custom cedar table for my old Char-griller Akorn kamado. I have recently purchased and upgraded to Kamado Joe Classic II and am currently building a new table for it. It is all being made using western red cedar. I will be updating progress periodically. Overall dimensions are as follows: 84" (L) x 36" (W) x 32" (H) Grill will be placed in the middle with 2 lower shelves on each side. Picture of the old grill set up.
  2. thanks. just bought a set and used the 20 bux off promo code. It'll make a nice present for a buddy of mine
  3. Try explaining it to some die-hard gas griller
  4. I have always done my steaks over high heat but wanted to give this a try and I wish I have done it long time ago. Steaks were more tender, juicy and exactly made how I wanted it. I picked up some NY strips from dekalb farmer's market (huge farmers market with anything from anywhere you want) and coated them lightly with some olive oil, Johnny Trigg's meat rub and some black pepper. Indirect heat at 250 degrees for about 40 mins until steak got to 130 degrees. Wrapped em into aluminium foil and left them to rest for about 15 mins while my coals got hot to around 550. Seared them for about 1 mins each side (wife's bit longer) she likes em more done than I do. What I really liked about this method is that it's cooked to your liking all the way around and the edge of the meat isn't over cooked. It takes longer this way, but I enjoyed sitting outside with my spouse, and sipping on a cold beer. After 15 mins of resting... Gold!
  5. can't get any healthier than that! Nice
  6. Grilled some Italian sausage tonite with grilled bell peppers and sauteed onions for dinner. While the grill was still around 300ish, I baked some cookies. I burned the first batch, but the second batch came out great LOL
  7. can't never go wrong with some grilled chicken wings. NIce !
  8. So having few prosciutto slices left from my pork wellington cook, I copied someone on here and wrapped them with my asparagus. Chicken was seasoned with some black pepper, adobo and minced garlic for about 2 hrs. It was a quick meal and very delicious. I cooked it on direct heat (375ish) with few chunks of mesquite I soaked over nite. Prosciutto gave it a nice flavor.
  9. I bought everything at the farmers market. It was just a regular pastry i found in the frozen section of the market. I'm sure any pastry will work. Give it a try and take some pics
  10. you guys have no idea. So simple to make too. Me and wife watch alton brown show sometimes on Netflix, and that's how I stumbled upon this recipe. We already killed one half of it.
  11. It's raining so no grilling tonite. Bought a nice pork loin and prosciutto ham from a farmers market and decided to try a pork wellington. I saw an Alton Brown video on it and wanted to give it a go. Loin was season and sliced in half, and stuffed with dry apples. wrapped in prosciutto and in a pastry. Baked for 35 mins on 400 degrees. Delicious and so easy to make.
  12. Did my first beer chicken tonite. Bought a nice 3.5 lbs farmer's market cage free bird and marinated over night with some adobo, rosemary, hungarian paprika and fresh ground black pepper. I had my grill at 390 and pulled the chicken when it reached 160 degrees. Chicken was nice and moist, but the skin was bit dark but crispy. next time I'll try around 325ish. Regardless, it was my first whole chicken cook and it was great. The lager beer, gave it a nice distinctive flavor.
  13. I liked it. I picked for my wife since she likes sweet. It was southern sweet bottle. Thanks!
  14. I've been cooking on my akorn for over a year but never ventured into the grown man smoking club. I bought the ribs at Sams and froze half of the rack in the freezer. I did butt rub on 2 halfs and salt and papper only on 1 (for glazing later) and used a 3 - 2 - 1 method I've done lots of reading on this forum from other members on their take how to cook some ribs. My biggest fear was controlling the temperature. I was able to keep the temps stable from 250 to 270 degrees +/- Overall, I was very satisfied and happy with the outcome, and my wife loved them. I'm sure I will make em even better next time. Practice makes perfection Next time I need more smoke too. marinated over night stole a glass jar from wifey to keep my cotton balls soaked in alcohol (great fire starter) 2 hrs in...
  15. Thanks man! The aroma the cedar gives out is hard to describe. It's my wife's favorite dish, and she's not even a fish person ever since I showed her how to gut a fish lol!
  16. Thank you guys! For anyone interested in couple of free cedar plank, pm em your details. I would just need you to cover shipping which would be $5.20 flat rate
  17. Tonight's dinner: Atlantic salmon on a cedar plank with grilled asparagus and flesh fried potatoes. I make these plank out of scrap material at my job, about 1/4" thick, I soak em for at least an hour before grilling. salmon is seasoned with Adobo, dried parsley, fresh ground black pepper, and dash of Hungarian spicy paprika. Potatoes are cooked to tenderness and sauteed.
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