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  1. I used self tapping lag screws into the 2x4's under the table. Check out my build thread. it has step by step process plus lot of pictures http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/6015-my-akorn-kamado-table-built/#entry56622
  2. Bench has been put to test. Seems my chihuahua "Rambo" likes it the most lol
  3. You know I'm not sure but I am open to offers. I do want this table to go to a Akorn owner that would appreciate it as much as I do. Thank you! Thank you. It has caught many caps in the past. They have some cool ones on eBay!
  4. lol no, those are 4x4 but true size is 3 1/2 x 3 1/2
  5. Love the setup and lighting for some nite cooking. !
  6. thank you Ceramic!
  7. Hey guys, I got this crazy idea yesterday while finishing my cedar bench to compliment my table about completely redoing a new table and giving the old up for sale to someone that would appreciate it here on the forum. I looked, but haven't seen any for sale section where it would be appropriate to list it for sale. It has metal brackets painted where your kamado would just slide into the opening and bolt it up. Also has a large 1" thick slate reccesed in the bottom part of the table Table is roughly 1 year old, made by me at my job where we specializy in cedar products. It is made out of red western cedar and has been stained by sherwin williams stain. It has always been covered outdoors. There is probably about $150 to $200 just in materials not including labor it took (1.5 weeks) I am not even sure what I would ask for it, but it would have to be locally picked up. Table is very solid, the whole construction is built with quality tools, I have a build thread under my name, and there is a regular wear and tear from everyday cooking on it. Here are some pics of it.
  8. After 2nd coat being applied.
  9. 1st coat of stain has been applied. Im using a natural teak oil. I applied it via brush and rag. Some of the wood really brought out the colors. I am very happy with the results so far !
  10. Bench is done. just need to run to HD to get few more screws, since I ran out. I will be sealing it tonite and will prolly end up getting a matching cover I have for grill table.
  11. Hey, I've got that router setup. Good to see, I didn't know of any pro shops that use Incra. They make great stuff. Thanks buddy. it is a good router, but I believe it's also very important to work with good sharp bits. Our shop is mainly set up with Grizzly machineries which have proven to be really good and long lasting ever since we opened the doors in 2007. Bench will be finished today following with some pics of course
  12. Little bit of progress. Got my planks ready for the top, just need to go to a HD and get some screws. Used a 1/8" router bit to give slight finish look. Will be taking it home tomorrow and staining it.
  13. Wow beautiful deck area and grill section
  14. thank you. Here are few pics of a custom work we do. A cedar altar and gable trusses for a senior retirement housing project [/u L]
  15. thank you guys for the kind words. We do indeed make some nice custom stuff. Bench is glued up and clamped. Tomorrow I'll hit it with some sandpaper and get ready to rip some 3/4 x 2 1/2 pieces for the top.
  16. Not if my fat rat backside is plopped on it fairly regularly! 12V - that is one very serious wood shop you have there. Kinda reminds me of Norm's from This Old House. Not if my fat rat backside is plopped on it fairly regularly! 12V - that is one very serious wood shop you have there. Kinda reminds me of Norm's from This Old House. Thanks CeramicChef. it is a family ran wood shop and we specialize in cedar architectural stuff such as brackets, corbels and gable brackets. Not trying to advertize anything, but here is the website if anyone wants to check it out http://www.prowoodmarket.com
  17. All pieces are cut to lenghts, holes drilled for dominos and the bench is getting glued up today. One plus I have is working at a wood shop and having all the machinery available to me to make the job much easier to work with.
  18. Made me 2x4's out of 4x4 material. planned and ran thru a sander.
  19. It's been a while since I build something out of wood. grill table I built and finish last year still looks great to this date except for a normal wear and tear from cooking on it. I got an idea of building a simple bench to compliment my grill table, to gain extra space for food or plates when needed to just to sit down while grilling. Construction consists of: 4x4 legs 20" tall 2x4 frame 44" long 2x6 planks for the seats Here's a link to my table built http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/6015-my-akorn-kamado-table-built/#entry56622 Here's an idea what the table is going to look like minus the top being curved
  20. Guys, thank you for the compliments. I will be making an extra rolling cart/storage next spring.
  21. Suprised my wife today with the butcher block. She likes it a lot!
  22. sanded it lightly today with a 400 grit and did a 2nd coat of sealer
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