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  1. http://www.amazon.com/Classic-Accessories-73952-Barbecue-Extra-Extra/dp/B000NWAO74/ref=sr_sp-atf_title_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1395960037&sr=8-1&keywords=73952+Veranda+Barbecue+Grill
  2. thanks! My cover came in today. Seems like a good quality with the sunbrella fabric on the outsite feel.
  3. Yes. Opening is roughly 21 1/4 in diameter. kamado's widest diameter is 22"
  4. Well I was able to route out the hole for my slate tile like I mentioned earlier. Had to chissel the bottom part of the slate as it wasnt flat and even. Tile still sticks out about 3/16" as I couldn't go any deeper into the bottom shelf as it's only less than 1" thick. overall I am very happy the way it came out. it should give it little bit more protection from hot ashes falling down. Maybe tomorrow I will seal it to bring out the natural colors.
  5. I appreciate it. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to all the woodworking machines like I do, we all do what we can make best out of it. As long as you're satisfied with your table, that's all that matters.
  6. I will be routing out a square on the bottom shelve to recess my slate tile and getting it flush with the surface. Will post pics later
  7. Hey CDN, do you have any issues with heat since the bottom part of the grill is touching the table? Awesome setup btw!
  8. I'll get the diameter measurement later for you. I decided to run the plates as shown on the pics because trying to bent them and fabricate them so the grill since nice and level, I just did not have patience for. So I ran em along the grill and attached them into the side 2x4's under neath the table. this grill aint going anywhere. I will paint the brackets black to color match it with the grill. Also installed my bottle opener my wife bought me a long time ago. That big slate you see sitting on the bottom shelf, I was thinking of routing out a square for it and dropped it in for more recessed look. I upgraded my bolts to stainless steel, and the bracket is aluminum. There is a 1/8" gap between the table and the bottom portion of the grill, wish I made the opening little bigger, but somehow i marked the holes on my bracket too low. Hope it won't be an issue with the heat.
  9. OK Gurus, I will try to finish up the brackets today with a friend of mine that has the other table. I will post some pics. I have been so busy with everything else, table was in the garage taking on dust.
  10. Hey guys, sorry about any updates, Table still looks the same from the last picture, I have been very busy and haven't done any progress so far. I will start working on brackets soon. I looked at some custom sumbrella covers and those things are expensive!!!
  11. Have the grill supported by some boxes so i can fabricate brackets for it. cant wait to finish it and fire it up
  12. Thank you. I am wondering whether I should do another coat to give it more protection from elements, but am afraid it will make it really dark. Can I get away with just one coat? I don't think you are supposed to, but I'm not sure. Did you wipe off the excess stain, or just apply it and let it soak? its not a stain, its a clear coat with color added to it. i dunno , when it comes to paint, im not the brightest. but i brushed it and let it do its thing. no ragging at all.
  13. Love the idea with the umbrella. Nice work~
  14. Thank you. I am wondering whether I should do another coat to give it more protection from elements, but am afraid it will make it really dark. Can I get away with just one coat?
  15. Hey woodman, I went to sherwin williams and got me a 1 gal can of DeckScapesĀ® Exterior Oil Semi-Transparent . Plan on painting it tonight.
  16. Table looks great!!! Do you mind sharing pics of mounting and support? Non of the mounting is done yet. Although it will be mounted from the bottom using custom bend aluminum brackets. But I sure will share and post pics of how I have done it.
  17. well table #2 top is installed and drying. Taking it home tomorrow and start preppin for last steps and staining.
  18. hot like a jacuzzi full of cheerleaders. lol grill will have a 1/8" gap all around the table. I will also be installing a fireproof strip around the radius
  19. thank you! Top is attached with glue and ss screws using kreg's jig. I was going to use domino but changed my mind. I brought the table home on Friday. going to do some minor sanding around the edges, and start on brushing some clear on it from another's recomendation in this thread. I went to a local hardware store and purchased 1/4 - 20 bolts that I am going to replace with the cheap black ones that came with the grill. I have also routed a 1/4" edge to give it a smoother edge and finish
  20. Another shot. Top's edge is going to have a routed edge for a finished look. (dont mind all that stack of cedar in the backround lol)
  21. Akorn is going to be about 1/4" higher of the table.
  22. Worked on table #1 today. Added cross members for the hangers and installed the top along with the cut out.Grill fits perfectly in the hole. has about 1/8" of gap around the whole perimeter.
  23. This morning after removing clamps. Tables are starting to take a nice shape. ( tops aren't installed yet)
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