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  1. was only able to install bottom shelves due to lack of long clamps other workers were using. i decided not to use a dominos but instead just glue it to a frame and screw it down using KREG jig with stainless steel screws.
  2. Casters on both tables Today, top and bottom will be getting installed.
  3. Just a thought: 28" wide seems narrow. Have you test fitted your Akorn? I have 27 1/2" between the inside of the cross beams. (34" total top width.) My Akorn hinge is very close to the back 2 x 4 and the front has about an inch clearance so I can open the latch. I made mine too small and had to redo it with a wider front to back depth. I do not know how you plan to mount the Akorn in/on the table so it may not matter. So just an observation. Your work is top notch. Thanks for all the pictures. Going back thru the posts (post #19) I get the idea that the hinge and latch will be above the table surface so everything I mention is probably irrelevant. My grill is going to be sticking up good 4-5 inches. in other words, locking latch for the grill will be about 1" above the table. Another long night, but I did put together table #2 (mine) and finshed the bottom portion of the top for table #1. also installed casters on table #1. Some pics... the top that's sticking out, is a bottom shelve.
  4. One side will have straight rubber casters and other side will swivel. They will raise the table by 3 1/2"
  5. Thanks ya'll. Current dimmensions are: 28x60 and 33" tall +3" casters.
  6. Sorry for the off season remark lol. I did use to grill on my little webber even during winter time. Well, I was only able to assemble 1 table, what took time was laying out the recess, drilling domino holes and just everything in general. the last pic with the top down, its not secured, it's just placed down on the frame to see what it's going to look like. Bottom shelve and top will be getting done next along with the cut out for the actual grill.
  7. I'm using Titebond II exterior glue for my joints. grill will be covered and probably stored inside shed/garage during off season. Good to hear that you are using titebond 2 , was a little worried that you might be using atyipical yellow/carpenters glue and didn't want to be the bearer of bad news. And good job so far and really looking forward to seeing the finished piece. Thanks. ill have pics of table assembly tonite.
  8. I'm using Titebond II exterior glue for my joints. grill will be covered and probably stored inside shed/garage during off season.
  9. Last week has been slow due to other things and didn't get much time working on the table, but i did finish my bottom part shelve and figured out how big the cutout is going to be. This week I will be assembling the table. Bottom shelve is only 3/4" thick , no need to make it too heavy and kind of will offset the tab 1 1/2" top table. Plywood template for the radius. Top opening is going to be big enough to have about 1/8" of gap around the grill while being about 1/2" bellow the clamp that holds the top closed.
  10. Thanks guys! Yesterday I stayed at work late, thinking i'd work on the frame of the table but instead I started working on the bottom shelve of the table. it's gonna be the same top except little bit smaller and more recessed inside the 4x4 legs. This way I will have all the materials ready and Monday I will plan it down, and attach a last piece to make up total of 5 boards. The very top of the table is 6 boards.
  11. Cool thanks! Got both table tops sanded down. Ready to be building a frame today.
  12. I normally do any of this project after work hours, so I'm doing little by little. Today I re-sawed 4x4's and made 2x4's for the frame. Hopefully tomorrow I can start building the table.
  13. Thank you woodman! I will definitely go that direction when time comes to paint it. Here is all 6 boards jointed together. making it 28" wide. tomorrow i will go and sand it down a little and start working on the frame and cut out.
  14. Hey guys, Decided to purchase an akorn after a good friend of mine bought one and couldn't justify the price over other brands out there. I work for a small manufacturing company that specializes in architectural brackets all made out of red western cedar, so my table is all going to be made out of cedar, stained and poly'd. I am building 2 tables at the same time, one for me and my buddy. I'd like to thank kamadoguru's folks for posting their table projects and giving me an idea for mine! Table's rough dimensions are 28x60 with 4x4 legs and 2x4 frame and 2x6 tops. Whole table will be screw-less, all glued and using domino tenons for superior strength and look. Here are few pics of planning down 4x4's and materials for the top. I will be posting pics as the project continues.... only jointed 4 boards to fit into a planner, 2 others ones will be glued together after planning, and sanded down manually.
  15. Greetings everybody, found this website while doing research on an Akorn kamado I later purchased this week. This forum has lots of useful topics about everything related to grill ..etc. I have never owned any kamado style grills, I have always been around webers. I work for a a small manufacturing company that specializes in custom cedar products here in GA, and will be posting my grill table project in DYI thread. Jacob.
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