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  1. Got mine Monday night and thrown in a package of pre-season Trader Joe's Lamp Chops. 2 hours at 125. Padded dry with paper towel. Oil & salt before throwing it in the KJ Jr for a minute each side at 600. Came out pretty nice. I'll try to smoke some sea salt this weekend when I do my own seasoning, it'll have a hint of smoke...
  2. Confirm in Atlanta BJs too. Last until June 4th (I think).
  3. Last year, my neighbor 2 doors down house burned down during Atlanta's snocalypse. I was at work when SWMBO called and told me that the firemen told her to stay in the house. They'll let her know when she need to evacuate. I thought about it for a second and called her back, "Did you tell them we have over 700 lbs of charcoal in the garage?" I have been forbidden to purchase any more charcoal since that fire...
  4. @Grilling Chicken - I got that IR Gun last Christmas and it's awesome! I've used it on the frying pans, freezer, fridge, ice-cubes, SWMBO's forehead, our cats, etc... It doubles as a cat toy too! They'll chase that red dot up the wall!!!
  5. Saw them this pass weekend at Coumberland Costco. The Joe Jr was $399.99. I can't remember the prices of the other sizes. And, they didn't have pallets of charcoal like last year. I'll see if I can stop by this week for the other prices. I pass it on my way home.
  6. That's a great idea! I've been using a firebrick and raising the grate an inch & half for indirect. Your idea would increase more cooking area than mine.
  7. Is that a medium or large? Too far for me too. 12 hr round trip for me.
  8. I just noticed the price dropped to $129 @ Menards. They seemed to have taken away to in-store rebate. However, the shipping charges are now $47 to GA instead of ~$20 when it was $149... hum...
  9. Not all SE US locations. I called 2 HD near Atlanta (Vinings & Austell). Neither said they carried it.
  10. The demo Akorn was on sale @ BJ's in Atlanta Sat 8/10/13 for $269. It should have a cover & the heat deflector. I would recommend calling before heading over since it has been 3 days. 3585 N Commerce Dr East Point, GA (404) 346-1557
  11. I like to use the Akorn jr instead of a DIY paint can for a cold smoke project http://www.nakedwhiz.com/coldsmokingcan ... ingcan.htm. Does anyone know what are the diameter of the top vent opening? Alternatively, if the jr is used as the smoker itself, what is the diameter of the bottom opening with the ash pan removed? Thanks.
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