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  1. Yeah, my PartyQ always overshoots. I need to make sure to put it way under initially, then slowly creep up.
  2. How long did it take for those to come up to 135? Is direct heat better to cook lamb chops rather than indirect? (searing like a steak)
  3. Doesn't EVOO have a higher smoke point than butter? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smoke_point Sounds delicious, anyway! :-)
  4. Awesome! I love Indian spices, especially garam masala. Now you've got me craving this. I'll have to try cooking some naan bread on my griddle atop my Akorn.
  5. I have been unsuccessful grilling corn on my kamado. What is the best technique? When I do it, the kernels appear wilted and mushy, and nobody eats it. Sorry for the hijack.
  6. :-) Heh heh. It's fun to try something different. Bear ham is unique in that there are little sacs of meat that are encased in "silver skin" that make up the whole ham. We brought it to 190, and most of the sinewy sacs thinned out, but there was still some effort required to separate out the meat from the connective tissues. I still prefer beef and pork, but this was a fun cook.
  7. Here is the finished bear ham, finished off by my buddy with some honey and brown sugar. It was very tasty, not too different from a regular pork ham, but a little different. The brine gave it a good flavor, and it wasn't really gamy. Here are some slices from the second ham. It was all consumed, so I consider it a success!
  8. My buddy just sent me another update from his BGE: "Stalled out at 165. Cooking just like pork."
  9. Here they are having just been sprayed with apple juice. Smelling and looking great! A significant amount of fat has rendered out of them already.
  10. I just fill up the fire box with lump charcoal, with wood chunks layered throughout evenly from top to bottom, so that the smoke persists throughout the cook.
  11. Here's a shot of the bear hams smoking (meat probe not yet inserted). Smoking at 225 with apple wood chunks in my buddy's BGE. Oh, and I found out that the black bear was taken in Canada (near Montreal), not Alaska. :-)
  12. I enjoy electronics projects, and I was thinking about doing the AC conversion on the PartyQ, but I've done three overnight cooks with the PartyQ using the batteries that came with it, and have yet to replace them. About how many long cooks can you do with the PartyQ before having to change the batteries?
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