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  1. In a pinch, I've used an aluminum pan that I cut "rib" slots into. Worked fairly well.
  2. Bottle opener thing is coming...grandfather has a coke one from the 60's. Fire box is split but works just fine. I bought it "used" (original owner never used it), so it has the old design. For the price I paid, I'm not complaining.
  3. My own chipotle lime and sweet chili. Pulled some recipes off the web, then made them my own.
  4. Hello, I was in my first comp this past Monday. Categories were brisket, ribs, and wings. Wings were an open category for flavor and cooking style. A friend of mine and I entered the wings category using my Cypress (Bayou Classic). Low and behold, we took 1st place! Most of the contestants smoked / grilled them, then finished them in a fryer. We just cooked them on the Cypress... We submitted 2 flavors, the drum was a chipolte lime and the wing was a sweet chilli.
  5. Just built out a new home for my Bayou Classic. Made out of red cedar, black iron pipe (painted with Rustoleum Hammered Dark Bronze), "T" drawer pulls (also painted) for untensils, and tires off my broken down lawn mower. Only thing left is to drill out 1.75" holes for my umbrella.
  6. I know Cowboy Lump isn't for everyone, but I don't mind using it. Home Depot has it on clearance for $2.98 a bag. Not all stores still have it in stock. I bought the last 4 bags at my local HD.
  7. New to smoking and even newer to kamado. This past Monday, I picked up a "used" Bayou Classic Cypress Kamado for $325. Previous owner never even used it. Only thing wrong with it is the dome temp gauge is broken. Gives me an excuse to figure out a better one... Hoping to grill on it tonight :D .
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