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  1. Picture of hangar steak. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hangar steak ( butchers steak) the most tender and flavorful at half the price of ribeye. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Al, here's a little trick I learned from a friend. Foil the potatoes and then put a metal skewer through the center. What this does is as the skewer heats up it will cook the inside of the potato. Because of this, your potatoes will be cooked faster Cheers to great food, Frank
  5. What part if nova are you? I'm in McLean !!!! Welcome to a very insightful forum . Cheers to great food, Frank
  6. I think it was pool guy. Cheers to great food, Frank
  7. I saw it at my BJ's, they wanted $699 for it! Cheers to great food, Frank
  8. Vance, a golden retriever mix and a border collie mix Cheers to great food, Frank
  9. Very cute here are my two "daughters" Cheers to great food, Frank
  10. I did Peking duck a la Steven Raichlen on my gasser a few years ago ( before I got my kamado) and it turned out great! The recipe was in his barbeque bible cookbook. I remember that I made a homemade sauce and pancakes as well. I would caution you to use a very large drip pan or you could have a fire on your hands as the duck rendered a huge amount of fat!!! Cheers to great food, Frank
  11. Watching with interest. I'm not a huge mesquite fan , but have enjoyed some food smoked over that wood. Cheers to great food, Frank
  12. What part of Va? I'm in McLean! Cheers to great food, Frank
  13. Yes please!!!!!! Cheers to great food, Frank
  14. So at the same time I was trying to be extra good and make turkey burgers chronicled in my last post, as a backup I also made a couple of my favorite hotdogs just in case the turkey burgers didn't turn out. These hotdogs are found at Wegmans and I highly recommend them. i'm curious to know if anybody else has tried these and if you haven't and love a good hotdog, you're in for a treat! Cheers to great food, Frank
  15. John, One of my favorites is Vince Flynn who just recently passed away. His first book is term limits, highly recommended. Cheers to great food, Frank
  16. Call chargriller directly, they hooked me up and I now have a set of new gaskets: one for the main rim and one for the ash pan. They are the actual factory gaskets . My original gaskets are holding up well, but I could see needing to replace them at some point. Cheers to great food, Frank
  17. Holy crap, I go on vacation for a week and I come back to my business not running smoothly, and now I'm so busy I can't see straight and when I do get five minutes to look at this forum John is making a huge announcement that he is shutting down man cave meals. Man, my world is upside down. Okay, deep breath a little stretching, now a shot of something liquid and strong ....... Ah much better! You know, I think everything will be okay! When I first started my Komado journey before purchasing my akorn, I learned a lot from man cave meals videos and personally John Setzler! After embarking on buying and using my akorn almost daily, I realize that I'm in love with cooking all over again! Before all of this I really had almost decided to buy a primo XL but the last four years of recession stopped that purchase. After watching John's videos I bought the akorn after sensing John's honesty and integrity and his endorsement of that product. It really is hard to fake those qualities. After watching him upgrade to a Kamado Joe it made me reevaluate my feelings toward the Primo. After seeing the participation of Komado Joe in this forum, I have totally changed my mind on which ceramic I will eventually buy. The big joe is my new dream grill. John, the reason you will succeed in your new role is that people have a sense that they can trust your judgment especially in the matters of cooking and cooking equipment. Furthermore, when watching your videos it's as if I am watching my friend experience cooking and equipment and giving me the best possible advice. That is a testimony to the genuineness you exude. This skill cannot be taught. You either have it, or you don't! Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into Mancavemeals and I thoroughly wish you the best success in your new career with Komado Joe. I will definitely subscribe to your new channel. Thank you again, Frank Cheers to great food, Frank
  18. Dub , I can't attest to how it tastes as a sauce with 100% vinegar added to the spice mix, however when you cut the vinegar in half and add half of regular apple cider it works incredibly as a marinade. try that I think you will like it. I use it on the ribs and chicken both whole chickens and pieces. Frank Cheers to great food, Frank
  19. I received my shipping notice Friday. Hopefully the stuff will be here in time for my next pulled pork. . Don't forget to try the marinade. One half apple cider one half cider vinegar excellent on whole chickens and ribs. Enjoy!Cheers to great food, Frank
  20. I would love to contribute! Cheers to great food, Frank
  21. Wow, I know this was good. I saw this recipe last week and actually made it this week. I used Applewood for the smoke and cooked it on the top grate of my akorn. I will make this again! You did a great job on the cook. It is also worth noting that this freezes very well using my food saver and then you can just drop the plastic bag and water and bring it to a boil the taste just like it did the night I smoked it! Cheers to great food, Frank
  22. I like allrecipes a lot . I also like big oven! Cheers to great food, Frank
  23. Toe, That is an excellent question which I have no answer. I can tell you this: it's awesome if used as a marinade. I have yet to use it as it's meant to be used to be chopped in with pork . I might even use it for an injection on pork butts in the future. Anybody that is interested can call the number on the package in the picture and you will probably talk directly to Charley Mills son who can hook you guys up. Cheers to great food, Frank
  24. Done and done! Thanks guys. Cheers to great food, Frank
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