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  1. Putting my Vision together when I saw the Plastic Tab, I wondered how long it would last. After about a dozen cooks my Cast Iron vent stuck. Giving it a little Love tap with my hand "Pop" and it lands on the cement floor (but the vent was still stuck). I went to the garage and got some WD40 and gave the vent a little squirt and mine freed up. Are they shipping a Cast Iron Tab (for the Cast Iron Vent w/the plastic tab)?Would recommend veggie oil instead of WD40 in the future. [emoji6]
  2. Took 2 people to get it out of the wrangler. Get some help to move and set it up man. Besides it's an excuse to fire it up after
  3. GottaBeKD

    Here we go!

    You too??? Enjoy bud. They are beautiful grills.
  4. I don't separate and just dump what's in there. Small, med, large, it all goes in. I do however stir before dumping in new lump only reason is to knock the ash off the partially burnt lump. I find it allows for a more consistent burn.
  5. I have a pro c I learnt on close to 5 years ago and 2 KJs (JR and Big). All are great grills. There are some quirks with the vision pro c as you noted but nothing you can't overcome. Just be patient as the learning curve is a little steeper IMHO with the leaky tray. Also, the fire burns front to back because of the vent placement so I usually light from the back of the grill. I still use the Vision. In fact I plan on cooking on it and the big joe today for a NYE party we are hosting. Chicken satay and Mediterranean chicken. 14 butterflied chicken breasts won't fit on one grill. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
  6. Nice write up jack and a beautiful gesture. Good on you. Here's to 2016 [emoji482]
  7. Merry Christmas Ryan and the KG gang
  8. It's not a problem when the gasket is longer there. [emoji6]
  9. Good to hear Rak is doing better. Gonna stop by his place next week to drop off some lump. Man that 32 is big you can cook a full Rak in there [emoji6]
  10. Decent marbling on this piece. Picked the 2 with the most.
  11. I hold you two entirely responsible for all the lecturing I'm about to receive.
  12. It's missing one thing tho. Me [emoji6] Looks good bud and glad you are happy with them.
  13. I had the non cast iron one on mine but the tab broke. I ended up getting the cast iron one - just paid shipping for it. Way better than the old one and worth the upgrade IMHO.
  14. Nicely done buddy. Welcome back and glad you're feeling better.
  15. I have a bluetherm duo and use it for low and slow cooks. Like Bosoco said you generally don't need it but it is peace of mind for me. Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning to a Kamado with a snuffed out fire. So back to the probe. Some things that I love about it. The probes are very nice and in about a year worth of use no issues. Anything under 300* I use it. Charge lasts a full cook with power to spare. The charts are awesome on the phone. You can see how fast it's cooking etc. Some dislikes. Range. Range. Did I mention range? It will reach the kitchen and master bedroom which are right next to the BBQ area so it's enough for my use. I was spoiled with the range of the maverick. I've considered using a laptop to connect to it and leave it in close proximity. I can automate an alert or sms to my phone. Heatermeter is an open source project for something similar to the cyberq. The difference is you can get the better thermo couple probes if you configure it that way. I may look into that as I start jumping on the home automation bandwagon. From a pure economics perspective. The maverick is probably still cheaper in the long run. If you want toys that's a different conversation altogether. [emoji6]
  16. So it would make sense for Ryan to swap them so the 32 is on the left and has the turbo port accessible.
  17. I hope you like charcoal.It's my favourite charcoal at the moment.
  18. You know he's cooking on it right now and ignoring us.
  19. Very nice. All u need is a big chair back there to rule the back yard. Congrats bud.
  20. He's probably got the armoured police truck and ramming those damn taxis out of the way. The Idiots are stopped all over the roads in a strike of sorts agains uber.
  21. Very nice CC. Here's half a pallet of Le gourmet lump. And here it is in the delivery vehicle. I kept about half of that and divvied up to some friends.
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