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  1. What I find interesting about your Sazco kamado is the glazed finish has been applied to the entire surface - both inside and out. Modern Kamado's have only an exterior finish. I'm currently considering re-glazing a Grill Dome as part of a rebuild project. I was considering exterior glaze only but after seeing your grill, I might try covering the entire surface. I wonder if that my be the reason for your grill's longevity.
  2. There's an interesting web page on the Naked Whiz site: http://nakedwhiz.com/ceramicinvent.htm that credits SAZCO as the inventor of the Kamado grill (see excerpt below). Other photos from SAZCO grill owners here: (http://www.bbq-brethren.com/forum/showthread.php?t=42611) and here on KGuru forum (http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/9973-sazco-genie/. The fact there are working Sazco grills still in existence is a testament to the build quality.
  3. @jkill73 The spider webbing effect (aka "crazing") seems to be common for glazed Kamadaos. I have never heard about "pimpling". That's new. @Bosco, @Jon.B -> If you have pics, would be interesting to see. Did this happen before or after high-temp cook? @Addertooth - Agreed. Resurfacing a GD is extremely challenging since it has to be "bone dry" for max adhesion and cure. Tile needs special high-heat adhesive and grout, and will add weight to the lid. I considered it but the compact spring hinge of the GD is only rated for the weight of the lid with paint. I'm currently researching a ceramic-based chrome paint rated for high temp - used to coat exhaust manifolds. The results could prove interesting.
  4. As a s follow-up to my first Grill dome restoration (see http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/10848-grill-dome-rebuild-project/?p=118416), I'm planning a second Grill Dome restoration later this year. One consideration will be to re-glaze instead of a re-paint. Unlike other Kamado's that use a glazed surface, Grill Dome's have a heat resistant paint surface. The challenge will be to locate a local potter equipped with a kiln large enough to fit the GD. If it proves successful, I may also choose to repaint my original rebuilt GD (see picture below) as it has since chipped again due to some issues with the refinishing process. Just curious - for those of you who own glazed Kamados (i.e. Vision, BGE, KJoe), have you ever experienced any issues with the finish?
  5. On a side note - I took the Google "which animal are you" Earth day quiz. Coincidentally, it came up with: Maybe I should change my tag name. :-)
  6. Canadian money markets are linked to oil based exports out of western Canada. The price of oil impacts the Canadian dollar as a result.
  7. Ikea now sells an outdoor cart for $89 http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S49048406/ For some reason, the same cart is cheaper in Canada?? ($83 CDN = $67US) http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/S49048406/?query=%C3%84PPLAR%C3%96+%2F+KLASEN+Serving+cart%2C+outdoor A little bigger than the Bekvam Ikea cart but only includes one shelf with wood wheels.
  8. Actually - the cetol is both: stain and a sealant. The one I used on my deck and table is a cedar tinted sealant. I applied it to pressure treated lumber and results make my deck look like it's made of red cedar. Lasts for up to 4 years under harsh weather.
  9. Thanks Packer01. sent you response via PM @DerHusker - Ha! You're welcome to visit anytime though I'm pretty sure you're actually a LOT closer to KK shipping warehouse in Califormia. :-)
  10. Hi all, My 19.5" KK is up for sale. Given the hefty size and weight - preference is for local buyers in the Ottawa, Canada area (otherwise too expensive to crate and ship). I have way too many K's on the property and this one rarely gets used (only fired twice). Includes optional teak side tables, gas burner, and rotisserie. PM me for details. Video footage of it is available here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy9wviHLHv84063C3PZy9FuPE9DUx7A34 _KCobra
  11. Thanks Aussie Joe. It's a real bonus to have found a low-cost table for my Akorn Jr. It's my daily "go-to" K for quick cooks and high-heat (steak) sears. Actually, I need to build a custom table to fit all my BBQ's (there's 4!) but never enough time because I'm spending what little of it I have cooking (Yes!). _KCobra
  12. Here's another pic with current setup: More images to follow once I figure out a table top solution. _Kcobra
  13. Since posting this thread, i have been using the side cart as a stand for my Akorn Jr : It turns out that if I remove the top, the shelf sits at the perfect height to seat the Akorn Jr at counter height (36")! BTW, this is the same unretouched table after 2 Canadian winters. The Cetol is holding up well! My next project will be to add a table top surround for the Akorn Jr!
  14. Hey G. Michael, Unfortunately, I've been away travelling and haven't had time to finalize the edit.I'll be taking the time this November to put finishing touches and posting to YouTube. Thanks for your patience!
  15. If not, I'm sure there are plenty of reputable and more responsive hosting companies eagerly willing to accept KGuru.com as a new customer. Good luck with the upgrade!
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