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  1. Had both, and the hinge on both are good. Remember if your at a dealer, ask about the bolts were they tight? Mine doesn't move that much at all. While the XL hinge isn't as great as the KJ hinge, it's pretty good for the weight of the dome. The XL egg dome weighs more than the KJ. You want the best hinge, buy a grill dome. It's a work of art.
  2. Look at ceramic grill store as well. Theve offered A way using the pizza stone as an indirect divider for the egg long before the D/C came to market. Reasonable price for the quality as well.
  3. Not answering email, and they killed their forum. Any news?
  4. Only place I know of naked Whiz, but he has no review of that. Who manufactures it?
  5. Interesting comment about the cut fire ring. I have a cut fire ring. Wonder if anyone has an idea how to tell an age.
  6. While I love my Global knives in my kitchen, for my professional cooking, I use Challenger NSF knives we get at Cash N Carry. Cheap, excellent quality, and easily replaced with a non slip grip.
  7. Amazing! That's a fantastic setup! The food pics are impressive. Well done!!
  8. GREAT SHOTS! Welcome to the Big Joe club!
  9. Nice job! Firing up a new grill is one of life's great moments!
  10. When I competed with my LGE, we would cook low and slow, then when the meat was done, pull the meat, scoop out the coal, pull all the parts, and leave the lid open. By the time the contest ended, it was hardly warm. Though I've yet to take any Kamado tailgating, the 13-15 incher seems right. Lots of brats, wings, two racks, grill up some birds, some Hot poppers, etc. If I was in charge of cooking everything, well i would have to bring a bigger cooker. Usually it was a pot luck, and everything is done and resting when we left.
  11. lol, 3 pages of warranty. Their prerogative, but it's too bad. Negative press on the internet is around forever. So is positive press. $35 would have saved them from this type of advertising. Just my .02.
  12. saw this idea, posted and posted it over there, thought this would be a cool setup.
  13. In the 5 years I've had stokers, I've lost 2 probes to damage. I stepped on one and the other cable got cut. Wonder if its the quality of the the probe? Get on their FB page. March to September is 5 months. Why is it out of warranty?
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