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  1. I'm sorry it's late, but please drop me out if the league is still going. I'm not going to really have time do it this year. Sorry guys.
  2. Rtv sealant. "Room temp vulcanization"
  3. Or maybe a Friday afternoon Joe. Either way, my big joe was apparently assembled by somebody with a hangover. I've had temp control problems for a long time. I've always had a gap at the rear of the seal between the hinges. Joe also had an overbite. After several adjustments I finally got the overbite fixed, but even after a gasket replacement I still have a leak at the rear.... Lately I've had smoke seeping out at the lower vent, and began noticing the silicone degrading around the edges. I have been seeing the grill shutdown go from 1 hour to 3 hours or more. So today I pulled the vent off to reseal it with some rtv. I found that the thing wasn't even sealed all around. In fact, there was simply (and poorly applied) adhesive under there. Also, one of the screws is shorter than the other 3. No washer on it and the nut actually slips inside the ceramic. So now Joe is sealed up better....Hopefully this helps my temp problems. But I'm still not satisfied with the gasket seal.
  4. Thats it right there ^....Little forgotten nuggets that improve each cook..
  5. I must have half his links saved, and never saw his log...Ill find it App would be nice too...
  6. Been going back over some old posts to remind myself of a few things...Inspired me to start keeping some kind of cooking log...Anyobdy keep one, or have a template you'd share?
  7. Congrats! Thought I had a good shot, and then my team imploded.... Was a good, fun year. IceHoles will be back next season!
  8. Here's hoping Drew Brees misses the bus and Alshon blows up the record books! Lol!
  9. I'm done. And I'm about sick too. What a crappy showing.
  10. I gotta admit, I was pulling for Kansas to win. Like John said, I could see it coming. I think there were 5 teams that could have gotten the 2 spots. I've been incredibly lucky with matchups. I thought I was screwed during week 3 but reeled off a good season after that. Oh yeah. 193 POINTS?!???!!! That can't be legal!
  11. The last 2 playoff spots in L1 are still murky...this week was tough
  12. Can you add how much of each ingredient you used for your glaze?
  13. I will never "grill" another steak again... I've been wanting to go caveman, and since I'm in bachelor mode tonight, it was my chance to try it. Amazing. Pics didn't turn out, too dark. As this thread is titled, just do it!
  14. Wow, that was a big win considering the bye-week situation. One more bye to survive against the Trout...Another tough one coming up.
  15. I need another big points day. That 862 is going to be impossible to catch
  16. I miss the power rankings!
  17. Holy crap! I thought mine was big. Geez. [emoji15] Now that I've decided to cook in it occasionally, I'm thinking of re-arranging it. Wish I had considered the "keyhole" when I put it together....
  18. We match up week 6. Could be quite a battle
  19. What would you like engraved on your trophy? [emoji23]
  20. First pot of stew was pretty darn good...Cant wait to make chili and get some smoky flavor in it.. One thing learned: it doesn't take a lot of fire to give you plenty of heat! That pot browned the beef and boiled up quickly...My chain could probably be half the length... Think Im going to add some hooks on the legs and use the spare grate from my KJ to let me grill and use skillets over the fire...Similar to this:
  21. I just built it in May. Didn't use it but twice over the summer. But the season is here and I hope I'm out here frequently!
  22. Well I made myself a tripod this morning. Rebar cost me $12, had the chain and hooks laying around. First pot of vegetable stew is cooking! Next project will be a grill for direct cooking....
  23. Man oh man I've needed this week!!! Took time but we're rolling!
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