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  1. I'm not sure I had anyone come back and say that they have tried to remove the lid, people have told me that I shouldn't need to, and that the vent can be beneficial to keeping the heat in, but unless I missed it, no one on this thread has said that they tried what I'm proposing. I may be completely in left field, but it's still and experiment. That being said, I'm going to try a modified run tomorrow night, with the vent still on, with some bricks removed, see if it works any better
  2. The idea with the bricks is 1) to move the pizza stone up into the dome, 2) help keep the stone from cracking(first time I did a pizza on my wife's pampered chef stone, when I opened the lid, the stone cracked), 3)help retain the heat when we lift the lid 4)make it more like a traditional pizza oven. Maybe it's overkill, I'll try reducing the # of bricks
  3. I reseason after every pizza or steak cook as the oils are burned from the grill.
  4. The idea wasn't to toss the cap away, or remove the ashpan. It was to have the ashpan sit on the clasps, and the vent open, and when the lid is shut ,stuffing the cap back into the hole would/should put the fire out. From what I remember, it's held in with 1-2 screws, but it will still fit into the hole, even without the screws. This will be a mute point anyway, if when I remove the cap, the 2 layers aren't joined. If that's the case, I'll be back to the drawing board anyway. As to putting the fire out, take a look at a BGE, Kamado Joe, Primo sometime. Their caps aren't secured on, they''re sitting on top. The Akorn will probably work the same way. TBH, I haven't been on this site in a few years. I started my charcoal or non-gas journey with my Akorn(coming up on 5yrs ago right now), and at my peak, I was burning about 150-180lb of lump a year. But that was when I only had the 1 grill. I've since picked up a Weber kettle and a couple of pellet grills, so low and slow get done on those, high heat steaks on the Akorn, burgers will get done on anything, my charcoal consumption has gone down to about 40-60lbs per year, and my pellet consumption has gone up to 200-300lbs per year, maybe more this year. This site used to be about experimentation, trying new things, modifying the grill to get the most out of it, John Setzler was always trying new ways to do things(I still have an expanded steel grate I put on the "ears" in the firebowl, and fill it with a chimney of coals when I'm doing steak, that I learned from him), and that's what got me into the Akorn. I still enjoy experimenting with it(I did a caveman steak on that same expanded steel grate the other day in the Akorn), and won't replace it until it rusts away(which isn't happening anytime soon, it's always covered, and has the 1/8" weeping hole in the bottom of the ash pane, that we figured out years ago gets rid of the moisture ,and helps them last longer) I've done 14 hour smokes in -30C weather, pepper stout beef more times than I want to think about, won chili contests, and cooked pizza's and breads. Long story short, I am not a rookie, at cooking, or experimenting with the Akorn, I came here to see if anyone had tried doing it before because that's what I use forums for, to see if someone else has done something before I try, and if not, maybe I'll try it myself. I'm still learning with this thing, and part or learning is trying new things to see what works and what doesn't.
  5. Historically, I had a stone on my Weber rack on where the smoking stone goes, then the grate, then a layer of interlock bricks(for more thermal mass and to raise it into the dome, I learned that trick 4 years ago), then my good pizza stone. I'm going to try without the bottom stone this time, see what temps I can get to. If I can, I may try Friday night, before the pizza party Saturday.
  6. I too have experimented with the vent partially closed trying to keep the heat in, but never got the stone above 500ish. I'd like to get hotter, which is why I'm experimenting. I understand the principle of trapping the heat by closing the vent, but at the same time, I've seen videos of BGE with the top completely off, with significantly higher temps, so maybe there is something in getting a larger airflow(hence the reason why I'm experimenting with hanging the ask basket from the clasps also, to increase total airflow, not just out the top.
  7. I'm using a Chargriller Akorn, with a 13" stone, and the stone is only raised a couple of inches, so there's a few inches gap at least all around the edge. I'm going to play with it a bit this weekend and see what I can figure out.
  8. I appreciate the feedback, I really do, but I enjoy experimenting with my grills,it's one of the things I love about the hobby, and as I said, I've done pizza on them a few times, so I will be trying without the top vent. I know what my grill does with the top vent in, doesn't look like anyone knows what will happen with the top vent out(other than speculations). I've done exactly what has been mentioned, I've also used my Auber fan to drive the temp up, with the extended temp probe, but the question still remains if anyone else has done it without the vent. I'll be trying it this weekend on a dry run(hopefully), if not, I'll go the traditional way, but it doesn't usually hurt to experiment. The pizza's below are some of my previous pizza nights, other than the shape, we were happy with them:)
  9. This is not my first pizza on the Akorn, I've been cooking on it for 5 years, and have done pizza's a few times. I always load it up with my Emile Henri pizza stone, I raise it up on some interlock bricks, to get better heat reflection off the dome, but I find it takes forever to get everything up to temp. I'm looking for 600-700F for the pizza, which isn't as hot as the true pizza ovens get, but will be better than the 450-550 I'm getting now. I may try a dry run on Friday and see how hot it gets before Saturday's pizza party
  10. Has anyone ever tried to cook pizza with the top vent removed, to try and get better airflow? Thinking of those BGE videos, where they have it at 700+, and thinking that the only reason I can't get that hot is becasue of the the size of the top vent holes. I'm also thinking of opening the ash pan wide, and actually lowering it on the clasps to get improved airflow from the bottom. Looking for high heat for some thin crust za this weekend.
  11. Here they are dressed and resting, putting them on in a few hours. I ran out of Magic Dust, so I'm using Costco's Sweet Mesquite on 1 portion, and Magic Dust on the other 2.
  12. With the help of this forum, I cooked the best set of back ribs so far(according to my wife). I'm doing side ribs this weekend, so I'm back here looking for guidance. I prefer to do no foil ribs(I like the texture more this way), so I'm looking for guidance on how long to smoke these guys for. i'm going to cook around 250F, and I'm guessing for about 4.5hrs, but would appreciate any input from the group.
  13. perfect, thanks. These ribs are pretty meaty, I wouldn't normally use my Maverick, but was thinking about it as a backup. I'll be cooking at 250-275is
  14. I prefer not to wrap my ribs(I prefer the texture more), and I'm trying to find an estimate of time for 3lbs of bbr for this afternoon. Anyone else do them unwrapped, how long do you cook them for usually? I know about the bend test, and I may try and put my Maverick probe in, but just looking for an estimate on when to put them on.
  15. Forgot to mention that, your food does look good
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