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  1. Nothing yet. None of the dealers here have any classics in stock and most the are coming over the next couple of weeks are spoken for. The Big Joe is just too big for our needs and where it's going to sit.
  2. I really appreciate all of the support. I will probably go with the Classic but going to see them all in person tomorrow one more time to see if I can finally make up my mind.
  3. The timing of this thread could not have been better. I've been wanting a chef's knife for some time and ended up with a Victorianox 8" with the Fibrox handle from a local cutlery store that supplies a lot of the local professionals. Basically the same cost as Amazon and was able to compare in person to a bunch of others. It came down to this one and a Wusthof Pro with a synthetic handle. Difference between the two was a slight difference in handle shape and the Wusthof has a more curved belly on the blade. Great knife but I just liked the feel of the Victorianox a tad better. If you are in the market for a new knife on a budget, you should check them out. The Wusthof Pro 8" Chef was right at $30. A bargain in my opinion. After the initial test run tonight on some veggies, all I can say is "Holly crap this thing is sharp!" Now I just need to learn how to use it.
  4. I knew that I could count on you guys to chime in, thanks! To add some clarification, I will be keeping the Weber as it's not dead yet, just on life support. We typically grill everything but have visions of smoking ribs and an occasional small brisket. A full packer brisket would last the two of us a couple of months. The wife prefers fish and chicken while I'm a meat & taters kind of guy. She is allergic to fructose and gluten intolerant so we rarely use any sauces and have to be careful on the rubs. My thinking of having a better smoking capability would allow to do a half rack of bare ribs for her at the same time I load mine with fattening bad stuff. Smoking on the Weber just has not been an option as it's about 40 years old and almost impossible to maintain any kind of low heat. The idea of a Classic and a small pellet pooper like the RecTec Mini is intriguing. Just a tad more than a BJ by itself and I wouldn't really have to get them at the same time. Who knows, the Classic may end up doing everything I need by itself. If I go with the BJ right out of the box, adding a pellet machine at a later date would likely never happen. Way too many other hobbies to support. Never thought this would be so damn hard!
  5. I appreciate all the input. Keep in mind that it's just two of us and we really don't entered train much. Will need to ponder on this for a while. For those that have a pellet & a ceramic, which do you go to for that quick week day cook when you get off work at 5:00 and the wife wants to be eating at 6:00? Everyone I've talked to have said the pellet is stupid easy and quick for those types of cooks.
  6. Well, the wife has finally given the go ahead for a Red Joe and trying to decide which size to get. One side of me wants to get a classic and a small pellet smoker but the other side says just go ahead and get the Big Joe and forget the smoker. Both options end up about the same cost at +\- $1,500 by the time you get all the goodies so cost difference is not an issue. If it matters, this will be my last grill purchase as I will be checked in to a nursing home long before either one wears out. Since I frequently cook an entire meal on the grill, meat, veggies,etc., I'm afraid the classic won't be big enough by itself but the Big Joe just seems like over kill for just the two of us. Don't really entertain much either. Am I crazy thinking I need 24" of grill space? I'm so use to a 22" Weber that anything smaller will just end up feeling small. Help a brother out and knock some sense in me please.
  7. For clarification, I'm looking at the Classic sized KJ vs the Large Primo Oval, not the XL so square inches of cooking area is not much different. 330 sq/in vs 254 sq/in for the KJ. Not enough difference in my book to sway me one way or the other. Looked at a red Big Joe today and that thing is a tank! A lot bigger than I would ever need.
  8. To those that say that color does not matter: Do you view your cars or furniture in the same manner? They are both simple tools like a grill. One gets you from point A to B and the other is just just a place to park your butt. But my guess is that you probably place more importance on color selection than you let on depending on the item. I would personally be pretty disappointed if all cars came only in Brown.
  9. It's already red brick so painting ain't going to happen but I like your spirit. The wife is warming up to the idea of a red Joe but wants me to check out the Primo large oval before pulling the trigger. Her thinking is that with the types of foods we cook, the ability to have a true 2 zone cooking set up may be better in the long run. I pretty much use a 2 zone system about 90% of the time we grill. I know the Joe comes with the divide and concur set up but are the results really the same?
  10. Located in St. Louis, MO and the only two dealers in the area have both tried to locate a black one in any size or configuration with no luck. After a few discussions with the wife, she is warming up to the idea of red as long as I pay close attention to the coordinating colors of the table I will be building. Had I only known 40 years ago what it would be like to marry an interior designer. Aesthetics are extremely important issues in our household.
  11. Went shopping today for a KJ and heard from two dealers that Black is no longer an option on any size Joe. What the hell are they thinking? The red color is not an option according to my wife so I guess I will be looking at Primos or Visions or looking at options of painting one black. I guess from a business point of view, offering only one color reduces inventory and production costs, but why on earth would you pick the rust color over black, and then raise the price to $999 which is roughly the same as a Primo Large Oval (and is available in black). Very bummed to hear this!
  12. Just thinking about how easy it would be to tip over a grill weighing what a KJ does when you need just under an inch worth of shims under two casters.
  13. Trying to decide how important it is to have a level grill as the area that I plan on putting my yet to come KJ has a fairly significant slope to it for water run off. Only big issue I can think of is when a skillet or pot is used but would love to hear some feedback from those that have a similar situation and how have you dealt with it. The only way I could mark the KJ really level would be to build a stationery table or island which is less than optimal.
  14. Stevel1, do you soak your corn first?? Yes. Ends up working the same as doing them in a microwave but you get the smoke benifit as well.
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