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  1. Thanks all for the thoughts and ideas! So thankful for this forum and the BB forum as well. I feel I have much to learn, yet have learned so much already! Enjoy those moink balls Pop!
  2. After making extra charcoal out of two racks of ribs last weekend... I felt the need to redeem myself. I picked up some ribs from RD Friday and trimmed them up ( another first for me ). Trimmed and vac sealed two other racks from the pack and seasoned these up. Fire up the Acorn and set to work. Went 3-2-1 this time and man-o-man... Some moinkballs too! :D Much better this time around. I may try 3-1-1 next time though.
  3. Thanks guys! Beerbeque... still learning and feeling my way actually. I didn't post up pics of the two racks of ribs that looked like I pulled them from the bag of Royal Oak instead of the Acorn...
  4. Just some nice chicken breasts on the CGK Acorn yesterday. A little seasoned rub and let them roast. About an hour at 350- 375* with the Smokin stone in place. These were absolutely awesome. So simple, so easy and oh, so good. We are really enjoying this grill! 8-)
  5. Thanks for the thoughts here guys. My better half ordered the smokin stone Monday and it arrived today. Box was hammered- but packed well and was in perfect condition. Now that I have it- I also feel it's worth the money- even just as a diffuser. As the others have said- it just looks and feels "real". So I'll pick up a dedicated pizza stone- no biggie.
  6. Well, look at that! Thanks for the tip John! It's not a bad cover for the price either- looks like I need to swing by Lowe's again.
  7. Ouch, sorry to hear this. Please let us know what- if any- damage was done. Good luck, I hope all turns out to be OK. :/
  8. Was able to get through- to hear Monday-Friday hours only.
  9. I have been trying to call this morning, but it seems they are having phone troubles In the Owners Manual it says -Smoking' Stone can be a Pizza Stone or Pizza Stone can be a Smokin' Stone That pushed me over the fence if in fact the Smokin' Stone can pull double duty. Hopefully I'll get through soon... :( I also intend to mention this forum and the fact that JMS and his you-tube reviews gave me the final nudge to try this wonderful kooker- the least they can do is send him a Stone to review ...Geez. lol
  10. I did my first cook last night. Fresh bag RO lump. Built a nice pyramid with a Weber cube in the center. Both vents wide open and I was aver 500 deg in about 10 minutes. Actually probably closer to 600 as I later found out my dome thermo reads about 50* to the low side ... anyway- I was shocked how hot it got and how quickly it got there. HTH I hope you get it figured out soon. I'd be leaning towards damp fuel also.
  11. Hmmm, interesting. Being VERY new to smoking I cannot comment other than to say I would think it more a matter of how much smoking wood is used. Curious to see how much of an effect the upper vent does have.
  12. Seasoned the grate on our new CGA and decided to toss a few burgers on after. Used some Royal Oak - hands down some of the best burgers I've made. Oh the flavor I have deprived myself- and family of by using gas all these years... The old Weber gasser will still have its place in the yard, but I have a new favorite cooker for certain. UDS gets it's first seasoning tonight.
  13. Brewing my own here! I'm sure many other folks would too once they found out how easy it is- and relatively inexpensively you can get started.
  14. Oh, and a butt on the UDS Friday / Saturday. Ribs and pork loins on the Acorn Sunday.
  15. I needed this chuckle today- Thanks BBQ Bob! Be careful out there- get home safe.
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