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  1. Love offsets! Nice pit!
  2. Just checked this out at my fiends house. Now to find out if the smoke n sear will fit an older KJ Big Joe stand alone
  3. Chicken Breast for the week. Picked these up for $1.49/lb at the local meat market today. Yeah I know the grill is empty, if it helps I just took the burgers off....
  4. Looks like a great quick cook, I bet this was tasty as well
  5. Looks great! I really need to up my pizza making game
  6. Beautiful refreshing sight. Saw so much ice and snow over here I am still mentally stuck in winter
  7. Wife decided she wanted some ribs yesterday but we were pressed with time with all of the rearranging going on in the yard. Managed to finish these in just under 2 hours. Of course wife deep fried a few.
  8. Looks killer, I keep looking at this pizza over and over again
  9. Gorgeous right there!!! I gave up spritzing years ago. I have found for me it only made the cook take longer. But geez that looks killer
  10. Looking good there brother. Where are the action shots? Better yet where is my 12 piece complimentary wing dinner
  11. Looks delicious. And guess what? I haven’t ate yet today...
  12. Cattelmens Grill Tritip rub, we also use brown sugar along with some pumpkin spice rub from the killer cook. They have some very great and unique spices. Everyone loves these over how we used to do them. Sometimes we stuff with chorizo instead of just cream cheese
  13. Freddy my brother thank you. Have to get my chops back up and get back into the swing around here B575AA0B-0A7D-4861-A9C7-A41969C31B41.MOV
  14. Freddy thanknyou sir, I am very happy to be back, going to take me some time to get caught up around here. This looks like something I need to get into. I LOVE pizza
  15. Been vacant for awhile had to make some poppers today. Used some Cattlemens tri-tip rub in the cream cheese...
  16. I am assuming you have a stash heading to old kamadoguru.com buddy.....
  17. definitely no fun when a kamado cracks, reminds me of the time I dropped one of my vision classic b's, don't ask! I still shed a tear every now and then for that one
  18. Definitely a great looking cook. Corn on the grill is always a hit around here.
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