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  1. Thank you everyone for the comments. I really was bummed because they were not right. I am going to look into the 3-2-1 method and learn a thing or two.
  2. Nice looking food. By any chance did you save some for your kamadoguru.com family?
  3. Here is the ribs from Sunday's nightmare. cooked at 250 for 5 hours with Royal Oak Lump and cherry wood chunks. Fell off the bone! We wanted a lil tug! Tasty though, and yes I forgot to brush the sauce thoroughly before last picture.
  4. You are going to love your kamado
  5. Wow.!!! looks great, happy eating. I am jealous
  6. Welcome , great purchase this grill makes you want to keep cooking
  7. I am using an Android Gbox Midnight. running linux.Take a look into these type of boxes. THey run XBMC an the media is 100% better
  8. This is wild. I made hot dogs, hamburgers, and corn today on the Kamado. Toasted the buns! My 5 year old says the hot dogs taste better on "the avocado grill". He actually ate 2 of them. The killer is they were the not so yummy chicken, pork, etc. mix hot dogs. My wife loved the hamburger, which was strange because it had no seasoning yet. I thought they were ready for the grill so I put them up. The only problem I have with this grill.....is actually shutting it down. I want to cook all day! sorry for rambling guys but we are just happy, best purchase of the year!
  9. Wow! Address please, the family and I will you finish those off.
  10. Welcome. Great information and very helpful community here, happy kamadoing
  11. So far so good. Corn, smoked chicken wings at 225 then hit them with some high heat, hot sauce and BBQ, Not bad. RIbeyes are about to come off. I am saddened that it's only the wife and I. I want to cook some more! Special thanks to flyingscot64. The recommended settings you gave me were right on. Not sure what's being cooked tomorrow, but it is safe to say it will be done on the Vision Kamado! We love this thing
  12. Nice! Get something cooking and let us know the results.
  13. We have two Macbook Pro's. I have converted my wife from PC finally. Never any issues. You will be very happy
  14. Thanks for the replies everyone. I picked up a Vision Kamado this morning. EMployee of Costco had purchased with his discount and sold to me. Original price was $300 no tax. After I pointed out a few nicks and scratches on the outer shell. I got him down to $250.
  15. It didnt work out on the one in the photo. The people selling it for $200 never called back for me to pick it up. I was going to just get the Vision if I can get it for $299 at Costco. Thoughts? Northern, Illinois also
  16. which Costco? I want to pick one up. I have not purchased yet the Acorn. Will you PM or email me the store so I may go get one of these? thank you
  17. Hello. The wife and I are hoping to add the Acorn to our backyard. The wife loves Ribeyes and they must be well done. We are hoping to pick the grill up tonight. Found a fantastic deal.
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