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  1. Congrats on the vision classic! I've had one for a year now and loving it. CGS has endless configuration possibilities Something else I got that makes things a lot easier is the BBQ guru pit / meat monitor. That thing is incredible.
  2. @rowdytj yes temperature control does seem better with the cast iron. But my skills have gotten better at the same time so it might be a combination of both It seems to hold the low temps a very well. When I first started using it, I noticed that it was not completely airtight and smoke did leak out between the top and the base of the vent but it reduced over time as the cast iron it worn in and grease started building up. The cast iron top definitely gives it a different look. More badass.
  3. I love this forum too smokedogg. I've learnt so much on here! If you need some tips on replacing the gasket, I posted a thread with my experience with it on this forum. There's also a few other threads on how to do it. My biggest tip: no need to remove the top lid to apply the gasket. Just keep the vision whole.
  4. Way to go. Those ribs look perfect. I've stopped foiling too. I did in the beginning because I learnt a lot of tips from the BBQ competition shows like Pitmasters. After cooking with the kamado for a while, I prefer the meat not foiled.
  5. Yes I did I just emailed them. Their website has a customer service email but I just email Laurie usually. Just let them know what model you have and specify that you're looking for the Nomex gasket. They also have the regular felt one but the Nomex is better. I have the classic B so I also ordered a cast iron top vent and a lava stone heat deflector directly from them. When I first got my grill, my temperature probe kept fogging up so they sent me a few replacements. They also gave me a repair kit because I had a small chip on the exterior. Their customer service has been amazing.
  6. Hey smokedogg, I just emailed vision and they sent one to me... I think it was around $35 Try this email lcopeland@visiongrills.com If that takes too long, maybe a big green egg dealer will have some Nomex gaskets that might fit too. That was going to be my second option if I couldn't get the Nomex from Vision. I'm in Edmonton so I go BBQ accessory hunting all the time
  7. Russruss, I'm sorry you feel that way about vision. I have a vision and I've looked at a lot of other grills. The reason ceramic grill store is around is because they are filling a need. They make accessories for more than just Vision. They even make it for the Big Green Egg and others. If you look around in the kamado guru forums, there are a lot of people, not just with Visions but with other brands who have created their own solutions with accessories from other companies. My buddy has a BGE and he ordered a complete set up from the CGS. I love the extended racks from the CGS but I've learnt to create a set up that works fine for me. It saved me $300 and my grilling experience is amazing. Also, something else I noticed is they a lot of accessories are compatible across all the companies. What I use for my Vision is: - vision heat deflector - vision grate - vision extended rack - vision cast iron top vent (ordered from vision) - BBQ guru (pit and food monitor) - MAPP Torch - to start the fire - for food, I make my own rubs The experience is ultimately what you make of it Russruss. I know you are a little frustrated, but maybe give it a chance. I hope you don't live in Canada because the definition of BBQ for most people is hamburger and hot dogs... Not many people know what a kamado is so it's real hard to find accessories, different charcoal, etc at a good price up here. Figure out what you need and maybe we can help give you some suggestions?
  8. What kind of accessories are you looking for?
  9. That's a good looking ham. It's so shiny, I can almost taste it on my phone! That's also a mean looking carving knife you got there.
  10. Up here in canada, it's hard finding kamado supplies so I McGuyver all the time. I think that's part of the fun of this addictive pastime. But not everyone likes to McGuyver it and that's ok too.
  11. Welcome Tombsy! Another Canadian! It might be a little harder in Winnipeg... I order a lot of my supplies on amazon.ca and from the US.
  12. Simply put - NO - but it would still light lump. I agree with ckreef: NO. I have tried the smaller butane torches and they take a long time + lots of butane. Propane works but the MAPP torches are around the same price for a good one. Spend a little more for the MAPP. You won't regret it!
  13. I am a MAPP convert. Used to have a loof. Still do but now it sits in the bottom of my BBQ bin. MAPP is so much more efficient and so fun.
  14. Great work on your first cook. I remember my first brisket, I was so paranoid. It ended up turning out pretty good What kind of wood did you use for the smoke? Maybe you didn't use enough to get the smoke ring?
  15. 5698k, That's exactly how I do mine now. They come out perfect!
  16. I think back in the day, Baby backs or side ribs were my second cook. To this day, I am still amazed by the magic that happens inside the kamado.
  17. Dub, good suggestion. I use myfitnesspal as well. It's free and has a large database of foods to help you keep track.
  18. Man, I wish the grocery stores and Costco in Canada carried briskets. You guys get it so gooood down in the US. Cheapest I can find up here is around $6/#.
  19. My sorting style is the same as Karacooks. Also, way to bring back "ain't nobody got time for that!" My friends and I watched that video so many times... LOL.
  20. Sounds like you're on the right path aljoseph. I have experimented with varying my macro nutrients - proteins / fats / carbs and have figured out my ideal caloric intake for what I want to accomplish. It seems like you have achieved your target so now it's figuring out how many calories you need to take in on a daily basis to maintain and not go overboard. I like to do 3 different cycles with carbs. One is low processed or starchy carb for 5-6 days and 1 cheat day. Second one is carb cycling where I have a low / med / high carb day. Third is carbs in moderation everyday. Just a balance of meat/veges/grains. It just depends on how your body responds. Also, having a higher carb intake with fruit and bread earlier in the day vs later helps too.
  21. I feel like I'm getting a PHD in Kamado Smoking through Kamado Guru. It's crazy how much I learn on here.
  22. This weekend, I decided to do an experiment to master the tricky brisket once and for all. I got this idea from reading about how some people do split tests on their cooks to see what the difference in taste and texture is from different cooking styles and techniques... like foiling vs not foiling, mopping vs no mop, foiling at different times, etc. In my previous cooks, I came to the realization that a lot of times when the brisket was tough, it wasn't because it was overcooked... it was undercooked. I have also been reading how a lot of different people cooked their brisket and came to the realization that if I cook at a higher temperature, my ideal brisket might come a bit easier. I am sorry there are no pictures - I was in the smoking zone! To test my theories, I bought a 15lb packer, trimmed it, separated the point and the flat I cut into 2 pieces. I smoked half a flat on Saturday and the other half today. Saturday's smoke was my normal low and slow 225 and it took about 9 hours to get to 200. There was a major stall at around 140. I pulled it once it hit 200 with an ok toothpick test wrapped and put it in the cooler for a few hours. It came out ok, pretty tender but I could tell after cutting that not all of the fat had rendered so I should have let it go to at least 205 or more. I should have trusted my gut with the toothpick test. Today's smoke I decided to bump up the temp to 275. The brisket did not seem to have any problem with a stall at all and was done in about 6.5 hours. No foiling or anything. I waited til the temp got up to 205 and did the toothpick. Still not as tender as I would like (I wasn't going to let the brisket trick me again!)... waited a little more until it was going between 205 - 208, did the toothpick test again and there it was. I took it out and let it rest. I couldn't wait any longer than an hour because I was so excited and I sliced it. Amazing smoke ring, texture, and one my best briskets ever. I think I finally cracked the code and I will not let the brisket trick me again. If you can do this, I highly recommend buying a packer, separating it into 2, 3, even 4 pieces and testing out which method of cook you're most comfortable with. I know all briskets are different but the most common solution that most people have is to make sure it cooks past the 200 - 205 mark before you pull. The other solution that a lot of people had was to bump up the temp of the cook. 275 is not hot and fast but getting close. These 2 tips today let me kill that brisket!
  23. I joined the club too! I just got the exact same one a few weeks ago! OMG. I used to love my looftlighter but the MAPP has given it a permanent vacation.
  24. Just got my victorinox fibrox 6" boning knife today and used it to trim some fat. Wow. It cut through everything like butter. Super sharp. I'm looking forward to adding to my victorinox collection. Love this knife! Next one to add is the 10 - 12" carving knife.
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