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  1. My bamboo handle disintegrated last winter and the side tables were also coming apart. I don't particularly like the look of the HDPE tables, especially on the black grill, so I made my own replacement with some Jatoba wood, which is a type of Brazilian cherry wood. Really happy with the way it turned out and my KJ looks better than new!
  2. I did a low-n-slow 9.5lb pork shoulder cook last Thursday. It was -22c and windy out ( That's -7.5 in Freedom Units ). The KJ handled everything like a champ, but there was a noticeable difference in fuel consumption at those temps. I only got ~20 hours of cook time at 230F, which would have worked out fine, but I started the grill early to let it heat soak and then we had to head out for a bit, so the grill remained idle with nothing cooking for about 6-7 hours until we got home at 11pm.
  3. Thanks. I didn't realize at first that it was covered under warranty. They're sending me one of the newer flexible cooking racks. Hopefully it arrives before SuperBowl Sunday, else I'll have to try and cobble something together.
  4. Went to add some more charcoal this morning and while lifting up the grate rack with the heat deflector in it, one of the 3 triangle pieces snapped in the middle. Super strange!I I'd take a pic, but I'm still mid-cook and don't want to lift the lid. Internet pic with an arrow showing where the crack is.
  5. Nice! George Carlin has a great perspective on "other drivers". -- “Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?"
  6. Richmond Hill checking in!
  7. All done!~20 hours at 230 and everything went smooth. The temps shot up a bit hortly after I opened the lid this morning to have a peek ( bad boy! )The lime green temps were accurate. The light blue temps were on a prob that wasn't placed properly, so it was getting too much heat from the pit, throwing its temps off.
  8. My son turns 7 next week and the whole family is coming over for a b-day party tomorrow. Feel free to watch the progress of the cook at https://bbq.ww0.ca/
  9. Just finished this cook. Posting a couple of pics while it rests. Cooked at 300, letting the HeaterMeter do all the work Giving it some reverse sear lovin!
  10. Friday April 1, 2016 Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg have signed a definitive agreement under which Kamado Joe will acquire Big Green Egg. The transaction creates the industry-leader in the extremely attractive high-growth ceramic grill market with complementary product and solutions portfolios, sales teams and R&D investment strategies. The transaction combines two of the world’s greatest ceramic grills and brings together strong capabilities in the fastest growing areas of our industry. Customer and Partner Benefits The combination of Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg provides unmatched ability to address large and small customers’ rapidly changing critical BBQ needs. Transformation is driving disruption across all industries; transition from traditional gas and propane fuel sources to charcoal; and need to balance agility with amazing cooking. The company will offer customers a broad, end-to-end product portfolio spanning all key grilling, smoking and baking segments—both legacy and emerging—to address customers facing charcoal-driven disruption. For more information, see the official press release.
  11. Is their a grill theft problem in your neighborhood? If so also put what kind of gun you own. Nope. I just make it a policy to not pay to advertise things for companies. I have dozens of shirts, sticker, mugs, etc from companies that I happily wear and use, but I certainly didn't spend any of my own money on that stuff.
  12. Why do people like putting "I own this product, follow me home to steal it" stickers on things?
  13. Nice and have a bonus point for using metric measurements!
  14. Seeing it's pretty new still, I'd be on the phone with the place you purchased it from to get them to supply you with a new unit and/or have them come out do to the band replacement. This really shouldn't be something that the customer is expected to do. Even when a car company does a minor recall, they don't ship you the part and tell you how to replace it. You bring the car to the dealership and they do it for you, at no expense to you.
  15. This thread was pretty pointless from start, since the OP is not even the owner. What's clear is that there is a wide gap of what folks consider disposable income. For some, making a spontaneous purchase of an item for a few thousands dollars isn't a problem. For others, spending even few hundred dollars isn't a wise idea. Who knows, maybe they were supposed to be saving up for something else and this wasn't "in the plans". Everyone's got something different going on with their lives.
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