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  1. Thanks for posting! I definitely need to give this a whirl, going to be using my Jr more than ever now that I bought a travel trailer and this will make it more versatile than it already is.
  2. Nobody knows, probably not even char-griller. They're currently selling off the second production run that they've been sitting on for almost two years from when Menards decided not to carry them after the first season (AFAIR they were trying to get $220 for them, way too close to the cost of the full sized Akorn).
  3. Cleveland finally broke our drought and won our first professional sports championship since 1964. The Lake Erie Monsters swept the Hershey Bears 4-0 by winning in a hard fought overtime game, scoring with 1.9 second left in the first overtime period.
  4. Basically a canning rack from Walmart with the hangers removed. Fits in on the tabs perfectly. About $12.Hefty large foil pie tin for drip pan sits down in the canning rack. I think it was 9 7/8" diameter. You'll have to search for this one most store carry the 8" version. With that said I did order the smoking stone. Probably won't need the canning rack with the smoking stone. Chargriller did take the money out of my account today so I'm expecting a shipping email soon. Reef's Bistro I found the round cast iron griddle linked in one of the jr threads was the best for me, it sits high (just below the grate) but only allows limited airflow which helps with stable temps for low and slow (mine is a bit more leaky than my big one so I had problems keeping under ~280 with the canning rack and pie pan. As an advantage while camping it stores in the jr and can be used to cook lots of meals (breakfast, smoked meatloaf, etc).
  5. Funny story - the other day I was listening to The Kinks and singing along to the song Low Budget. My son says, "Dad, your not on a low budget." "Of course we are son." "Not by the way we eat, we're not on a low budget." Yup he finally gets it. Just wait until he gets out on his own and is eating 99 cent pot pies - LOL Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk Poor kid, seeing the way he eats at home (thanks again for your hospitality in December!) he's in for such a rude surprise when he's out on his own. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders so he'll end up ok but it'll be rough at first =)
  6. Man I just had lunch and now I'm hungry for dinner and I know what I'm cooking
  7. Amen, I broke out the fleece lined Khaki's this morning since it was 23 freaking degrees.
  8. Looks great! I imagine it's like a more flavorful version of an ox tail.
  9. After having a very mild winter we've been slapped in the face for the start of Spring, temps last Monday went from 77 to snowing in under 24 hours and then last night we got 3" of snow. We'll be up to 60 on Wed and back to snow next weekend.
  10. My favorite is a local store brand, but the important part is I always doctor it up. I add additional spices, usually some basalmic vinegar, and some fresh garlic. The difference between out of the jar and the jazzed up version is much greater than between an OK and good jarred sauce.
  11. Thanks for the heads up, if I didn't have about 400lbs of RO still from the fall I'd be all over it. I'll probably still pick up a bag to try.
  12. What temperature should your fridge be for best flavor development? My upstairs fridge is set at 34 which I doubt is ideal (it's set that low as it really, really helps with spoilage). On the other hand I have a lot less need to keep the beer fridge that low so I could set it in the 38-40 range if that would work better for this kind of application.
  13. It's available on Amazon but at 2x what they sell it for direct...
  14. Are you using the dome thermometer to measure temps? If so then that's your biggest problem, completely inaccurate and slow to respond. With a digital thermometer at grill level my temps in the Akorn generally are back to set temp within 2 minutes unless I've adjusted the vents (and even then the rebound from the extra oxygen from opening the lid can make it hard to get the temps to go down).
  15. Saw this story at one of my favorite sites and immediately thought of Boomer
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