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  1. Some Walmarts have had the Masterbuilt 560 for $350, and even $250. If you're looking for an interesting non-Kamado charcoal grill with the ease of a pellet at a fraction of the price I suggest checking brickseek to see if a store in your area has them on the cheap. It's definitely not a lifetime grill, but if I get 6-7 years out of it then $4-5/month for a pretty nice grill isn't too bad =)
  2. I've cooked on ckreef's 19TT with him and it's plenty big enough for a family of 4, heck we did steaks for 7 on it =) But, it's not really big enough to do a big full packer on if that's what you mean by brisket. Apparently really long racks of ribs can be tight as well. Personally I'm still planning to get the 19, I'd rather get a small packer or cut the random extra big rack in half then spend the extra money on the 23 that I'd otherwise not need.
  3. 9.5lbs? Nope, very unlikely to be done unless he's doing a turbo cook. Rule of thumb is 1.5-2 hours per pound @250F with bigger cuts generally being on the higher end due to mass to surface area ratio.
  4. What you might consider next time is pulling the drip pan when the IT is around 145 and swapping it for an empty one. That way the temp will quickly rise and the air will be less moist allowing for that last bit of crisping of the skin.
  5. I found a new (at least to me) way to turbo pulled pork. I started by firing up the grill at 11:30am, using oak lump, pecan flavor wood, and Rutland fire starter. I had the charcoal going and a bit of the pecan smouldering by 11:45 and threw the butt on. At 1:30pm the outside temp was 140F, I pulled the butt off the smoker and took it inside. I threw it in the instant pot with 1 cup of water and a steamer basket to keep in out of the liquid. I set the pot to 1 hour at high pressure. When the steaming was done I immediately released the steam, reapplied rub, and took it back out to the smoker which was running about 300F because I was smoking baked beans. At 4:15 the thin end was 205, the thick end 198, and the bark was set. I took the butt off and pulled. 95% of the butt pulled easily, only the very center of the thick end offered significant resistance. Taste wise this was one of the better butts I've done. I will definitely be doing this turbo method in the future when I don't want or need to do an overnight cook.
  6. Thanks for posting! I definitely need to give this a whirl, going to be using my Jr more than ever now that I bought a travel trailer and this will make it more versatile than it already is.
  7. Nobody knows, probably not even char-griller. They're currently selling off the second production run that they've been sitting on for almost two years from when Menards decided not to carry them after the first season (AFAIR they were trying to get $220 for them, way too close to the cost of the full sized Akorn).
  8. Cleveland finally broke our drought and won our first professional sports championship since 1964. The Lake Erie Monsters swept the Hershey Bears 4-0 by winning in a hard fought overtime game, scoring with 1.9 second left in the first overtime period.
  9. Basically a canning rack from Walmart with the hangers removed. Fits in on the tabs perfectly. About $12.Hefty large foil pie tin for drip pan sits down in the canning rack. I think it was 9 7/8" diameter. You'll have to search for this one most store carry the 8" version. With that said I did order the smoking stone. Probably won't need the canning rack with the smoking stone. Chargriller did take the money out of my account today so I'm expecting a shipping email soon. Reef's Bistro I found the round cast iron griddle linked in one of the jr threads was the best for me, it sits high (just below the grate) but only allows limited airflow which helps with stable temps for low and slow (mine is a bit more leaky than my big one so I had problems keeping under ~280 with the canning rack and pie pan. As an advantage while camping it stores in the jr and can be used to cook lots of meals (breakfast, smoked meatloaf, etc).
  10. Funny story - the other day I was listening to The Kinks and singing along to the song Low Budget. My son says, "Dad, your not on a low budget." "Of course we are son." "Not by the way we eat, we're not on a low budget." Yup he finally gets it. Just wait until he gets out on his own and is eating 99 cent pot pies - LOL Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk Poor kid, seeing the way he eats at home (thanks again for your hospitality in December!) he's in for such a rude surprise when he's out on his own. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders so he'll end up ok but it'll be rough at first =)
  11. Man I just had lunch and now I'm hungry for dinner and I know what I'm cooking
  12. Amen, I broke out the fleece lined Khaki's this morning since it was 23 freaking degrees.
  13. Looks great! I imagine it's like a more flavorful version of an ox tail.
  14. After having a very mild winter we've been slapped in the face for the start of Spring, temps last Monday went from 77 to snowing in under 24 hours and then last night we got 3" of snow. We'll be up to 60 on Wed and back to snow next weekend.
  15. My favorite is a local store brand, but the important part is I always doctor it up. I add additional spices, usually some basalmic vinegar, and some fresh garlic. The difference between out of the jar and the jazzed up version is much greater than between an OK and good jarred sauce.
  16. Thanks for the heads up, if I didn't have about 400lbs of RO still from the fall I'd be all over it. I'll probably still pick up a bag to try.
  17. What temperature should your fridge be for best flavor development? My upstairs fridge is set at 34 which I doubt is ideal (it's set that low as it really, really helps with spoilage). On the other hand I have a lot less need to keep the beer fridge that low so I could set it in the 38-40 range if that would work better for this kind of application.
  18. It's available on Amazon but at 2x what they sell it for direct...
  19. Are you using the dome thermometer to measure temps? If so then that's your biggest problem, completely inaccurate and slow to respond. With a digital thermometer at grill level my temps in the Akorn generally are back to set temp within 2 minutes unless I've adjusted the vents (and even then the rebound from the extra oxygen from opening the lid can make it hard to get the temps to go down).
  20. Saw this story at one of my favorite sites and immediately thought of Boomer
  21. afidel

    Keep warm!

    That's cold, we only got to -18C this time. It's a real shame as we got the first real snowfall of the year but it's too damn cold to go sledding with the kids. As an aside my house is not liking this cold, I'm laying in bed listening to it creak and groan as it warms up from 0 to 9F.
  22. afidel

    Go Gaga

    You can get a free preview of her and Tony here. Album is even free to stream if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber =)
  23. Generally it's better than underpitching From BYO: When I brew, I'm often in the mild overpitching range. For 10 gallon batches, I'll usually pitch 3 packs of dry yeast for a typical gravity beer and 4 packs for high-gravity. (Higher for lagers, as they require higher pitching rates than ales. Usually I'll always go 4 packs lager yeast for 10 gallons, and I've only done beers in the 1.050-1.060 OG range.) I don't typically rehydrate the dry yeast, so I assume I'll lose a bit there, which compensates for the high pitching rates. I prefer not to make startes, if for no other reason than the size of starter needed for a 10 gallon batch (particularly a lager) is massive, and for a lager you'd probably need to do multiple steps. As I haven't yet bought a 5L Erlenmeyer flask, and only have a 2L, it makes it hard to do starters. There's been some suggestion (including the aforementioned Tyler King formerly from The Bruery) that deliberate underpitching of Belgians is preferred, as it helps to generate more esters than pitching the "optimal" rate. I'm not sure if it's true or not, but since Belgians and Saisons are the beers I most often need to use starters (since there are fewer dry yeasts available), I use that as my excuse for underpitching with only a 1.5L or so starter So with Belgians, Hefe, Berliner Weisse, and a few other styles where esters and phynolics are a part of the style it's often adventagous to underpitch as the initial stress causes these less "clean" fermentations (temperature control is also a big piece here). I've been following the basic brewing radio podcast for the last 5 years or so and they've run quite a few experiments on pitching rates and the overall conclusion I've reached is that normal or over pitching are fine for clean styles but underpitching is a good (though not required) idea for styles where you want the yeast to add significantly to the flavor profile.
  24. Either 1.5lb meatloaf mix and one egg or 3lbs mixed ground meat (I've done beef-bison-pork, beef-lamb-turkey, beef-pork-turkey, etc with good effect) and two eggs. Add bread crumbs (I've done plain, italian seasoned, panko, and left over white bread heals) until egg is absorbed, season with salt/pepper and others to taste (I've done worsteshire, basalmic vinegar, McCormick Italian season blend, poultry seasoning, garam masala, and probably a few others) hand mix meat and egg/breadcrumb mixture to distribute crumbs and spices. Form into loaf and cook in 350F cooking implement (I've used oven, toaster oven, and two sizes of kamado) until IT reaches 150-160 depending on the leanness of the meat. If I'm smoking I leave the meat bare to absorb smoke and then add sauce once it hits 130-140 IT, if oven then I just apply when I pop it in. My go to sauce is about a cup to cup and a half open pit bbq sauce, a half cup ketchip, a few TBsp yellow mustard. I've added basalmic glaze, brown suagar, and a few other things to the sauce at times and I've also done it au natural if smoked. To me meatloaf is a cooking technique rather than a recipe =)
  25. Love the idea, now I have to find out if my mandolin has the option to make the noodles, if not I might buy a new one and donate the existing one =)
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