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  1. That is a great looking table! Very nicely done. Love the SS KJ.
  2. Inspirational fajitas cook! Flap meat is one of the best parts of the cow in my opinion. Great pics.
  3. What a beauty! Stainless and oak look really great!
  4. I actually performed a dry run and had no problem holding temp for about 8 hours before this cook. That's why I was surprised to see this behaviour. There was alot of unburnt coals left but I suspect the smaller holes in the middle was blocked. Not that much ash but clearly enough. This little thing runs very cheap. This shows the result after re arranging and adding some coals after 5 more hours. I am impressed.[emoji2]
  5. Received my jr this week and was eager to start it up. Had some problems holding temp, and after 5 hours at about 230, temp started to drop. Could not get the temp up changing the vent settings and when it hit 195 I decided to lift everything out to check the fire. Found that ash was blocking the air holes in the charcoal grate and had to re arrange the coals to get the fire started again. The holes in the grate look a bit small and differs from what I can see in the video on youtube, Meet Joe Jr. My question is. Does my grate look ok? And would it be safe to drill the holes to make them bigger? Despite all this the food turned great[emoji1] Just want to be able to trust my new friend holding temp.
  6. That cook makes my mouth water! Love the way that cheese peeks out. Almost want to live in there. Outstanding!
  7. Fantastic! Great looking burger. Stilton is from now on the list of burger cheese. Have tried Havarti cheese but this is a completely different thing. Very well done!
  8. Now that is a serious pasta dish. Can almost smell it from the pictures. Great cook!
  9. Thanks all for your nice comments. Will definitely do this again.
  10. Haven't been that active in the forum the past month. Missed this new forum, sorry for that. Thanks for notifying.
  11. Got my hands on this fantastic tomhawk steak, aged for 100 days, from my local butcher. Almost 2 pounds and 2.5" thick. Prepped with sea salt only I put it on the smoker for a reverse sear with a few small pieces of oak for smoke. Finished it off on high heat, one minute per side. The end result was outstanding. Fantastic flavour and off the charts tenderness. Great stuff! Thanks for looking.
  12. Looks delicious! I would go with the sea salt idea. Salty caramel is fantastic.
  13. Would be nice to have some kind of written instruction included with the replacement part. Especially in this case where there are a few steps to follow and to get maximum base/lid alignment to avoid leakage. Just a thought.
  14. The classic is a very different beast. I too have done a bigjoe band replacement. My understanding is the bigjoe is much more work than the classic. I will receive my big joe replacement base tomorrow. Is there anything in particular I need to consider when removing the bands from the base? My idea is just to loosen the bands from the base, remove the lid, replace the base, put the lid back on, align it and tighten. Or is it more to it than this? Any tips would be much appreciated
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