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  1. Welcome from Clearwater also! Whereabouts are you?
  2. Having a cookout tomorrow and I am doing 2 butts to totaling 16lbs and we are eating at 5PM. What time should I start these to have them rested and pulled ready to serve? Haven't done 2 at once yet so don't know if I should get the smoker going at night to get temps dialed in or early morning Thanks
  3. Welcome to the forums from Clearwater. I feel you on the Rays. Went from 1st to 5.5 games behind.
  4. We are currently growing sugar baby watermelons, beefsteak tomatoes, cilantro, bell peppers and jalapenos. We just started and this is our first stab at growing vegetables. So far this is the 6th day and our sugar babies have germinated and are rather LARGE for only being the 6th day so we have to transplant them. As for everything else....well guess we just have to wait. We are doing container gardening since we are renting the house and don't want to mess with the lawn.
  5. So I did my first baby back ribs tonight and they came out great but a few things: My temps were controlled at 240 for about 45 minutes so I put the ribs on and the temp came back up to 240. I went to the store for an hour and when I came back my temp was at 289 so I spent some time getting the temp back down. I did not foil the ribs and glazed a half hour before taking off. The ends were a bit dry but the ribs were practically falling off the bone as I was lifting them up. Certain parts were juicy and some were a tad dry. I think next time I will stay and monitor and not cook them so long. Used the Mancave rub to season the ribs The ribs right before cutting. Made a batch of Apple Butter BBQ Sauce which is amazing! Served the ribs with my wife's Johnnycake Cornbread Casserole (Will post the recipe for this) and some Mac N Cheese. Overall a great meal
  6. Well for many Labor Day weekend is pretty much the last holiday before you start putting your grill away (Glad I live in FL). So with that in mind what is everyone cooking this weekend? Any parties? I am doing a couple slabs of babyback ribs today along with some fresh green beans and johnny cake casserole with some homebrew sweet tea. If we don't go to the waterpark on Monday I am going to make a Pernil on the grill with some Arros con gandules (Yellow rice with beans)
  7. Yeah I was a bit anxious to see it so I did a photo sneak peek.
  8. If you are looking at a built one already which most stores do have them built, Do the dollar bill test. Someone on here mentioned it and some good advice. Put the bill in and close the lid and slide it out. It should feel a bit snug all the way around. If it comes out to easily it may leak out of that section. I did this to a built one at one store and found 2 spots where the bill just slid right out. Went to another store and it was perfect all the way around. Just my .02! Good luck and don't forget to post pics of your 1st cook.
  9. A few days late on the pic but my family said hands down the best pulled pork they've ever had and we have eaten at quite a few BBQ joints. We never need to step foot into BBQ restaurants again and pay such high prices. The meat pulled apart nicely and we went through 7lbs of butt in 3 days with a few guest over. I really thought I would have more leftovers...
  10. How did you get so lucky. I looked at one of those a while ago and remember the price tag being around $500
  11. So I have the ET-85 and when I use it for large pieces of meat my temps seem accurate but when I use the probe as just a thermometer on the grate, my oven and food temp readings are different. If I just want to use it for grill temps should I still follow the oven temp or food temp reading? Hope this makes sense
  12. Just curious if any of you get your smoker set up to the right temps, put your meat on and lets say go run some errands or leave the house? I want to get my ribs going today but need to leave for an hour so I was thinking of getting the smoker dialed in and then tossing them on right before I leave.
  13. Looks like an animal out in the wild that got speared by hunters
  14. Welcome MJD. Another Akorn owner over in Clearwater
  15. Alright guys, finally have my first full day off and doing a low and slow boston butt with John's pork rub (thanks it is awesome!) along with some homemade baked beans and homemade bbq sauce.: Started the grill using the volcano method but had to use 3 cotton balls with alcohol as it just didnt want to light. Put the butt on around 200 degrees Temp stabilized at 246 degrees for past 25 minutes Just put the baked beans on the slow cooker. Now the hard part comes. Waiting for everything to finish cooking! Will keep everyone posted.....
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