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  1. Soak it in a tub of water and some PBW (pub wash) it’ll be good as new.
  2. You’ll go through one propane canister every 4-6 months depending how often you grill. 2-3 canisters will last you a year.
  3. I got rid of my ash pans as well. The problems are worse in Canada where the trapped ash accumulates moisture and freezes during the winter months. The ash drawers also warp over time, they don’t slide easy. I made the decision up throw mine out in the trash and I vacuum out the ash now.
  4. The JJ George is pretty inexpensive gadget. It’s not a wallet breaker. I’m usually in a rush to get the grill going to I can hit the gym after supper. I don’t have time to wait for cotton balls to light up. The JJ George isn’t a necessary gadget; it’s a convenience tool that speed grill lighting.
  5. It’s a good torch. The only draw back I could find is having to store the JK torch inside the house during the winter months. It freezes up at Temps below - 6 Celsius. It’ll work in the cold. You just can’t leave it out in the cold for extended periods of time. The JJ George is really a small weed burner on a short stick.
  6. It won’t be the first or last uni-tool in the BBQ world. Most knife accidents happen because people are using dull knives. A knife sharpener of some kind would be a better investment.
  7. Nothing is perfect. My CyberQ Wifi swing +/- 10 F and will overshoot on start-up and recover over the next hour. I haven’t ruined any briskets yet. The high end Traeger Timberline swings +/- 10 F and produces great food. The average home oven swings +/- 20 F unless you buy a Bosch, Wolf or some ridiculous expensive oven. Those High end ovens are +/- 5 F.
  8. It’s kind of weird accessory. I’d rather buy a good filet knife.
  9. This has to be one of the more interesting BBQ gadgets I’ve seen in a couple years. I’m not sure if it’s really necessary since I always cut away from my hands and never towards them. I can imagine there are a lot of people who are not good with knifes. I could see this being used to carefully trim dry aged cuts. Part of me thinks that a sharp knife is the only thing you need. Most accidents happen because some people are using dull poorly maintained knives that can catch/jump when cutting.
  10. KJ has new bolts you can order from support that are more than long enough. They sent me crazy long bolts for my replacement base.
  11. You can also look at the Weber Summit as a lighter alternative in the middle. The Summit has stellar reviews and a great design.
  12. The new hinges are easier to re-install. You can always remove the dome and the firebox if you want to reduce the weight and quickly re-assemble it on the deck after the lift.
  13. You’re competing for oxygen with your fire. Kamado’s aren’t really designed to work with pellet mazes. Wood chunks should be cheaper than pellets on average. Where do you live that you’re having trouble finding wood chunks?
  14. From a service standpoint, you don’t have to worry about Kamado Joe being in business with the company’s exponential growth. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t look at the much light Big Joe 2 if weight is a concern. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the Blaze outside a lack of interest in the company’s products doesn’t bode well for the company’s longevity. Blaze made a mistake with the size at 20 inches. People love their toys. They would’ve been better off to do an 18 and 24 inch models to maximize the number of potential add-on’s.
  15. 50 - 60 times a year. It’s used as a second oven during low and slows. I figure I will get more mileage with One Big Joe and a Timberline down the road. I should be able to fetch $3 grand Canadian for the Big Joe and the high end clear cedar LED light table I built. Clear cedar is increasing scarce. It’s as expensive as many hardwoods. I was was actually thinking about buying a pellet cooker when I bought the 2nd Big Joe. At that time, there wasn’t as many high quality pellet model options back in 2013 without selling a left kidney to ship something up from the US.
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