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  1. You might need a full HVAC suit to go Costco Shopping. If you thought Canadians were the nicest people you’ve ever met, you’ve been in line with Canadians during a TP crisis.
  2. It possible they might need to redesign the base with a slope around the grease holes to allow the grease and ash to fall with greater ease.
  3. The Timberline has double wall steel, better grates, a more advanced super smoking system. You would never compare the EX 4 to a Timberline. The Timberline is a different class of Pellet grill all together.
  4. Either way, they’re going to have to fix it. BabyBack Maniac posted a new video today. The problem is the resulted from dust build-up blocking the holes for the grease trap. Hopefully they’ll come-up with a solution or replacement parts for those impacted.
  5. It’s unfortunate but not a surprise with a first time production unit. Weber has always been good about standing behind their products. We’ll have to see if there will be a recall the units. With a bold first time design, it’s not shocking there’s problems. They have to make a design change. Grease is being trapped by the fire pot.
  6. Why not use the KJ gasket instead. It’s more expensive but easier to come by.
  7. It would’ve been Much nicer if Weber rather than Masterforge was the partner who bought into KJ.
  8. All metal is going to warp under those conditions. It’s unavoidable.
  9. I wonder how the new Weber’s will stack-up against the Timberline’s. That’s the bar by which they will be compared. Weber’s grills are about half the price of the Timberline, it might not be fair to compare the two. Weber did a great job addressing different headaches many pellet grill owners have complained about off the years.
  10. It’s not an issue of performance. It’s an issue of cost. Pellet Grills blow through pellets at temps above 400 F. Pellets are more expensive in Canada. I’d rather use a KJ for those higher temp cooks. It’s a wallet issue when purchasing good quality pellets. If you use Traeger pellets you’re at a $1.10 CAD a pound. If you use any high quality brand, you’re at $2.00 a pound.
  11. I prefer the Timberline for the extra Real Estate. I would bet the Pellet Joe’s biggest advantage over the Timberline will be Pellet use efficiency. If the pellet joe also has the hyperbolic insert, it would have an advantage in higher temp pellet cooks at the 400 F above mark. I would never use a pellet grill to do cooks above 400 F. To me, pellet grills are pure smokers and useless for doing searing and high temp cooks.
  12. I would still lean towards a Timberline for my pellet grill.
  13. The pellet grill will excel at long low and slow cooks over the Kamado grill and cold smoking. Kamado’s are no where near as efficient at cold smoking. High Quality Pellet grills have an edge over the Kamado in brisket cooks. It’ll be interesting to see someone do a comparison between the KJ pellet and the Traeger Timberline. Realistically those are the two models that are worth comparing. I’m not sure what advantage a KJ pellet grill would have over a similarly priced fully insulated Timberline Pellet grill.
  14. It interesting. It has a great and visually appealing design. It breaks with the offset design used by other pellet manufactures.
  15. This is what happens when you don’t use car wax underneath the carriage of your Ego Mower. It takes 40 minutes to scrub this off. A little car wax rubbed on the bottom stops the grass from stick reducing the cleaning time down to a few minutes.
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