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  1. Most conditions will be fine. Once you start getting wind above 100 KM an hour , you’re going to get more air than you want in the grill for a low & slow.
  2. I think the harder part is trying to figure out new ways to serve brisket. I plan to use the left overs in a beef barley stew.
  3. I miss the good old days when brisket was a challenge. I’ve mastered this cook. The bigger challenge involves thinking how to shake things-up. What unique things are you guys doing to shake up your presentation. What can be done aside from making brisket sandwiches.
  4. You can’t control the weather. Those conditions were pretty extreme. Small vent openings is all you need. A temp controller can do a better job preventing too much air from entering the cooker. There’s not much you can do in an extreme wind storm like the one you had last night.
  5. You might have had too much heat on a cook. My slo-roller is slightly warped, but it still works perfectly. I find it’s not worth cooking with the Slo-roller above 350 F. At 400 F you risk having a temp jump during a shutdown that will cause warping. I hope they will make a stainless version down the road. I know it would be more costly. It would also be more warp resistant.
  6. They might make a small tailgating unit down the road.
  7. Sweet Potatoes make good fries. I usually spin sweet potatoes on the Joetisserie
  8. I saw the new Kamado Kettle for the first time. It looks cool. Honestly, it seems like a much better option than smallest KJ unit for tailgates & camping.
  9. I received my replacement unit 8 days after submitting the ticket.
  10. The replacement iKamand arrived earlier than expected from KJ. I set-up the unit this morning. Everything is working.
  11. All else fails. Leave a slightly thicker fat cap to moisten the brisket. 1/4 to 1/2 inch around the flat.
  12. The radiant heat from the dome acts as a broil element cooking the toppings. Are you giving your cooker enough time to heat saturate the dome? When I make pizza, I use an infrared thermometer to make sure the dome has reached 400 F for lower temp pizza & 500 F for high temp pizzas.
  13. It sounds like a bad/unlucky cut. You want to use USDA or Canada prime whenever you can. Choice (US) AAA in Canada can be hit or miss on some cuts. Applying a 50/50 mix of salt & pepper 24 hours before the cook can help the cut retain more moisture. Adding an injection on AAA/choice cuts 24 hours before the cook can help with moisture.
  14. It seems like a neat idea. You might want to leave the top vent open a little until the grill drops below 500 F to prevent thermal stress by cutting off air too quickly.
  15. The support person could have made a recommendation. Most of the time KJ’s customer service is good. People take care of problems quickly.
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