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  1. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    The only other grill would plan to get would a Traeger Timberline. It’s non-issue there. I still have a Cyber Wifi.
  2. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    The biggest things the iKamand has going for it is a weather proof body and a curved mounting bracket that ensures it fits the lower vent perfectly vs the flat sheet metal adaptors being used by other competitors. The iKamad is built for a Kamado. It’s not trying to be adapted to 300 other grills and smokers.
  3. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    I would guess sometime in the summer. KJ will eventually make an official announcement. Expect supplies will be limited, it’ll probably be hard to get one until the Fall if you live outside of the US. This ain’t my first rodeo.
  4. Pulled pork and the iKAMAND

    It’s looks good Ben. It appears for iKamad is nearly ready to be released for the general public. I’m glad to see it has a decent app. That’s probably been one of the biggest short comings on the CyberQ Wifi.
  5. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    The iKamad is water proof, self contained and has a better app. I’ve had the CyberQ for 5 years now. It works but it’s clunky and needs trweaking every once and a while to keep it working correctly. The iKamand’s self contained design is a worthy upgrade alone.
  6. Murdered a Pork Butt: Gasket Issue

    I plan to wait out the KJ OEM Fiberglass Gasket. The new domes are their way tomorrow. I just need to change the gasket on the base.
  7. Kamado Joe HQ visit?

    Given the horrific Freeway system in Atlanta, is there really any such thing as 45 minutes away in that city? It’s more like 2-3 hours stuck in Atlanta traffic.
  8. Kamado Joe HQ visit?

    You get to see what an office or warehouse looks like. Really you need to tag along with Bobby for a road trip to China to see the factory. You get to crack open a couple Yanjing beers and light-up Joe to to the Great Wall. Now that sound like a road trip.
  9. New Gasket vs. Felt Gasket for Classic

    The fiberglass gasket compresses flat. It works out about the same when the lid is closed.
  10. BGE rips off Divide & Conquer

    The copying thing aside, I was more surprised BGE didn’t make the quality of the parts better. I guess you’ll have to see them in person. The thin gauge of steel, the odd rain cap on a stick thing feels like a rushed design process. It’s good to see BGE make changes but also puzzling why they didn’t deliver something on par with the existing Smokeware vent and CGS system. Weber Summit smoker really has superior fit and finish. They really upped their game with their new design. Traeger did the same envolpe push with their new Timberlien’s.
  11. BGE rips off Divide & Conquer

    It was live video on Facebook.
  12. BGE rips off Divide & Conquer

    Several passionate KJ users are probably looking a little cross eyed this morning at the BGE video for the 2018 models. Many of our shaking our heads at BGE’s subpar knock-off of the Kontrol Tower and D&C system. The rain cap on a stick is just strange. It does’t seem like it would work in a downpour. It’s no where near the quality of the KJ. The steel wire and CI grates are not on par with the D&C either. All of it seems like seems like a very rushed knock-off’s of KJ designs.
  13. Murdered a Pork Butt: Gasket Issue

    I’m not blaming the cooker. I had to replace cracked bases on both Big Joe’s last year. The new bases are wider than the older dome. This left a large amount gasket exposed weather causing premature gasket wear. Winter hit so It had to wait until the spring 2018. I have follow-up with KJ support to get the replacement domes I never received from a support ticket last year. It’s winter; I can’t change the domes until the spring. The CyberQ software was at fault for not sending an over temp alarm back to the software on my phone. There was an issue there. I didn’t see the problem until the morning. Crap happens. I’m not upset or anything.
  14. Murdered a Pork Butt: Gasket Issue

    If I didn’t use the CyberQ on this cook it would’ve been fine. The air leak mixed with a CyberQ error caused the problem. The CyberQ killed the butt. The temp alarm didn’t go off on my phone when I was asleep. I could’ve easy recovered the cook if I knew the temp was out of whack.
  15. Murdered a Pork Butt: Gasket Issue

    I really hope KJ can release an OEM Fiberglass gaskets released for the older Joes. A Gasket failure on the Black Big Joe cause a temp spike using the CyberQ Wifi. I wasn’t able to get my replacement domes from KJ before winter to correct the massive overbite caused by the replacement bases being bigger than my domes. The overbite leave 3/8 inch lip of exposed gasket on the base. Rain and exposed to the elements caused the gasket to wear prematurely on the base. The result is large air leak on the Black Big Joe. The CyberQ couldn’t recover the temp, the Joe ran at 320 F all night turning a pork butt into a pork brick. It’s a $12 cut of meat. It’s not the end of the world. With spring coming I’ll pester KJ support to get my new domes so I don’t have exposed gaskets anymore. I don’t want murder anymore innocent Pork Butts. I have humour about it. Hopefully I can get this fixed this year.