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  1. Big Chunks have their use for rotisserie Turkey. Using a big chunk reduces Turkey grease smoke.
  2. It’s interesting. Unfortunately Amazon Canada doesn’t support the US coupon codes. Life north of the border. I’m curious to see if the device will still work on older homes with aluminum siding. Aluminum siding reduces wireless signal range on many devices. I guess I could solve the problem by switching to vinyl.
  3. That’s an interesting smoker. I haven’t seen that brand in Canada. It looks like a fancier UDS.
  4. Americans can’t really complain about prices for Jealous Devil. In Canada, a 20 lbs bag sells for $40 Canadian. A bad combination of inflation and $2.50 of hidden federal carbon tax raises the price to $40 Canadian. It’s too expensive to burn. Many stores have trouble selling JD despite it’s performance.
  5. Both the new hing and the old hinge require casual maintenance. Every once and a while you need to check the bolts to see if they need tightening or a minor adjustment. All bolts come loose all the time. Your mower and Kamado have that in common.
  6. I was using a little sarcastic humour to make a point. My intent wasn’t brand bashing. I’m a faithful KJ user with 2 Joes. I’ve supported the company for more than a decade. A lot of KJ users are a little concerned Masterbuilt has not done as good of job supporting the products over the past 2-years.
  7. Everyone has a hard time hiring these days. I doubt Masterbuilt and the Invest Firm who bought KJ are willing to pay the same wages for support people as Bobby. You’re getting the most talented support people minimum wage can buy.
  8. That’s unfortunate. Stay on top of your support tickets so this can be fixed. I’ve been lucky with KJ support. They replaced a damaged KJ temp controller 2 weeks after submitting a support ticket. Sometimes you have to keep reminding support to resolve the issue quicker. Traeger has been slow to address auger and rust issues on recent batches of Timberlines. A lot of companies are struggling to hire qualified support personnel.
  9. That’s odd. Maybe they had a defective batch. My deflectors are 10 years old now with no breaks.
  10. I used a friend’s Weber EX6 to make some brisket he picked from a farm to market in Calgary. The overnight cook went off without a hitch. We used a little bit of Pam on the Shute of the pellet hopper to prevent the pellets from flowing unevenly. The software worked flawlessly. The cook went much smoother than the butts I cooked on a Traeger Ironwood which experienced 2 flame out errors during a butt smoking session. Harry Soo uses the Smokefire in several videos with great success. As long as you are using a water pan with low and slow cooks, the smoke fire performs well with solid temp consistency. All pellet grills have deliberate temp swings to create smoke. the older units with perfect +\- 5 temps produced poor smoke. At 250 F, the Smokefire would occasionally jump to 275 F to generate more smoke. That swing would last for 15 minutes with the grill returning to 250 F. I find too many negative reviews if the Smokefire Gen2 are written by people who expect the grill to do the work for them versus a pit master who learns the strengths and weakness of the smoker and adapts his/her cooking techniques to get the most out of the smoker. The second you insert drip pans with a little water, the Smokefire performs just as well as the Timberline.
  11. You’ll be fine as long as you don’t heat up the grill too rapidly by using a blower in the lower vent. Short of doing something extremely stupid, you can’t crack your grill in the cold. You’ll have to accept that it will take 10-15 minutes longer to reach temp in extreme cold weather. Aside from longer start-up times & higher lump consumption, it’s businesses as usual. I normally use 25% more lump during the Alberta winter months vs what I consume for the same cooks during the spring/summer.
  12. The plastic on the iKamand slider door vent cap for the lower vent doesn’t hold up over time. The heat eventually warps the iKmamd cap given enough time. I think KJ should look into making an all metal version of the IKamand slider plug/cap. It can’t handle more than 1 year of higher temp cooks without warping & cracking. The only other option involves swapping the door out for the OEM KJ vent slider for when cooking above 300 F.
  13. it’s crazy. I’ve always shook my head at Bosch cutting corners with aluminum parts. Fixing the tarnish is labour intensive. You can buy $30 cleaning products. 30 minutes a labour and 2 bucks of lemons & salt works just as well to remove the oxidization.
  14. My little helper, (2nd cousin was helping me with Christmas baking). He stuck my aluminum Bosch dough hook & the mixer paddle dock into the dishwasher not realizing that mistake would cause oxidation of the bosh mixer parts. I had a lot of fun removing the oxidation. It was a 2 hour process. I boiled the paddles in a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water. I used a combination of vinegar and salt to hand scrub the oxidation from the paddle & the dock. As you can see from the final photo, I was successful without the use of a commercial aluminum cleaner. it wasn’t fun. It was much cheaper than buying new parts. It would really suck to have aluminum oxide dust getting into a batch of cookies or a loaf of bread. The lemon juice & salt was very effective at removing the fine aluminum oxide dust coating the paddles.
  15. Most conditions will be fine. Once you start getting wind above 100 KM an hour , you’re going to get more air than you want in the grill for a low & slow.
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