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  1. I have to update my last review for the JJ George Grill Torch. After one year of use the electric ignition has stopped working. It’s never been dropped and is well cared for and stored correctly. I had to use my trusty Looftlighter to light the grill today. It it the grill without issue after not being used and after not being stored properly out in my shed during the winter. My neglected Looftlighter is still working. My well cared for JJ George is struggle to light after one year of use. That sucks because loved using it.
  2. Cuisinart should change the name to multi purpose rack. I’ve never been tempted to grill a hard taco shell for any reason.
  3. I would think it was somewhere in the 320 lbs to 350 lbs range at the most.
  4. I was switch topics there. Sorry about the confusion. I was talking about some of the less useful cutting discs many food processing company’s push on their clients.
  5. KJ has never provided those details to anyone in the public. I know they switched to a white ceramic a couple of years ago from the darker clay ceramic they used in the past. My base and dome were replaced on one of my Big Joes. I have two Big Joes with two different types of ceramic.
  6. It’ll always depend on what you use the processor for. I always try to imagine what people would use the 6 mm and 8 mm slicing disc for in a food processor. They must be doing meat. I can’t recall any fruit or vegetable recipe calling for anything thicker than a 4 mm.
  7. I usually just hand wash them. I have buy some more blades at the end of the Month. Cuisinart is not very generous with the blades included with the unit. It only come with a 4 mm slicing, medium shred and chopping blade. I’ll probably get a 2 mm slicing discs, a French fry disc, a Julienne disc, and a fine shredding disc. I don’t know about the slicing 6 mm and 8 mm discs. I can’t see too many uses for those discs.
  8. It’s just arrived two days after ordering the Cuisinart FP during Prime Day. I’m looking forward to making some fancy salsa, pie doughs and other great food processor delights. I’ll have to order more blades from Cuisinart’s Canadian site. The blades actually much cheaper on Cuisinart.ca vs Amazon.
  9. It really comes down to personal preferences. Smoking wood is no different. Some people love a deep smoke flavour while others might call it over smoked by their impression. It’s all perception and personal tastes.
  10. I never gotten the push to be thicker. Usually the quality of materials is more important. The biggest improvement in KJ has come with newer ceramic formulas and not a thicker shell.
  11. They definitely refined their design with some pressure from KJ. The new X2 design is light years ahead of the older Infinity models. I’m a little shocked Grill Dome has yet to offer a 24 inch model.
  12. I ended-up going with the Cuisinart for Prime Day. I saved $90 with the Prime Day promo. It’s too bad Breville hasn’t made the necessary changes to the design of their bowl. It’s powerful Food Processor with a great motor. It’s still suffering from a couple of design flaws in it’s processing bowl the company has yet to address. I could’ve easily purchased a Breville Sous Chef model if they addressed those problems.
  13. Sadly I wish Breville (an Australian company) was better in their customer service processes, but they aren’t. They can be pretty pretty slow on replacement parts. That’s one of the big factors having me lean towards the Cuisinart. We’ll see what happens during the Prime Day sale tomorrow. There might be a good enough deal on the Breville to sweeten the pot. I’m keeping my fingers crossed the Cuisinart Food Processor will be on sale for 169.99 CAD like it was during the last Prime Day in 2018.
  14. The design hasn’t changed much from the one built 70 years ago. Sadly the newer models are all built in China now vs the pre-1992 moles that were built in the US (for the machine) & Canada (the cutting discs).
  15. That’s to be expected. The first few generations of the BBQ Guru’s went through the same growing pains. It’s good to hear the iKamand is finally coming into it’s own.
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