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  1. Christmas Eve Dinner

    I used everyting but an egg for the glaze. The carrots are too firm to absorb the glaze. You have to do a reduction to get the glaze to the right thickness and texture. I only use an egg in glazes for softer squashes like glazed butternut and sweet potato. This is the recipe I used for the glaze. - 1/2 cup of Bourbon - 1/2 cup of sugar - 1/2 cup of butter - 1/2 teaspoon of kosher salt -1/2 teaspoon of fresh ground black pepper - 1/8 teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper - 1/2 cup of diced chives
  2. Christmas Eve Dinner

    I made a special dinner for the familiy for Christmas Eve this year. Burbon Glazed Carrots, bacon grease fried spouts, NY Steak, and sea salt brined baked potato. The KJ wok came in pretty handy for this cook. A thin carbon steel wok would’ve scorched the glaze carrots. I wanted to give the family a Ruth Chris quality meal on a beer budget. That’s the magic of Kamado grilling. You’re able to make fancy meals like this for your family without breaking the bank.
  3. Two Smokeware Vents KJ for sale

    I replaced the Smokeware vents with KJ Kontrol Towers recently. It’s time to put the older KJ Smokeware vents up for sale. The vents will fit the classic or the Big Joe. I’m out in Edmonton, Alberta. It might be too expensive to ship any further than the Westren US states. I have 2 Smokeware vents. $10 Canadian each seems like a fair price. Let me know if you’re interested.
  4. KJ Big Joe Jostiserie Ring (Free)

    Sorry, BM. Someone already claimed it.
  5. Drummy Drum Tumble Basket

    The Drummy will not breakdown. It uses a piano hinge. Unfortunately, It doesn’t come apart without welding it back together.
  6. Drummy Drum Tumble Basket

    There will be an opportunity to take the Drummy for a spin this weekend to make a Middle Eastren fusion treat, Turkish Meat balls.
  7. Doing a wood only cook?

    You’ll still need some Charcoal to create a stable burn. Burning real wood only won’t work well in a Kamado or a least it won’t produce a very desirable result. You need a lot of airflow and a fire burning at 550 F to burn large amounts of hardwoods cleanly to produce the kind of smoke you want. You would need an offset firebox to do it. As bizarre as this may sound, Kamados are actually too efficient to burn large amounts of hardwood cleanly.
  8. Kontrol Towers Finally Arrive

    I ran a 2nd run of tape to secure the vents. The Aluminum control tower gets stuck much easier than the stainless Smokeware vent. I find I have to wipe the grease from the rim under the slider cap and the rim of the base to prevent the cap from sticking. I wipe the rims while the Joe is still hot with BBQ gloves on using a shop towel. Forgetting the wipe the grease off in the winter cold makes it harder to open the slider in the winter if you forget this routine. It’s not a big deal. It’s all part of making a fair comparison between the Smokeware vents and the Kontrol Towers. The Smokeware vents would freeze when they’re greased-up. You would have to use a Looftligher to warm them-up to get the Smokeware vents to open. Wiping the grease off the Kontrol Tower is easier than having to hold a heat gun to the Smokeware vents in the bitter cold. The Smokeware vents dripped less grease.
  9. KJ Big Joe Jostiserie Ring (Free)

    KJ sent a replacement rod. There’s a rod included too. Buy a Grill One Universal motor, fix the mounting bracket and you’re in business.
  10. KJ Big Joe Jostiserie Ring (Free)

    28 by 27 x 4.5, 16 lbs with the package.
  11. KJ Big Joe Jostiserie Ring (Free)

    It’s about $43 - $50 dollars US to ship Purlator ground based on shipping from Edmonton to Dayton as an estimate.
  12. KJ Big Joe Jostiserie Ring (Free)

    Before I make a final decision to recycle the damaged old Big Joetisserie ring, let me know if you’re interested in picking it up from Edmonton or shipping it out to your location as your expense. I have the box from the replacement ring to ship it out to anyone that wants it. One of the mounting brackets is broken. If you’re handy with metal work and soldering aluminum, it’s easy enough to fix-up. Free if you pick it up or free plus the cost of shipping to your location. Let me me know before the end of next week. Otherwise it will be recycled.
  13. Guilty Pleasure / Shave and a Haircut

    The challenge is finding a legitimate barber shop. Bandwagon jumpers are part of the problem with anything trendy. There’s a lot of pretenders out there that don’t really have the experience to do a good shave.
  14. We all know the impact brine can have on poultry. There’s a lot more foods that can benefit from great brine. The idea to brine salmon came to me while watching an episode of America’s Test Kitchen. The ladies were pan searing salmon but I felt the brine would also have a huge impact on helping the fats to render quicker creating a moister and more tender salmon. I also took some additional advice and pulled the farmed salmon at 125 F. The result was salmon perfection. A moist flaky and buttery salmon without using any butter. The rendered salmon fat did all the hard work Brining creates one of the best salmon’s I’ve made in a while. Brine in a large container: - 3 1/2 cups of water - 1/4 cup of Dark brown sugar or Maple Syrup - 1/2 of full of lemon juice - 1/4 of Kosher Salt Let it sit in the fridge for for 4 hours, then cook at 300 F with Beech smoking wood until you reach an internal temp of 125 F for farmed salmon or 120 F for wild salmon You can see the results in the image below with with the sweet salmon fat bubbling up to the surface. The result of brining.
  15. Router table to fix Kamado Table

    I have to upgrade the Fuse box in the garage to accommodate a 2 HP dust extractor system. Until I do that, it’s not on the table. Dual 15’s are usually reccomend for the 2.5 HP dust extractor. The box is already maxed out. Unfortunately the fix is costly.