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  1. i’m puzzled why they keep painting these accessories. I know stainless would add an average of 30% higher costs; it would be worth it not to have to hassle with maintenance issues over time.
  2. I doubt they would use the same paint as the Kontrol tower. It would have to be food safe.
  3. Most people buying KJ are already spending a pretty penny. It doesn’t make much sense to cost reduce accessories. Most KJ owners will splurge for stainless.
  4. I’m a little puzzled why they didn’t choose stainless instead. Everything except the KJ Sloroller would benefit from going stainless. The baskets would be required to use food safe paint. My Sloroller stated pealing after a 250 F brisket cook.
  5. KJ Quietly released new Rotisserie baskets recently. I was shocked to see them. They look interesting. It looks like KJ departed from conventional all stainless to a mix of metals. The flat basket is deeper than many flat baskets on the market. It also features a quick connect kit to make basket swaps quick. It looks interesting. Has anyone bought the new baskets yet?
  6. I did ice bath calibration test with the older Thermapen & the LavaTools Javlin Pro. Shockingly the LavaTools was bang on and the older Thermapen is out by 1.7 degrees and needs to be re-calibrated. That was a shock. I did a roast cook on the weekend & struggle to get both instant read probe to read the same. I thought the Javlin was out but it was actually the Thermapen.
  7. We’ll see how things work out with the New Lavaworks. It’s actually better than the dead Maverick PT-100 it replaced.
  8. Switching over to Xenforo is pretty easy. It’s much lighter weight platform than IPB. There’s an importer app for moving forums over. Xenforo is lean & mean by comparison to Invision. You’ll need less server resources to run it.
  9. The Javlin appears to be a huge improvement over the Maverick PT-100. The biggest struggle with the Maverick was keeping it clean. Even with a Toothbrush, it’s hard to scrub out every crevice in the PT-100. I have a older Thermapen without a backlight. The only possible concern I have with the Javalin Pro is reliability. Time will tell. The build quality is almost on par with the Thermapen. The Javalin pro is much more solidly built than the Maverick PT 100. The probe is solid on the Javalin & it doesn’t wobble like the Maverick did.
  10. The Lava Tools replacement for my dead Maverick PT-100 arrived today. We’ll take it for a test spin soon. I was hoping to buy a Thermapen MK4, but I decided to give the Laval Tools a fair shake at half the price of the MK4.
  11. My Maverick died. I might end up getting a LavaTools from Amazon. I think the Thermapen is great, I can’t justify the higher price for a minor difference in build quality.
  12. It like anything else. It takes practice & some experimenting to get the best results. Sometimes you need to go hotter at 400 F for some items like chicken to get better results.
  13. i’ll make a loaf of bread on the weekend. I’m really curious how much of an improvement the SloRoller will make on browning the top. It will come down to how evenly it heats the Dome. The Big Joe 3 will always have a slight advantage in air volume over versions 1-2. Good fire building technics (not blocking air holes in the FB, should maximize performance in the Big Joe 1. I’ve modified my Big Joe 1 so much (with KJ add-on’s like the hinge, gaskets, ect) over the years, it’s pretty much on par with a Big Joe 2.
  14. The iKamand is due up for another firmware update. It’ll happen sometime soon. I had to reboot it after I opened my lid to foil my butt. Not too big of a deal.
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