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  1. Charcoal Addict

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    I have to decide depending on the Canadian MRSP and how often I will actually make use of it since I only make a 2 high temp pizzas a year. I’m not sure I’ll get enough mileage out of a Doe-Joe unless there’s more cooks that can make use of it.
  2. Charcoal Addict

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    It has do more with population on how distribution works. I doubt KJ is sending inventory directly from China to Canada by ship. That would be costly. The inventory is shipped to US. Canadaian distributors are supposed to grab an allotment to send to Canada. Kamado users are are only a small percentage of BBQ owners. Most Canadian distributors are lazy & take their sweet time doing the legal/customs work to move KJ Sku’s across the border. The Canadian Distrubution system is largely at fault.
  3. Charcoal Addict

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    Speculation based on past experience. No KJ product in recent memory has ever made to retail on it’s promised release date. Every new prioduct release has consistently required 3-4 months more including the fiberglass gaskets to show up in Canada. Fiberglass Gaskets US: April 2018 Fiberglass Gasket Canada: July/Aug 2018
  4. Charcoal Addict

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    People hoping for a Christmas release might be also disappointed. It takes 3 months for inventory to make it’s way through the retail channel. Unless KJ shipped these units out to retail in September, they won’t make it to stores in time for December. I would bet on a March release date if units didn’t ship yet. Canada will always be disappointed because our legal & customs always adds 3 a months delay to the release of KJ product. A March release in the US usually means late May - Early June for Canada.
  5. Charcoal Addict

    Wicked Edge

    Over sharpening just causes the kitchen knives to dull quicker or creates a weak edge on a chopping/mincing knife that can damage the edge on knives you’re whacking against the board to chop/mince.
  6. Charcoal Addict

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    I wouldn’t bank on an X-Mas release. Spring 2019 is probably more likely.
  7. Charcoal Addict

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    The kettle is not capable of getting above 700 easily because the thin metal leaks too much heat. You have to keep tossing wood in to keep it at 700 F. The Kettle Pizza uses a ton of fuel to get the job done.
  8. Charcoal Addict

    Traeger chicken wings

    How crispy where you able to get the wings versus doing a rotisserie wing cook?
  9. Charcoal Addict

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    Ben, It’s almost identical to the Kettle Pizza that’s been out for years. Aside from the extra insulation on the Kamado, the same principles apply.
  10. Charcoal Addict

    15 Inch Cabela’s Commercial Food Sealer Review

    So far the results have been mixed with the Cabela’s sealer. It had trouble sealing some wet/have frozen bags 100%. I figured out a mistake I was making with the locking mech. I have to put it through another round of testing before making a full review.
  11. Charcoal Addict

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    The goal is to run the DoeJoe no higher than 700 F. You can easily accomplish that by not opening up the vents too much.
  12. Charcoal Addict

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    The Doe-Joe designed to operate at 600-700 F. I doubt you would hit 900 F with a Doe Joe unless you stick a too much lump.
  13. Charcoal Addict

    Wicked Edge

    Some of the high end Wicked edge kits are overkill for kitchen knives. A mirror edge on a kitchen knife is not going to be necessary. If someone collects a lot of casual use show knives the mirror finish on the edge will benefit them.
  14. Charcoal Addict

    More new Toys: New Stainless KAB and JJ George Torch

    No, I ordered it from Dickson’s BBQ in Toronto.
  15. Charcoal Addict

    More new Toys: New Stainless KAB and JJ George Torch

    I’m on concrete and I used fire proof Cement board & porcelain tile anywhere heat would come in contact with the table. Charcoal grills are always going to be a fire risk on a wood deck. It pays to build a paved patio for most BBQ grills if you have the space or adding a fireproof Mat to a deck.