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  1. Guilty Pleasure / Shave and a Haircut

    The challenge is finding a legitimate barber shop. Bandwagon jumpers are part of the problem with anything trendy. There’s a lot of pretenders out there that don’t really have the experience to do a good shave.
  2. We all know the impact brine can have on poultry. There’s a lot more foods that can benefit from great brine. The idea to brine salmon came to me while watching an episode of America’s Test Kitchen. The ladies were pan searing salmon but I felt the brine would also have a huge impact on helping the fats to render quicker creating a moister and more tender salmon. I also took some additional advice and pulled the farmed salmon at 125 F. The result was salmon perfection. A moist flaky and buttery salmon without using any butter. The rendered salmon fat did all the hard work Brining creates one of the best salmon’s I’ve made in a while. Brine in a large container: - 3 1/2 cups of water - 1/4 cup of Dark brown sugar or Maple Syrup - 1/2 of full of lemon juice - 1/4 of Kosher Salt Let it sit in the fridge for for 4 hours, then cook at 300 F with Beech smoking wood until you reach an internal temp of 125 F for farmed salmon or 120 F for wild salmon You can see the results in the image below with with the sweet salmon fat bubbling up to the surface. The result of brining.
  3. Router table to fix Kamado Table

    I have to upgrade the Fuse box in the garage to accommodate a 2 HP dust extractor system. Until I do that, it’s not on the table. Dual 15’s are usually reccomend for the 2.5 HP dust extractor. The box is already maxed out. Unfortunately the fix is costly.
  4. Router table to fix Kamado Table

    I originally was going to go with Triton, I noticed numerous posts and comments about different finicky issues with the TRA001. Spring tension issues, large bits dropping slightly in the middle of cuts, power button issues, and difficulties making minor adjustments. Router lifts are far more reliable with their precision worm gears. The LS system requires 5-6 adjustment in a row for some of the more complex dovetail projects. The Triton would require going under the table for all 5 adjustments to lock the table and power up the router. The Incra CleanSweep is part of the package I plan to buy. I don’t have full size dust extractor, I plan to buy a Festool CT 26 in January and a Dust Deputy. Hopefully a 2 inch/Dust Deputy connection can be used as a bandaid for the CleanSweep until I can add a 4 inch system.
  5. Router table to fix Kamado Table

    I did cough-up the extra money for the Incra Lift. It’s kind of anoying that they make you buy the CleanSweep plates as an add-on given how more they already charge for the same unit made by Jessem. I think this work a lot better than a Triton or the other routers that make you fuss around below the table to lock and make minor adjustments to the router.
  6. Router table to fix Kamado Table

    It depends on which side of Canada you live on. Ontario and Quebec have tons of Cypress and US goods we never see in Alberta. They’re close enough to the US border to wave to the Americans on the other side. Seattle is the closest major US Metropolitan area to Edmonton. Even that’s 1350 KM away. I wouldn’t call that a day trip. I can get Cypress. The second you add the word “special order” to anything the cost goes up. Pine is available cheaply. Minus being slightly harder than cedar, it’s a soft wood that has similar tear out issues if you’re not careful. I can also use regular cedar for the test cuts. More stores are stocking knotty cedar in 4S4 with clear cedar cost always rising. Clear cedar requires a mature tree 50 years or older. Old growth cedar is getting hard to come by. Teak has the same issues. A lot store have stopped carrying Teak because the cost have risen so much.
  7. Router table to fix Kamado Table

    Without a doubt. Canadian lumber stores aren’t very good at stocking Cyprus. I’d have to plan ahead and special order it.
  8. Router table to fix Kamado Table

    I’m familiar with the Sommerfield videos. I follow him on YouTube. I also have Dan Pattison, the Wood Whisper and several other wood workers YouTube channels saved. I’ll have to practice making some doors in cheap fir and pine before making the actual doors in clear cedar. Clear cedar keeps going-up every year. It’s not the wood you want to experiment with.
  9. Kontrol Towers Finally Arrive

    One thing’s for sure, you cannot use the slider unless the Kontrol Tower is properly secured to the chimney with enough gasket tape. You can see in the pics that I have to hold onto the Kontrol Tower with my fingers if the slider is open, otherwise the Kontrol Tower would be going for a tumble down to the ground. The alunimun Kontrol Tower base is slightly shorter by 1/4 inch vs the older KJ cast iron vent. The Kontrol Tower is about 1/3 the weight of the older CI vent. There’s not enough weight to counterbalance the slider when it’s open. If you’re going to buy a Kontrol Tower for an older Joe, you absolutely need to buy a roll of gasket tape if you don’t have any handy.
  10. Router table to fix Kamado Table

    You always have to do what works best for your space. We need to get rid of a junk to make more room for tools. But that argument is easier said than done. I have figure out which cabinet bit package I will want to use for the cabinet doors. I’m leaning towards a shaker style design with a beaded edge. I need to plan out my edge profile for my tables to create a wooden edge to replace the tiled edge on the tables. I want to be able to put on my pricey table covers without tearing them on sharp tile corners.
  11. Router table to fix Kamado Table

    I was planning to buy the Kreg table at first. I discovered how is it was to make box joints and dovetails on the Incra LS, the extra cost suddenly wasn’t the issue. I wish Incra would pic better brand colors. The red and gold is not my favorite color combo when trying to add a wood stained storage cabinet underneath. It’s hard to pick a color or stain that doesn’t clash with Red and Gold. I already bought the lift and the Milwaukee 5625 3.5 HP router. The table will have to wait until after Christmas. I doubt the family would take too kindly to me buying myself a $1100 router table for X-Mas while everyone else gets $25 dollar iTunes cards. Even if you’re on a tight budget for your table build. Something like the Kreg Benchtop Router Table is something people can look at to spruce up the look of their outdoor table projects.
  12. Router table to fix Kamado Table

    Those are nice when you have a large table saw. You’re luck to have the shop space.
  13. Router table to fix Kamado Table

    There’s definitely some design aspects I would like to improve on my Kamado tables. I have this vision of a table with stunning cabinet doors with beaded frames and LED light cabinet doors replacing the drawers in my tables for increased storage. I also want to design a finished hard wood edge to replace the edge tile around my tables. It requires a serious tool. I’ve been buying Incra LS router table one piece at a time. I excited to see what I’ll be able to do to improve the design of my tables with a router table.
  14. BBQ Guru CyberQ Cloud: First Impression

    Thanks for posting the video Larry. I have the older CyberQ. I’m a little disappointed BBQ Guru didn’t upgrade the quality of the connectors on the end of the probes. I would also love to see a thicker insulated jacket on the fan connector cord. It’s 15 - 25 F in Alberta. I would preferred to see tougher design on the probes for more frigid times of the year. You have to extra careful with the BBQ Guru probe ends during the winter. I don’t think I’ll look at upgrading to the CyberQ cloud. When the time comes, I’ll probably sell my CyberQ to buy an iKamand. The slider on my Kamado adaptor doesn’t slide anymore. It frozen in time by years of grease has glued it tightly to the adaptor.
  15. Laser cut grill for the Big Joe unboxing

    I use the grate for fish cooks on a regular basis. I thought about getting a 2nd one. The Jostisserie stole the show on vegetable cooks and roasting greatly limiting the use of the grate to fish cooks. I usually use the grate in combination with a foil covered half moon stone. Some fish with heavy oils would cause the food to fish to burn.