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  1. It’s not an issue of performance. It’s an issue of cost. Pellet Grills blow through pellets at temps above 400 F. Pellets are more expensive in Canada. I’d rather use a KJ for those higher temp cooks. It’s a wallet issue when purchasing good quality pellets. If you use Traeger pellets you’re at a $1.10 CAD a pound. If you use any high quality brand, you’re at $2.00 a pound.
  2. I prefer the Timberline for the extra Real Estate. I would bet the Pellet Joe’s biggest advantage over the Timberline will be Pellet use efficiency. If the pellet joe also has the hyperbolic insert, it would have an advantage in higher temp pellet cooks at the 400 F above mark. I would never use a pellet grill to do cooks above 400 F. To me, pellet grills are pure smokers and useless for doing searing and high temp cooks.
  3. I would still lean towards a Timberline for my pellet grill.
  4. The pellet grill will excel at long low and slow cooks over the Kamado grill and cold smoking. Kamado’s are no where near as efficient at cold smoking. High Quality Pellet grills have an edge over the Kamado in brisket cooks. It’ll be interesting to see someone do a comparison between the KJ pellet and the Traeger Timberline. Realistically those are the two models that are worth comparing. I’m not sure what advantage a KJ pellet grill would have over a similarly priced fully insulated Timberline Pellet grill.
  5. It interesting. It has a great and visually appealing design. It breaks with the offset design used by other pellet manufactures.
  6. This is what happens when you don’t use car wax underneath the carriage of your Ego Mower. It takes 40 minutes to scrub this off. A little car wax rubbed on the bottom stops the grass from stick reducing the cleaning time down to a few minutes.
  7. My ring is warped but it still works. You just have to fidget and fight with it more to get it in place around the FB.
  8. I haven’t seen any Royal Oak XL in Canada yet. Too bad, I would’ve like to give it a test spin.
  9. Hang on to your mulching blade when you want to mulch. They work okay when you only have an inch to trim. They’re not so great if it rained all week and you have 3 plus inches to trim. The high lift also does a decent job on mulching cuts. The other tip I can give you is to buy some car wax to provide a non-stick coating underneath. It’s really hard to to remove grass that sticks to the bottom of the Ego with the matte plastic. The grass sticks like glue. A very thin coat of car wax before every mowing session does the trick. The grass wipes off easily if you use Auto wax to create non stick coating in the undercarriage of the Ego.
  10. They don’t give you any working temps. I settled for 325F at the dome 350 F at the grate on the hot side. You can’t turn Your Kamado on high and cool it down easily. ATK will use gassers for many of their cooks since it’s what people have at home. I don’t know why they keep teaching people to use chips on Kettles. I’ve never had an issue using wood chunks on a kettle when I had one. I didn’t want the indirect side to go past 300 F for the brazing.
  11. I made some tasty Cupcake Chicken tonight using the recipe from Cook’s Country (AKA America’s Test Kitchen in the woods). I stuck to the recipe with the exception of using Whiskey Bent’s Poultry Rub. They came out pretty awesome, tender, flaky and juicy. I used a Kamado with a Cherry wood Chunk. I’ve never understood why ATK loved to promote wood chips. For me it’s always wood chunks or bust. This meal was a heat excuse to roast up some fresh Alberta grown Vegetables from the Farmers Market. The Chicken was braised in a foil pan in the indirect side. I used the direct heat to roast the garden fresh vegetables. The Joe was set to 325 F at the Dome, 350 F at the grate. The chicken thighs were braised in the braising liquid for 30 minutes. They were finished over a period of another 40 minutes over in-direct heat over the half of the grill with no lump. I glazed them twice at the 15 and 30 minute mark to get that glossy competition chicken finish. I rotated them careful to make sure they all cooked evenly. They pulled at 178 F. The recipe is here. I think I did a pretty good job nailing their recipe but mine better because I cooked my cupcake chicken over wood.
  12. I have the one model down with the 5 Amp battery. My yard isn’t big enough to justify a self propelled mower. The mulching blade it comes with is passable. It doesn’t cut very evenly when the grass is tall. Make sure to buy the uplift blade and make the swap. The Ego uplift blade cuts ten time cleaner than the mulching blade. It’s blade the mower should cane with in the box. https://www.homedepot.com/p/EGO-21-in-Lawn-Mower-High-Lift-Blade-AB2101/301230960
  13. You can try use Ultra Copper 2 to re-attach it to the rim.
  14. There’s probably some compromise in the flavour compared with fresh starter but I doubt you would notice a difference in things like pizza dough.
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