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  1. On 7/18/2021 at 5:14 PM, CentralTexBBQ said:


    Yes I absolutely have. Developing a strict precook regimine solved it for me. 



    That's my experience, that even in hurricane force winds the Joe never budged. However, I have never experienced the lie opening due to wind either with my BJI or BJII.



    Hmmmm, I have yet to have the wind affect my cooks and I've cooked in winds upward 70mph in both winter and summer (i.e., bomb cyclones, polar vortexes and remnants of a hurricanes). I simply pivot the KJ's bottom vent away from the direction of the wind. While the wind direction does change, I really haven't had it change 180º the opposite direction. I do think the newer Kontrol vent is a great help in this regard. The daisy wheel didn't have a wind break.

    Most conditions will be fine.  Once you start getting wind above 100 KM an hour , you’re going to get more air than you want in the grill for a low & slow.

  2. You might have had too much heat on a cook.  My slo-roller is slightly warped, but it still works perfectly.  

    I find it’s not worth cooking with the Slo-roller above 350 F.  At 400 F you risk having a temp jump during a shutdown that will cause warping.  I hope they will make a stainless version down the road. I know it would be more costly.  It would also be more warp resistant. 


  3. 21 minutes ago, BURGER MEISTER said:

    Honestly, it's a bit large for tailgating and or camping IMHO.   Nice looking though.


    They might make a small tailgating unit down the road. 

  4. I saw the new Kamado Kettle for the first time.  It looks cool.  Honestly, it seems like a much better option than smallest KJ unit for tailgates & camping.  

  5. On 6/30/2021 at 4:22 PM, Dobro Dane said:

    You are fortunate....they must have better supply now. I got a defective unit and had to wait 7 months to get a replacement.

    I received my replacement unit 8 days after submitting the ticket.

  6. On 6/11/2021 at 3:36 AM, primotenore said:

    I wish I could remember what grade it was. I will mention that I probed the meat with my instant-read thermometer in different areas and it slipped in and out easily. The first slice passed the "floppy" test and did pull apart easily. Lack of inter-muscular fat was probably the culprit.


    I appreciate everyone's responses. Thank you.

    All else fails.  Leave a slightly thicker fat cap to moisten the brisket. 1/4 to 1/2 inch around the flat. 

  7. The radiant heat from the dome acts as a broil element cooking the toppings.  Are you giving your cooker enough time to heat saturate the dome?


    When I make pizza, I use an infrared thermometer to make sure the dome has reached 400 F for lower temp pizza & 500 F for high temp pizzas.  

  8. It seems like a neat idea.  You might want to leave the top vent open a little until the grill drops below 500 F to prevent thermal stress by cutting off air too quickly.  

  9. 6 hours ago, JohnnyAppetizer said:

    I get it. They can't just send you a replacement grill, or send out an employee on a service call. I get that you bought a KJ, spent $2500 and expect some customer service. That means at least sending you the RTV or a new gasket and RTV. Other people considering KJ might want to look elsewhere, considering their total indifference to your situation. Certainly not creating brand loyalty.


    Unfortunately with the lack of customer service across the board in the USA, fix it yourself (as recommended by previous posters) is the best option.

    The support person could have made a recommendation.  Most of the time KJ’s customer service is good.  People take care of problems quickly. 



  10. Kamado Joe will send out a replacement head unit in July.  Until then, it will be good for to do more low & slow cooks without a controller.

  11. It appears my iKamand controller bit the dust six days after its 1-year purchase date.  I sent a ticket, but I might be out of luck.  


    Lately, I’ve been doing low and slows without the aid of a controller.  With the different finicky issues with controllers, I’ve reached the point where I don’t want to use controllers anymore. 


    There are enough wifi thermometers on the market to monitor cooks.  The fan systems increase charcoal use by cycling the fire.  


    It’s difficult to use temp controllers when the temp drops below - 10 celuis. The controllers work.  

  12. 3 hours ago, Polar Bear said:


    With all the paint flaking off the towers and on to peoples food, I would hope the paint is food safe...

    If it wasn't, the known issue and risk would have triggered a product recall 

    i’m puzzled why they keep painting these accessories.  I know stainless would add an average of 30% higher costs; it would be worth it not to have to hassle with maintenance issues over time.

  13. 12 hours ago, Kamado Smoke said:

    @Polar BearTotally agree.. Loyal to Kamado Joe accessories but this piece has so many wondering s 1). the coating of the basket.. is it made of the same material as the kontrol tower/rotisserie etc.. and with it contaminate the food if so?  2) The size of the basket vs the Napoleon I'm currently using.. the size seems to be rather smaller than what I am using now..3) I see no paddles in the Kamado Joe version of the basket.. I feel this is a good feature to allow for wings/veggies etc.. to be able to be separated and mixed while on the rotisserie.. to each their own.. but lots of questions on such a premium piece to be considered 

     I doubt they would use the same paint as the Kontrol tower.  It would have to be food safe.

  14. On 1/4/2021 at 3:45 PM, Polar Bear said:

    Kontrol Tower




    All seem to be coated with the same black paint 

    All peel at one point or another 


    I like that the basket doesnt have a rod through the middle of it like other designed but the price point coupled with the likely hood that i'll have to get all the paint blasted off it (like i did with my Kontrol Tower) means its a hard pass for me


    I look forward to the 900 threads here of people asking "is this a warrenty issue" in the coming months...


    I’m a little puzzled why they didn’t choose stainless instead.  

    Everything except the KJ Sloroller would benefit from going stainless. 


    The baskets would be required to use food safe paint.  


    My Sloroller stated pealing after a 250 F brisket cook. 

  15. KJ Quietly released new Rotisserie baskets recently.  I was shocked to see them.  They look interesting.  It looks like KJ departed from conventional all stainless to a mix of metals.  The flat basket is deeper than many flat baskets on the market.


    It also features a quick connect kit to make basket swaps quick.  It looks interesting.


    Has anyone bought the new baskets yet?



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